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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 264

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 264

“What are the both of you doing?” Zong Jinghao questioned. Lin Xinyan could hear the irritation in his tone.

She paused for 3 seconds, and tried to remain calm, before she replied, “He just sent me back.”

“Okay, he sent you back. But is there a need for him to be so close to you? Or am I seeing things?” Zong Jinghao sneered.

Lin Xinyan’s eyelids twitched upon hearing what Zong Jinghao said. This guy is so petty!

“Jinghao…” Lin Xinyan tried to explain.

Before she could finish her sentence, Zong Jinghao cut her off, “Get in.”

Lin Xinyan felt her heart skip a beat. With a heavy heart, she entered the hotel.

“Mr. Bai, could you get out of the car? Let’s have a talk.” Zong Jinghao’s voice was calm but obviously, he was masking his genuine emotions.

With the help of Gao Yuan, Bai Yinning got down from the car. Zong Jinghao went ahead towards the garden beside the hotel with Bai Yinning trailing behind him.

“What do you want to tell me, Mr. Zong?”

Stopping in his tracks, Zong Jinghao turned behind and faced Bai Yinning. Before he could react, Zong Jinghao grabbed his collar and pulled Bai Yinning towards himself. His grip was so strong, Bai Yinning was lifted up from the wheelchair.

“Did you not understand my warning?” Zong Jinghao threatened.

As Bai Yinning was being strangled by his collar, he struggled to answer, “It’s…it’s not what you think. It’s a misunderstanding. I met with Ms. Lin because I wanted to ask her a few questions.”

Zong Jinghao snickered. It was apparent that he did not believe anything Bai Yinning had said. Zong Jinghao could tell that Bai Yinning loved Lin Xinyan, even without her reciprocating his feelings.

“If you are willing to ask Ms. Lin about the past, the truth can be unveiled. We won’t have to spend so much effort to investigate it. After all, finding out the past isn’t that easy…”

Zong Jinghao strengthened his grip and stopped Bai Yinning from continuing. Zong Jinghao slightly lowered his head and intimidated, “Yes, I am interested in what happened to Cheng Yuxiu. However, I would never force Lin Xinyan to do anything that she is unwilling to. You have passed my bottom-line. The cooperation between both of us is now over. You can rely on yourself to find out the truth.”

Finally, Zong Jinghao let him go, and Bai Yinning fell back onto the wheelchair.

Bai Yinning was not willing to concede. “Have you ever thought if someone was hiding the truth intentionally, how much of the truth can we find out? Or, how long would it take to know the truth?”

Pausing in his tracks, Zong Jinghao sniggered, “So what if the truth was never found out?”

They were not in the same situation, to begin with. Bai Yinning wanted to find out the truth to avenge for his foster father. On the other hand, Zong Jinghao was simply curious about what happened to Cheng Yuxiu.

Why did Cheng Yuxiu have to hide her surname? Also, how was it possible for Zong Qifeng to not know about it at all?

Zong Jinghao knew Cheng Yuxiu had secrets. Yet, even if he was curious, he would never force Lin Xinyan to reveal anything she didn’t want to.

Actually, deep down Zong Jinghao was afraid to know the truth. He could sense that Lin Xinyan had changed her attitude towards her due to that secret.

That secret was able to change her attitude; so it would definitely cause a stir if it was unveiled. It might even involve him.

He was stuck in a dilemma. Zong Jinghao was curious about the truth, yet afraid to know it.

In the hotel, Su Zhan arranged a dinner to welcome his grandma’s arrival. As everyone gathered around in the function room, the only person who had yet to arrive was Zong Jinghao.

Lin Xinyan hugged her daughter, trying to distract herself and mask her uneasiness. She was not sure whether Zong Jinghao and Bai Yinning had ended up in a conflict.

“Let me introduce you to my grandma! She was the one who singlehandedly raised me,” Su Zhan beamed.

Grandma did not cooperate with him. “Who doesn’t know I’m your grandma? Save the introduction! You told me you’re going to get married by the end of the year, but who is your girlfriend?”

