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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 263

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 263

Taken aback, Yao Bin gaped at Bai Yinning and stuttered, “What…What are you trying to do?”

“You seemed to like using violence as a mean to solve problems. Like you, I have the same hobby,” Bai Yinning smiled.

“You lied to me!” Yao Bin hollered, pointing at Bai Yinning.

His allegations caused Bai Yinning to chuckle, “Since when did I say I won’t be using violence?”

Someone behind Yao Bin muttered, “I think he’s right.”

The realization hit Yao Bin. He had been scammed by Bai Yinning. Waves of humiliation hit him. Trying to mask his embarrassment, he kicked the person who spoke and bellowed, “How dare you tell me what to do!”

“Have you gone nuts?” the man whimpered as he crunched over on the ground. Holding onto his abdomen, he glared at Yao Bin.

“I am not scared of anyone!” Yao Bin berated. With a vicious look, he brandished a knife from his pockets before he targeted the nearest person surrounding him.

However, those people Bai Yinning had called were also skilled. Before the knife could reach them, Yao Bin was already disarmed. They twisted his arm backwards, and the knife fell onto the ground.

Bai Yinning naturally wanted to deploy legal means to punish those who have harmed Yao Qingqing. However, before that, he was determined to give Yao Bin a hard time.

“All of you can do whatever you want, just ensure that they stay alive after this. I will bear all consequences.”

Upon hearing Bai Yinning’s assurance, the men had no worries holding them back anymore. Lashing out some basketball bats, the crowd started to aim for those hooligans. Although they tried their best to retaliate, the hooligans were easily outnumbered.

This ‘battle’ came to an end quickly with the hooligans begging for mercy.

“Please…please stop! We won’t dare do this anymore!” One of them pleaded.

Many of them had been punched till they could no longer stand. Wincing in pain, another continued, “Yes! We weren’t the ones looking for trouble. It was all Yao Bin!”

“All of you are cowards!” Yao Bin lunged, feeling livid. If only if they had tried their hardest, they might not have ended up in defeat.

Sitting comfortably in his wheelchair, Bai Yinning instructed Liu, “Get Ms. Lin a stool. This is such a rare sight, it should not be missed.”

Lin Xinyan had her brows knitted. She had never seen Bai Yinning like that before. It was so unlike him, so violent and cold-blooded.

“We need to teach these people a lesson or else they will think that they can be let off easily. After going to the police station for a few days, they will still continue their ways regardless. Today, we shall do their parents a favor and make sure all of them turn over a new leaf!”

Placing a stool behind Lin Xinyan, Liu signaled, “Ms. Lin, take a seat.”

Lin Xinyan was not very eager to watch the scene. The hooligans were already subdued. All Lin Xinyan could hear was them grimacing in pain.

“Am I cruel?” Bai Yinning looked into her eyes.

Biting on her lips, Lin Xinyan did not share her opinions. It was difficult to define what was actually good and bad. Lin Xinyan knew she wasn’t anyone to give a verdict.

Subconsciously, Lin Xinyan actually agreed to Bai Yinning’s ways. However, she couldn’t bear to watch it happening in front of her.

Walking towards Bai Yinning, Gao Yuan inquired, “What should we do now?”

Bai Yinning was not pleased by his question and simply stared at his assistant. Gao Yuan had stayed by his side for so long, yet Bai Yinning could not understand why he wasn’t able to read his mind.

Upon seeing Bai Yinning’s furrowed brows, Gao Yuan finally understood. “Send them to the police,” Gao Yuan instructed the crowd who started to evacuate the hooligans almost immediately.

A thin gentleman ambled towards Bai Yinning and called out, “Mr. Bai.”

Although this person was the one who brought the crowd in, and also seemed like a thug himself, he seemed to know Bai Yinning.

“Tell Second Master I owe him a favor. I will personally visit him one day and thank him.”

“I will pass the message to him. I think it’s time for us to take our leave. I will leave the rest to you, Mr. Bai.”

Bai Yinning nodded in response.

Within minutes, the area outside the mansion had been cleared; it was as if nothing had happened before. Bai Yinning took a glance at his watch and asked, “It’s almost noon. Let’s have lunch?”

With no hesitation, Lin Xinyan rejected, “Xichen and Ruixi are waiting for me. It’s time for me to leave.”

After finishing her sentence, Lin Xinyan headed straight towards the door. As the wind kissed her cheeks, she could still smell whiffs of metallic blood lingering. This made her quicken her pace.

As the mansion was pretty isolated, it was not convenient for Lin Xinyan to hail a taxi. She walked along the pathway and headed towards the main road.

Beep! Beep!

Lin Xinyan noticed a car approaching by the flashes from its headlights.

Lin Xinyan saw the car window being wounded down and Bai Yinning’s face came into view. “Let me give you a ride. It’s hard to get a taxi here.”

“Are you scared I will abduct you?” Bai Yinning joked.

Lin Xinyan felt bad to reject him again. So she gave in and entered the car.

“Did you reject me previously because you’re afraid President Zong will be jealous?” Bai Yinning asked.

Lin Xinyan looked up and calmly spoke, “He’s my husband, I should care about his feelings.”

Bai Yinning was expecting Lin Xinyan to deny his claim. Hearing her answer, Bai Yinning could not help but felt bitter.

Forcing a smile, Bai Yinning continued, “Your feelings for each other are pretty touching.”

Lin Xinyan simply responded with a smile.

Soon, silence enveloped the car. Lin Xinyan did not bother to start a conversation, and Bai Yinning did not insist to continue the previous conversation. He did not want to feel even more terrible.

There was no other unbearable pain than you realizing that the person you love, wholeheartedly loves someone else.

Before the awkwardness set in, Bai Yinning suddenly spoke, “I have a guess.”


“Zong Jinghao might be Cheng Yuxiu’s ‘daughter’.”

“My foster father, Bai Hongfei, told me to marry Cheng Yuxiu’s daughter. This means he knew Cheng Yuxiu had given birth to a child before. After that, she was married to Zong Qifeng, so who do you think her child is?” Bai Yinning asked.

“Mr. Bai, you do have an impressive imagination,” Lin Xinyan replied. She was trying to maintain a calm composure despite her throbbing heart. Lin Xinyan could not believe Bai Yinning was so close to the truth.

“Am I right?” Bai Yinning continued to probe, with a small grin on his face.

Lin Xinyan smiled at his inquiry. Without divulging anything, she replied “As you said, it’s a guess. You don’t have any evidence, do you? Besides, why are you even asking me about it? How would I possibly know?”

As the vehicle pulled up in front of the hotel, Lin Xinyan opened the door swiftly, wanting to get out. “I shall take my leave now.”

As she stood, her outer coat got stuck in the gap between the seats. Seeing that she was struggling, Bai Yinning assisted her and tugged on the coat. “My car was modified previously. There isn’t supposed to be such a big gap.”

His car had been specially modified so that it would be convenient for him to enter and exit with a wheelchair.

Bai Yinning leaned towards Lin Xinyan as she spoke; the distance between each other shrinking. Two of them looked like they were whispering to each other and seemed really intimate.

“Do I owe you a coat now?” Bai Yinning joked.

“It’s alright. Thank you Mr. Bai,” Lin Xinyan answered indifferently as she finally got down the car.

However, the moment she looked up, Lin Xinyan saw Zong Jinghao. Anger was apparent on his face, causing Lin Xinyan to be slightly stunned. What luck I have!

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