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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 27

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 27

Lin Xinyan calmed herself. “Mister, please turn back, I left something back at my company.”

The cab driver pretended that he heard nothing.

Lin Xinyan raised her voice as she said, “Please stop the car!”

The cab driver sped up. Instead of the gentle tone from earlier, he now had a cold tone. “We’re not there yet.”

In that moment, Lin Xinyan felt her breathing quickened. Her remaining rationality told her not to panic now. She moved her hand quietly to her side in an attempt to take out her phone to call for help.

The cab driver saw her intentions, and he stamped onto the brakes. Unprepared, the phone that Lin Xinyan just took out fell from her hand.

“Who— Who are you? What do you want?” Lin Xinyan forced the wave of panic and fear to calm down.

The cab driver stepped onto the accelerator and looked at her through the rearview mirror. “Did you offend someone, Miss? I’m just doing what I’m paid for.”

Her heart thumped, and her hands shivered. Who wanted to hurt her?

Bai Zhuwei?

“I can pay you too!” Lin Xinyan tried to strike a deal with him.

The cab driver took a look at her. She was wearing a set of cheap clothes, unlike what a rich person would wear.

The cab driver did not believe in her words.

The place seemed to be getting more and more remote by the second. Lin Xinyan steeled her heart. If she were to jump off the car, she might have a chance in living. If she continued to stay on, she did not want to imagine the consequences.

She clasped her hands, and finally decided. She opened the safety lock and pushed open the door.

The cab driver glanced at her. “Even if you don’t die from jumping, you’re going scrape yourself bloody. You can’t escape!”

Even if she could not escape, she would not continue to stay in the car with the cab driver, that’ll be disastrous!

She was afraid, but she had no choice.

She rubbed her stomach. “Baby, please stay strong.”

The strong wind whooshed, and it tangled it her hair. She was determined.

It took her all her courage to jump.

The car had been speeding. When she came off, her knees came into contact with the floor first, and she sprawled onto the floor. Instantly, fiery pain rushed into her knees, and the blood gushed out in sync with the waves of pain.

She did not have the time to look at it; she got up and started running.

The cab driver had not thought that she had the courage to jump. He stopped the car and started chasing.

Lin Xinyan was limping and could not run fast. Every time her legs lifted; she could feel immense pain.

She persevered, because she knew that once she stops, she’ll be doomed!

“Stay there!” In a blink of an eye, the cab driver seemed about to catch up with her.

She just desperately ran.

And ran.

There were lights not far into the woods. Perhaps it was someone. She could only seek for help now; she could not escape by herself.

She ran into the woods towards the light. She screamed help as she ran, hoping to catch the attention of the person.

The cab driver was strong, and Lin Xinyan was hurt. She was caught by the driver. “Don’t think of running away!”

The cab driver dragged her towards the road and tried to stuff her back into the car.

Lin Xinyan turned around to bite on his arm. The cab driver screamed and slapped her. “B****, how dare you bite me?”

Lin Xinyan held on. Her mouth was filled with the metallic taste of blood. The cab driver released her in the pain, and she struggled out. This time, she ran even faster.

“Stop right there!” The driver continued chasing, but he tripped. And that was extra time for Lin Xinyan to escape.

Only when she was near the lights then did she realize they were from a villa.

She knocked hard on the door. “Is there anyone home? Help me—”

The door shook under her heavy knockings.

By now, the cab driver had caught up. He stared at Lin Xinyan, who was trapped, and said, “Run! Keep running! Let’s see where else you can run to!”

Lin Xinyan ignored him and knocked with renewed vigor. “Is there anyone—”

Before she finished her sentence, the door slowly opened and a slim figured emerged from behind it. He stood against the bright light, so Lin Xinyan could not see his face. She squinted her eyes as she said, “Help me.”

Just as her words left her mouth, her legs gave out and she collapsed.

Blurrily, she saw the slim figure rushing to catch her.

“Yanyan.” He Ruize called out worriedly.

Lin Xinyan gave a difficult smile. It was He Ruize. “Ruize—”

They knew each other! The cab driver turned and ran off when he realized that the situation was unfavorable to him.

He Ruize gave a short glimpse at the cab driver who ran away but he gave no chase. Lin Xinyan was the priority.

He carried Lin Xinyan into the house. Now that there was light, he finally saw the bloody state of her knees.

“What happened?” He asked, concerned.

Lin Xinyan could not find the strength to speak now that she felt relieved.

He Ruize placed her on the couch. “I’ll get the first aid kit to treat your wound. We’ll see how bad it is.”

“Ruize, who is she?” A woman with a high hair bun and matching clothes asked. On her finger was a large jade ring, graceful and luxurious.

At this moment she was watching at Lin Xinyan, who was sitting on the couch.

Lin Xinyan looked at the woman and her clothes. She did not seem like an average person.


The interior of the house was decorated with European-style. There was a large crystal chandelier, the light reflecting off the crystal onto the living room. It looked luxurious.

Was this He Ruize’s house?

He— He was also a wealthy man?

He Ruize did not answer the woman. Instead, he took out the first aid kit from the cupboard and opened it on the table. He kneeled in front of Lin Xinyan. “It might hurt when the antiseptic touches the wound. Hold on for a bit.”

Lin Xinyan nodded.

The woman seemed unhappy with He Ruize’s attitude. “It’s been many years since you lost Lin. How long are you planning to punish yourself?”

“Mom, go back.” He Ruize was not keen on hearing her talk about this.


“Mom.” He Ruize’s looked at his mother and deepened his tone as he said, “I don’t want to talk about things from the past. Now that I’m here, I’m never going back.”

Xia Zhenyu was overjoyed. All these years he had been abroad and alone. He never told his family where he was, and he only sent a letter home to inform them that he was still alive and safe.

So many years of missing him, and only waiting for him to come back.

She felt glad that he had finally walked out of the shadow from losing Lin and returned back to the country.

Xia Zhenyu was worried that he would still leave; she hoped that he could stay here for long.

She wanted her son to marry here so that someone could anchor him here.

However, He Ruize did not like the idea, and she did not dare to push him too much. “Alright, I won’t disturb you.”

Xia Zhenyu took her bag and went towards the door. When she reached the door, she paused, and turned to look at Lin Xinyan.

He Ruize was carefully cleaning her wound. His eyes were lowered, and there were unspeakable emotions in them.

So many years, he had been blaming himself for what happened to Lin. Now that he suddenly came back—

Her gaze stopped on Lin Xinyan’s face for two seconds. It’s likely it’s because of this girl.

She took a deep breath. She had never seen this girl amongst the rich families.

As if Lin Xinyan had sensed her gaze, she turned around and saw Xia Zhenyu looking at her. She smiled. “Aunt.”

Lin Xinyan had found out her identity through her conversation with He Ruize. She was He Ruize’s mother.

Xia Zhenyu nodded as response and walked out of the house.

Lin Xinyan lowered her head looked at He Ruize who was cleaning her wound. “Ge, I can’t believe you’re someone rich—”

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