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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 268

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 268

She jolted up in shock and felt cold sweat travelling down her body at the contact. “Who are you?” she nervously asked with a trembling voice.

He Ruize turned his head and pulled down his mask. Lin Xinyan’s face paled as soon as she recognized the face.

It was He Ruize. The man she feared the most. He was the one who imprisoned and hurt her.

“Let me go!” she shouted.

“No!” He gritted his teeth as the hand on her wrist tightened its grip.

It had been so long since he last met her so of course he wouldn’t let go!

The scene caused those who were passing by to stop and look at them.

Lin Xinyan didn’t wish to be taken away from him again, and she shouted, “I don’t know you! Please let me go immediately! Or else I’ll call the police!” Her loud voice attracted people’s attention.

He panicked but managed to calm himself down as he pulled her into a hug. “Don’t make a big scene.”

He released her before explaining to the crowd. “I’m so sorry for that. She’s my girlfriend. We’re just having a little quarrel.”

A sigh was heard after that and someone approached them to help him persuade her, “Little girl, that attitude is not good. There are so many people here. If you continue quarrelling with your boyfriend like this, he’d hurt his pride.”

“I’m not his girlfriend. I don’t even know who he is.” Lin Xinyan furiously shook her head.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault, Yan. I shouldn’t have angered you. Can we stop quarrelling? Let’s go home now.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and dragged her out. Nobody helped her since they thought that is was a quarrel between the ‘couple’.

On the contrary, they were supporting He Ruize. They thought that the woman was so ignorant that she didn’t care about her boyfriend’s image in public.

No one would help her. She clenched her hands and sank down, making it hard for him to pull her. When he was grasping her, she held his arm and bit on it harshly.

He Ruize grunted in pain as his grip loosened. She took this opportunity to escape from him. When she was about to run, a stranger pulled her arm.

“Don’t be stubborn. Can’t you see how hurt your boyfriend is from the bite?”

“I am not his girlfriend!” She roared word by word which stunned the person as he let go of her hand.

“Yan…” He grabbed her hand again.

“Let her go!” the driver yelled as he sprinted towards them. He Ruize panicked and he let her go before quickly running away.

The driver wanted to chase him but was stopped by Lin Xinyan. “Don’t bother. There are a lot of people here. He can hide anywhere. It’d be hard to find him.”

The driver retreated and stood in front of her. “Are you okay?”

She nodded her head, “Let’s go.”

“Are you really not his girlfriend?” the previous stranger asked dumbfoundedly. He just wanted to help but it turned out to be making more trouble instead.

Lin Xinyan threw him a glare without replying. That shameless bastard. Everyone misunderstood because he said they were lovers. They even interceded for him.

If it weren’t for the driver who came here on time, she wouldn’t know if she could escape from him.

The driver kept her within his sight when they were exiting the mall. When they were in the car, Lin Xinyan slowly released the tension. What happened just now kind of traumatized her.

Is he always watching me in the dark and appears once he gets the chance?

She didn’t know. There were a number of speculations in her heart that was unsettling for her. Nobody knows when he’ll show up again.

He Ruize’s existence was like a untimed bomb that would explode any time. It was also the kind of bomb that threatened her at all times.

Too lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice that they were back at the hotel.

“We’re here, Ms. Lin.” The driver opened the door for her.

His voice was what pulled her back to her senses. She bent down to get out of the car and once she was out in the open space, she couldn’t help but glance back. What happened just now had planted a paranoia in her. She felt like He Ruize was creeping somewhere, peeking.

“This is our territory. He won’t show up,” the driver assured her.

She nodded her head before entering the hotel.

During the journey from the hotel’s lobby to the upper floor, she would fearfully look around from time to time. Though she knew that they were all Zong Jinghao’s people, she just couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

She couldn’t control herself.

When the elevator stopped, she walked out.

“Ruixi, can you stop being so childish?” Meanwhile, Lin Xichen was talking to his sister through gritted teeth.

“I’m not childish. I just like playing Plants vs. Zombies. What’s wrong with it?” she defended herself.

“Oh! I picked up a lot of suns! I can make a pea shooter!” The little girl said to herself, completely dismissing her brother’s slander.

She didn’t find herself childish. She just enjoyed playing the game.

Lin Xichen ruffled his hair. He couldn’t look at her any longer. But she just had to raise her voice which irritated him.

“Xi,” Lin Xinyan called him at the door.

Lin Ruixi was concentrated on the game so much that she didn’t notice her mother’s presence.

“Mommy.” Lin Xichen walked over with a deep frown even at such a young age.

Lin Xinyan stretched out her hand and stroked his brows. “You’re a good boy. You’ve been taking care of your sister for me. So I have a gift for you.”

With that, his eyes lit up. “What gift?” he asked happily.

Lin Xinyan handed him a shopping bag which he quickly took. “A Rubik’s Cube!” he exclaimed after taking out the box.

His mother nodded her head and said, “The boss said it’s hard to solve so I don’t know if you can do it.” She deliberately provoked him.

Lin Xichen looked up and stared at her. His hands never stopped messing with the box. He wanted to see how difficult it was. The boy liked challenging games.

He finally opened the box and took out the cube. “Mommy, where did you buy this?”

“I…I bought it outside. Why?” She was confused by his attitude.

“I like it.” He was already eager to try solving it. “Thank you, mommy.”

“I’m glad you like it.” She smiled while rubbing his head.

“Can I go play now?”

“Of course.”

With that, he ran to the couch in his room and began studying the cube.

Lin Xinyan saw that her children were quietly doing their own stuff so she went to the other room.

Zong Jinghao was still on the couch with his laptop, dealing with some company stuff. He was in the same posture as when she left. He looked really busy.

Lin Xinyan’s eyes drooped as she walked into the room with her light footsteps.

She put the things down, fished out a paper and pen from her bag before strolling out again. She didn’t want to disturb the man.

Zong Jinghao had been waiting for her. He was elated when she came back. He noticed that she had bought Lin Xichen something when she walked through the door.

He didn’t want her to notice him so he slowly retreated back to the room. He sat on the couch while pretending to look busy and still angry at her.

Where did she go earlier? She bought something for Xichen. Did she buy anything for me?

He anticipated for her to enter the room. But once she did, she didn’t even greet him before silently leaving again.

He put down his laptop after that. Can’t this woman just come and coax me? Doesn’t she see how unhappy I still am? Doesn’t she care about me? What the hell was she doing outside?

He had never been this anxious before. Finally, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Fine. If she doesn’t come find me, I’ll go to her instead.

He wished not to argue with his own wife. After persuading himself, he walked out the room and saw Lin Xinyan at the end of the corridor.

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