Upon hearing what she said, Su Zhan felt something wither within him.

Grandma seemed to be possessed. In every single conversation they had, she would only ask about his girlfriend and about their marriage!

Throughout the entire afternoon, that was the only thing she was harping on. It was driving Su Zhan nuts! Now, all he wanted to do was to find any woman he could tie the knots immediately with, just to stop Grandma from nagging!

Shen Peichuan sat by the side and silently observed Qin Ya being indifferent to the entire situation. She did not join the conversation nor speak her views. Once in a while, Qin Ya would talk to Lin Xichen, who was sitting beside her while Lin Xinyan clearly looked troubled.

Grandma scanned through the crowd. Knowing Lin Xinyan was already attached, she continued to her next target. Smiling, she asked Qin Ya, “What is your name?”

Qin Ya took a glance at Su Zhan before she answered, “My name is Qin Ya.”

“Qin Ya? Is your surname Qin and your name Ya?”

Qin Ya nodded in response. “Yes.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Before Qin Ya could reply, Shen Peichuan answered on behalf of her, “She does.”

Hearing his answer, Grandma looked extremely disappointed. Why was she attached so early? Grandma couldn’t help but sigh in frustration.

Qin Ya turned towards Shen Peichuan for an explanation.

Shen Peichuan bantered, “Didn’t you and Su Zhan announce the news that both of you were dating?”

Su Zhan was instantly speechless while Grandma’s face lit up. Su Zhan and Qin Ya are dating?

This means my dear grandson has finally got a girlfriend?


“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Grandma chuckled as she gave a slap across Su Zhan’s back.

Su Zhan did not reply as he held his breath and observed Qin Ya carefully.

Grandma was beyond overjoyed as she strode towards Qin Ya. At first glance, Qin Ya was not extremely attractive, but she wasn’t ugly either. Her well defined face matched her distinctive features.

Holding onto her arm, Grandma exclaimed, “Why didn’t you tell me you’re dating Su Zhan? Did he bully you? If he dares bully you, I’ll beat him up!”

“No… We are…”

“Grandma, don’t scare her. I didn’t want you to be too agitated so I didn’t tell you about it,” Su Zhan quickly explained, interrupting Qin Ya.

“Su Zhan…” Qin Ya tried to get his attention.

Once again, Su Zhan did not hesitate to cut her off. “Grandma, take a seat.”

Qin Ya’s face was flushed from anger. Su Zhan was such as an asshole! How could he so shameless when she had already explained to him clearly!

“Alright, alright.” Grandma nodded. It was obvious Grandma was extremely satisfied to know that Qin Ya was Su Zhan’s girlfriend.

He’s lying and taking advantage of her! Qin Ya would not let him to use her to deceive Grandma.

“Su Zhan, come with me.” Qin Ya was determined to make things clear.

Su Zhan gently stroked Grandma’s back, as he said, “I will have a word with Qin Ya. We would be back soon.”

“Both of you can have a conversation right here. Why must you leave?” Grandma questioned. She could not wait to take this chance to talk to Qin Ya and get to know more about her family and background.

Su Zhan tone was firm. “Why? Do you want to invade in our privacy? We just want to have a moment, grandma.”

“Alright, alright.”

Su Zhan is finally attached to a girl. It will not be worth it if I were to be the reason that caused an argument or even their breakup.

When Qin Ya passed by Su Zhan, she tugged on his sleeve and whispered, “Hurry up.”

Trying to coax Grandma, Su Zhan uttered, “Qin Ya is a very shy girl. I’m just afraid she would get too embarrassed if I told you about her. Let me go console her a bit.”

“Okay. Go ahead.” Grandma smiled. She was willing to agree to anything as long as it was for his girlfriend.

Seeing that Grandma was appeased, Su Zhan left the room and saw Qin Ya standing by the corridor, looking infuriated. Taking a deep breath, Su Zhan braced himself before he marched towards her.

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