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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 266

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 266

Because of Liu Feifei, Su Zhan had been decadent and sluggish as if he couldn’t get out of a broken love.

The elderly lady didn’t like this woman who had broken her grandson’s heart. So, in order to prevent him from turning on his words when he met Liu Feifei, she decided to let him marry someone right here before going back.

Shen Peichuan’s expression changed instantly. No wonder she was always asking about Su Zhan’s whereabouts. Liu Feifei was back into the picture and she feared that her grandson would return to the woman.

The elderly woman pulled on his arm, “You can’t tell Su Zhan about this or you’ll be dead,” she threatened.

Shen Peichuan was contemplating whether he should tell Su Zhan or not. The woman that he once liked so much had returned.

But after receiving her threats, he didn’t have the guts anymore. The elderly lady could be scary when she was mad.

Now he regretted asking her about this. He had to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

“What are you whispering about?” Su Zhan suddenly appeared.

“Uh…I was thinking about how much I should put in the red packet for your wedding.” He came up with a believable lie.

Su Zhan didn’t notice that his grandmother was a little rushed to get him married. It was normal after all. She would usually urge him like this.

“As much as possible,” he replied in a cheerful and happy way. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive free money?

“Okay, I’ll give you a big one.”

“You’re lucky that your best friend is here. I think the hotel is great. So it’s decided. Your wedding will be held on the 18th.”


“You’re gonna get married regardless.”

Qin Ya wanted to say that she had not agreed on this marriage. But Su Zhan grabbed her hand which made her change her mind. “Sure. On the 18th then. We’ll get the marriage certificate when we go back.”

Just like that, the marriage between Su Zhan and Qin Ya was decided.

After lunch, the elderly lady dragged Shen Peichuan to meet the person in charge of the hotel to discuss about the venue.

Meanwhile, Lin Xinyan was feeling bothered because of Zong Jinghao’s deliberate disaffection. As for Su Zhan and Qin Ya’s marriage, she didn’t express any personal opinions.

She didn’t have the chance to talk to Qin Ya when Su Zhan was pulled away by the others.

“Mommy, I see that you’re in a bad mood,” Lin Xichen tugged on her hand, “Are you guys fighting?”

Usually Zong Jinghao would always stick with his mom. But today he didn’t even sit beside her during lunch.

Lin Xinyan stroked her son’s head. Her heart was a mess but she couldn’t find it in herself to confide in her son. He was meticulous and if he noticed that something was wrong, he would be worried for her.

But it was obvious that Zong Jinghao was acting different. “It’s not a big deal. Every married couple will bicker once in a while.”

“Oh. Then please reconcile quickly,” he answered with much concern which made his mom smile.

When they arrived the room, Lin Xichen let go of Lin Xinyan’s hand and went to his own room. He was addicted to games recently and would always play them on the bed whenever he had time.

Lin Ruixi was with Zong Jinghao and they were not in the room. Lin Xinyan went to another room to find them but it was in vain when she saw that it was empty.

She fished out her phone and was about to call her husband when she felt someone tugging on the hem of her dress from behind. She turned her head and looked down to see Lin Ruixi smiling cutely at her. She squatted down to hug her daughter tightly. Then her eyes found the man standing not far away from them.

“Who did you want to call, mommy?” her daughter asked while touching her cheek.

Lin Xinyan paused to think about what to say, “I wasn’t trying to call anyone. Just looking at the time.”

“Oh. Where’s brother?” The little girl blinked.

“In his room.”

“I’ll go play with him then.” She hopped happily away to find her brother.

When she found him, her joyful voice echoed. “Brother!”

Lin Xinyan got up from the floor and faced Zong Jinghao wordlessly. They both stayed silent for a while as the woman was thinking about how to start the conversation. “Uh, I…”

But as soon as she spoke, Zong Jinghao refused to listen and he walked to their bedroom, leaving the woman speechless.

He sat on the couch with his laptop on his laps, sorting out the documents sent by Guan Jing. This was actually not that important as he was actually waiting for Lin Xinyan’s explanation.

It wasn’t like he didn’t trust her. In fact, he liked that she was the one who approached him first to explain herself. Because it showed that she cared about him.

“When I went out with Qin Ya, I received a call from Bai Yinning. He asked me out and since I already met him once, I considered him as a friend and I agreed. He told me about Yao Qingqing and then when her brother went to find Yinning, there was a little conflict which took a lot of time. He asked me out for lunch but I rejected him. When he sent me back, my clothes were caught in the gap between the seats and he helped me to get it out. That’s when you saw it.”

Zong Jinghao’s expression didn’t change a bit as if her words went to deaf ears. But he heard her very clearly. He just wanted to continue acting to be angry and wait for her to persuade and coax him.

He didn’t know how it happened but he felt like something had controlled his movements. He literally wrote the words ‘coax me’ on the signature part of the document.

Guan Jing saw the words on the other side and he was dumbfounded.

He still managed to tremblingly reply: How?

Zong Jinghao was taken aback by the one-worded reply. He felt like reprimanding the latter for not being serious but when he reread what he typed, he cringed at himself.

Lin Xinyan saw that he was quite busy so she didn’t want to disturb him. “I’m not cheap. Please believe me. You can continue working.” With that, she turned and left.

That’s it? She’s not going to persuade me?

Shouldn’t she kiss him, hug him, please him, make him believe her and ask him not to be mad anymore?

I didn’t say that I’m not mad anymore. How dare she leave just like that?

He put down his laptop and chased her. But he was a step late because Lin Xinyan was already in the elevator going downstairs.

The other elevator seemed to have a problem because the doors wouldn’t open no matter how many times he pressed the button. Then he gave up and decided to run down the stairs instead. Yes, he was willing to do that just for her.

However, when he was downstairs, Lin Xinyan had already left the hotel.

Qin Ya was getting married so she wanted to personally design the wedding dress for her. She was running out of time. She needed to buy tools and accessories to sew the wedding dress. Cheng Yuwen had given her a white fragrant cloud yarn and she planned to use that fabric as the dress’ main material. She also needed some lace for the embellishment.

She asked one of the hotel workers earlier and was informed that there was a emporium where people could find everything they wanted. So she wanted to go there herself and see if they had the things that she needed for the dress.

She already had the outline of the dress in her mind. She was just short of materials.

After a while, the car stopped at the shopping center. Lin Xinyan got out of the car and the driver followed her.

A lot of cars stopped at the entrance since the parking lot was full. People came here to buy goods and all of them were holding shopping bags.

“This place isn’t that big but it’s packed with people,” the driver voiced out loudly.

Lin Xinyan agreed as she nodded her head. She felt that maybe there was something extraordinary in the mall that attracted this many people. With that, she quickened her pace. “Let’s go in.”

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