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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 271

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 271

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment.

“I do.”

There seemed to be no suspense at all to that answer. Su Zhan said it out so easily.

It seemed everyone had expected this answer so there was not something they waited for with bated breath.

“Ms. Qin, do you take Mr. Su as your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

All eyes were focused on Qin Ya. It was her answer that everyone was still a little uncertain about.

Lin Xinyan seemed very nervous too. Her hands were clenched involuntarily. Zong Jinghao held her hand in his palm and kneaded it lightly. He did not even look at the two people who were about to get married on the stage. To him, there was no one who could attract his attention like she did.

Every line on Su Zhan’s face was tense. He was afraid she would suddenly change her mind.

Time stood still.

The old lady in the congregation was so anxious that she waved to Qin Ya, hurrying her to agree quickly.

Su Zhan was rather worried. He turned to look her and at exactly the same Qin Ya turned, too. Their eyes met. Su Zhan, who was anxious, gradually calmed down as he looked into her serene eyes.

He held Qin Ya’s hand and vowed a promise that was so much more than a wedding vow, “I will indeed treat you well, forever.”

The corner of her lips turned upwards, her eyes turned into crescents with barely visible sparks of light in them and she said, “I do.”

The host picked up the microphone again and continued, “Marriage is the end of singlehood, the celebration of romance and the beginning of happiness. On this special joyous day, I wish you two newlyweds happy loving moments hand in hand, encouraging moments in facing life’s unknowns with each other and sweet, happy moments of growing old together!”

Clap! Clap!

In the congregation, the old lady was overwhelmed with emotion and she clapped her hands. In slow motion, the air was filled with colored ribbons falling from above to the sound of her handclapping.

It was beautiful and romantic like a shower of rainbows.

“The groom may embrace and kiss the bride.”

Su Zhan lifted Qin Ya’s veil. Before Qin Ya was ready, he bent down over her and kissed her. Qin Ya’s eyes widened and she was stunned for a long time.

“So shy.” Lin Ruixi covered her eyes, peeking through a gap between her fingers. She kept repeating ‘so shy’ as she kept watching. Zong Jinghao glanced at her little daughter and deliberately covered the gap between her fingers.

The moment Lin Ruixi noticed her peep hole was covered, she turned and glared at Zong Jinghao, “Papa is bad, you don’t let me watch Su Zhan and Qin Ya play kissing.”

Zong Jinghao hugged her in his arms, “Don’t look at evil, don’t listen to evil, understand?”

The little girl did not understand. She blinked her eyes and asked, “What does that mean?”

“It means we mustn’t look at things that we are not allowed to and we mustn’t listen to things we aren’t permitted to.” Close by, Lin Xichen replied slowly.

Lin Xichen shook his head helplessly at his younger sister’s innocence and ignorance, saying, “Mummy should send you to school. You don’t know anything.”

This was the point. Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi were both five years old. Lin Xichen entered the AC Academy based on his own strength while Lin Ruixi did not go to school.

In China, children this age were studying in kindergarten.

Zong Jinghao was considering sending them both to a kindergarten the following year to experience school life. He did not wish to force them to study hard but just to experience this part of growing up.

It was not that Lin Xinyan wished to keep them away from school. She did not worry about Lin Xichen whose intelligence was way above kindergarten level. She searched for a suitable school back when they were in country A but he did not want to go because he found it too childish for him.

Later, it was discovered that he had a talent for numbers. So, he took the AC test and was accepted into the academy. He was the youngest student in the academy.

As for her daughter, she did not have high expectations. When she was born, she was very tiny. As long as she had a normal stress-free childhood and grew up healthy, it was all that her heart desired.

In fact, she advocated Western education. The children were not taught formal subjects before elementary school, instead they were given lots of play time and encouraged to explore and be curious about learning.

“Xi, let’s go to the bridal chamber and ask the bride for wedding candy.” Shen Peichuan came over wearing his suit. Other than his uniform, he was always casually dressed. He looked pretty good in a suit this very first time.

At the word ‘candy,’ Lin Ruixi started clamoring, “I want to go, Uncle Shen, take me too.”

“Alright.” Shen Peichuan took her from Zong Jinghao’s arms and announced, “I will take them upstairs.”

Zong Jinghao instructed, “Do mind yourself- don’t use improper language in front of the children.”

Shen Peichuan acknowledged that and then brought the two children upstairs.

No matter what, it was Su Zhan’s wedding night. It had always been an age old traditional practice to tease the newlyweds. He would not be forgiven if he did not go and tease them.

Zong Jinghao stood up and said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

Lin Xinyan had not been sleeping well for the past few days and she wanted to go back and rest. “I don’t feel like going,” she replied.

Zong Jinghao placed her jacket around her, saying, “Just accompany me.”

Lin Xinyan stared at Zong Jinghao. How does this man find time for walks?

“What is it do you want?” Lin Xinyan did not think that it was as simple as a walk.

“You will know when the time comes. Just follow me.” Zong Jinghao was holding her hand. Once this man makes a decision, you can’t say no. You’ve got to go along.

Once outside, the wind was rather strong. Zong Jinghao wrapped her in a coat. It was a long road outside the hotel. Traffic was scarce. In fact, it seemed remote.

If it was not for the hotel here, the road probably would not have existed.

Lin Xinyan looked around and found that there were pine trees all around. Even though it was winter, they were still green.

Lin Xinyan could not help asking, “What on earth do you want, bringing me to such a remote place?”

Zong Jinghao deliberately kept quiet to rouse her curiosity.

Such was human nature: when interested, they got more and more curious, wanting to know more. Lin Xinyan was no exception. She wanted to know what tricks Zong Jinghao had up his sleeve.

She pretended to be angry and stopped in her tracks. “If you don’t tell me, I won’t go.”

Zong Jinghao leaned over, his lips pressed against her face, “Are you sure you won’t go?”

Perhaps it was because he was too close, Lin Xinyan felt hot. Yet, in her ears she heard the whistling of the cold strong winter wind. She said calmly, “I’m sure.”

Zong Jinghao glanced around. The pine trees in this forest were very dense. If anyone chooses this as a hiding place, they should be able to hide well, is that not so?

“I’m leaving.” Lin Xinyan pushed him away. Before she could move a step, someone had held her by her waist. She had been traumatized before and was haunted by this sudden action. Her face turned pale. Zong Jinghao sensed her fear and he whispered in her ear. “It’s just me.”

She only felt a little relieved when she heard the familiar voice. She felt only a warm hand wrapped around her waist, like a flexible and powerful python, firmly entangling her. Their two bodies were immediately pressed closer together.

In this ‘cold desolate countryside,’ Lin Xinyan gently pushed him away, saying, “It’s cold here…”

What she meant to say was, “Let’s not do it here.”

“You won’t feel cold if I hold you in my arms.”

With those words, he had her whole person wrapped up inside his coat.

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