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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 269

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 269

The sunlight shone through the French window. She was sitting at the corner with a drawing board in her hands. She was drawing the design of the wedding dress.

The rough outline of the dress was already imprinted in her mind as her hand sketched back and forth smoothly. Once she was in her working mode, she would be lost in it. Even the incident of bumping into He Ruize wasn’t in her mind anymore.

When Zong Jinghao was about to approach her, the driver who accompanied her just now approached him. He usually didn’t need to personally report on such things. But Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan weren’t there today.

He thought that Zong Jinghao should know about He Ruize’s appearance.

“I went shopping with Ms. Lin today. We bumped into He Ruize.”

Hearing that, the light on the man’s face instantly dampened.

“He wanted to take her away but failed. I think that he might be watching us in the dark all this time.”

There wasn’t a doubt that he would do that. He was just waiting for the perfect timing.

“Okay, you can go now.” Zong Jinghao waved his hand at him.

They were in the light while He Ruize was in the dark. If they wanted to catch him, then they must pull the snake out of its hole to avoid future troubles.

He made up his mind. But Su Zhan was getting married soon so he could only put the plan on hold.

“Wait,” he called out when the driver was about to leave.

“What did she buy?” He pretended to be serious. She bought Lin Xichen a gift so she must have bought him something too.

The driver thought for a while before answering, “Pearls, a Rubik’s Cube and some fabric.”

He remembered that the Rubik’s Cube was for Lin Xichen which was something the child liked.

But it was obvious that the rest of the things weren’t for Zong Jinghao.

Which meant that he had no gift.

This woman! Am I even in her heart at all?

“Okay, you can leave,” he calmly said. With that, the driver left.

On the other side, Lin Xinyan was immersed in her designing, completely unaware that somebody was approaching her. She didn’t even notice the shadow hovering over her.

The black pencil kept going back and forth on the paper. She already drew the rough outline of the dress. Now she was just trying to figure out the details.

Zong Jinghao leaned down as his eyes were fixed on her design.

The woman was so lost in her world that she didn’t notice him. Then her hand suddenly paused.

Wedding. What a sacred ceremony.

She once had such a longing to put on a wedding dress and marry her desired man that she could spend her life with. They would walk through this life hand in hand. But… She slowly lowered her eyes.

“What are you thinking?” He was so close that she could feel his breath on the spot between her ears and neck. She quickly looked up to meet his gaze.

The moment she raised her head, Zong Jinghao caught a concealed disappointment in her eyes that quickly disappeared.

Something flashed in his eyes. When they were getting married, he didn’t give her anything. She was also like any other woman who wanted a wedding dress.

“N-nothing.” She lowered her head and scooted away to distance herself from him. She busied herself tidying up her things to hide her disappointment.

“Where did you go?” He neared her again.

“Went out and bought some things.” She held the drawing board and pencil in one hand. She used the other hand to support herself to get up. But then she felt that her leg was numbed.

“Are your legs numb?” He crouched down and touched both of her legs. “Which leg?”

She hesitated a bit before saying, “Left.”

“Here?” he asked, rubbing her left calf.

Lin Xinyan looked at his hand. His palm was broad, warm and covered with rough crisscrossing palm prints which she could feel. A layer of sweat travelled down her body, soaking her clothes. His gentle and feather-like touches penetrated warmth into her heart.

“Yeah.” Her voice unknowingly became low.

Zong Jinghao was wearing trousers so crouching was uncomfortable. He simply sat down and put her leg on his lap. “Stretch out.”

Lin Xinyan did as he told while he massaged her leg with his head down.

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” he asked after a minute of silence.

“There’s really nothing going on between us,” she explained once again as she thought that he was still mad about the whole Bai Yinning affair.

He raised his head and studied her. He hoped that she would take the initiative to tell him about meeting He Ruize. He wished that she would be more open to him and be frank about anything when she was with him.

As for Bai Yinning, he said, “Don’t go anywhere near him from now on.” His voice was stone cold.

“Okay,” she responded, nodding her head.

She was being so obedient that he couldn’t blame her for not telling him about today’s incident. “You met He Ruize today?”

Lin Xinyan suddenly raised her head and stared at him, flabbergasted. How did he know about this?

Then she remembered the driver she was with. He must have reported it.

“Did he hurt you?”

Her chest still felt tight when she recalled about He Ruize’s sudden appearance. “No.”

It was terrifying that he almost succeeded in taking her away. Being able to escape from him was truly lucky.

Zong Jinghao could see that she was hiding how she really felt. He Ruize’s appearance meant that he must had the intention to take her away again. He took her into his arms and held her close. I’m glad that he failed. ”Stay by me from now on. If you push me away, where am I supposed to look for you?”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and said nothing. He pushed her forehead lightly, “Do you hear me?”

She remained silent as he pulled her closer. She could feel the warmth from his body which made hers tense involuntarily. “Yes,” she whispered.

He glanced down. Her long hair was matted down on his chest and he tried to smoothen out the hair knots. While brushing her hair, he said, “Good girl.”

He clasped her by the waist and picked her up from the floor. “Can you walk now?”

She moved a bit to feel the sensation on her numbed leg. “Yes.”

She tried to push him away to walk on her own. But she was swept off the floor out of the blue. She panicked when she thought of her children who were in the room and the bodyguards in front of the elevator. She wanted to yell but that would just attract unnecessary attention so she didn’t.

Zong Jinghao beamed a smile. She buried her face in the crook of his neck. “Aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

“Why should I?” Both his face and tone turned serious. “Let’s have a wedding ceremony when we go back.”

When she heard that, she felt a lump in her throat and her eyes welled up with tears.

Meanwhile, Su Zhan kept chattering in Qin Ya’s ears. “How about we use flowers as our main theme?” The latter didn’t respond. It was as if she hadn’t come back to her senses.

“Qin Ya, please say something.” A big man like him acting like a baby with his hand on her arm made her shudder. Goosebumps travelled all over her body as she looked at him. “Can you be a bit more serious?”

“Ms. Qin, how serious do you want me to be?” Almost instantly, his entire face changed. He stood straight as if he was going to fight a very serious lawsuit.

He looked so serious that Qin Ya was in a trance for a second. Is he really the Su Zhan I know?

The voices of Su Zhan and Qin Ya coming from the elevator were getting louder and soon they would appear at the corridor.

Lin Xinyan suddenly looked up and said, “Put me down.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late.”

As soon as he said that, Su Zhan and Qin Ya walked over.

Lin Xinyan shut her eyes in panic and pretended to be asleep. Otherwise, she would feel embarrassed if people saw her being carried like this in broad daylight for no absolute reason.

Su Zhan’s eyes travelled from Zong Jinghao to Lin Xinyan, then to the window to make sure that it wasn’t nighttime yet.

“You two…”

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