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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 257

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 257

The whole world tossed and turned along with them, and they kissed each other so passionately it was as if they were the only people left in the world.

Zong Jinghao took off his clothes and pressed down on her again. But before they could complete their ritual, someone knocked on the door.

“Jinghao, Bai Yinning sent her over already,” Shen Peichuan’s voice could be heard, and that helped Lin Xinyan regain her senses.

She reflexively pushed Zong Jinghao away.

At that moment, Zong Jinghao’s expression was thunderous. He was tense and disappointed.

“Are you not questioning her now?” Bai Yinning knew that Lin Xinyan was having a fever.

Zong Jinghao wouldn’t take advantage of her right?

So he thought that the reason why Zong Jinghao was in the room was purely because Zong Jinghao wanted to accompany Lin Xinyan.

He didn’t think about anything else.

Lin Xinyan could feel Zong Jinghao’s tense body and stifled emotions. She held his hands and said, “I have already promised you. I won’t go back on my word. We’ll do it next time.”

The dim light concealed his twitching eyes and arms which didn’t want to let go of Lin Xinyan.

Knock knock-

The door was knocked on again.

Lin Xinyan pushed Zong Jinghao again and she shook her head.

Zong Jinghao closed his eyes, took the blanket and wrapped her inside it just like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

He got off the bed and buttoned himself up. He then opened the door.

Shen Peichuan seemed to have thought of something, so he was about to leave, but the door was opened. He turned around and saw Zong Jinghao’s furious expression and he tensed up immediately.

He was so nervous he forgot how to speak.

Zong Jinghao stood with his hands behind his back and his sharp gaze swept over Shen Peichuan’s astonished expression. After a while, he calmed himself down and said, “Where is she?”

“At Bai Yinning’s place.” They weren’t at a secluded place, so it was great that Bai Yinning could offer his own place. That way, they didn’t need to spend their time and effort to find another location.

“Mm. Go and make the preparations first. I’ll come later.” After which, Zong Jinghao shut the door.

Shen Peichuan stood motionless for a while. After he regained his senses, he patted himself on his chest. Thank God I didn’t mess up somehow.

Zong Jinghao entered the room, but Lin Xinyan was already dressed. She was brushing her hair in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Her long hair was a little messy and damp. She gathered her hair and tied it backwards into a ponytail. When she saw that Zong Jinghao came in, she asked, “Did you capture Yao Qingqing already?”

Zong Jinghao approached her and hugged her from behind, “She can’t escape anyway.”

If Bai Yinning didn’t capture her, he would do it personally.

Yao Qingqing is a nameless woman. Where can she escape to?

Lin Xinyan sighed, “She’s actually quite pitiful.”

She lost her parents since young and she wasn’t loved even though she was adopted. Her life was very tough.

Zong Jinghao took Lin Xinyan’s hands and held them, saying, “A pitiful person is always detestable in some way.”

He looked up at her, “You can stay here. I’ll go…”

“I’ll go with you,” Lin Xinyan knew that he was about to go and interrogate Yao Qingqing and she wanted to join him as well.

After a moment’s silence, he said, “Ok.”

After Lin Xinyan finished packing up, Zong Jinghao brought her out. Qin Ya, Su Zhan and the bodyguards remained in the hotel to take care of the kids, and only Shen Peichuan followed them along.

Shen Peichuan was the one driving. He said, “The reason why Bai Yinning passed Yao Qingqing to us is probably that he didn’t get any information from her.”

Lin Xinyan asked Shen Peichuan, “Bai Yinning captured her?”


Lin Xinyan fell into deep thought. She could tell that Bai Yinning cared about Yao Qingqing a lot, and that he really appreciated their childhood friendship.

It must’ve been very tough for him to hand Yao Qingqing over right?

After a while, they stopped at the location Gao Yuan had sent Shen Peichuan.

It was an abandoned factory and it was empty apart from the trash scattered around it.

Yao Qingqing was bound on the floor and her mouth was covered by tape.

Gao Yuan was waiting for them at the door. When he saw them approaching, he said, “Mr. Bai is upstairs. He’ll just watch from there and he won’t intervene. We have already passed her to you, so we wouldn’t interrupt your work.”

What he meant was that they wouldn’t object no matter what Zong Jinghao would do to Yao Qingqing.

Zong Jinghao was very pleased at their stance. He was neither a bad guy nor a good guy. A lot of bad things had happened, so he would definitely investigate the incidents thoroughly. Last time, Lin Xichen was absolutely terrified, and this time, Lin Xinyan almost lost her life. The two incidents had challenged Zong Jinghao’s bottom line.

Gao Yuan made a welcoming gesture as he said, “She’s right inside.”

Shen Peichuan walked in front to clear the path while Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan followed behind him as they held each other’s hands. The floor was dirty and there was a lot of trash lying around, so Zong Jinghao reminded her to walk carefully.

Lin Xinyan was in deep thought and she didn’t hear him.

Zong Jinghao grabbed on her waist tightly to make her notice him before he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing much,” Lin Xinyan forced a smile while answering.

She was actually thinking that if Yao Qingqing could admit her mistakes, then she would ask Zong Jinghao to not press the issue further for the sake of Bai Yinning.

Once they stepped into the factory, it was tangibly much colder than before. The decrepit windows were open and the roof blocked the sunlight, so it made the whole place seem very dim.

Yao Qingqing’s limbs were bound as she lay on the floor. She glared furiously at Lin Xinyan when she saw them entering.

It was as if Yao Qingqing was trying to bore into Lin Xinyan with her gaze.

Zong Jinghao’s squinted a little and his aura was oppressive and intimidating, “I’ll dig your eyes out if you continue to look at her that way.”

Yao Qingqing trembled and she didn’t dare to look at Lin Xinyan anymore. She wriggled on the floor as she tried to escape her predicament.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move an inch.

Lin Xinyan took a look at Zong Jinghao. His temper is just like that. I hope Yao Qingqing is a little wiser so she can suffer less.

They were both women, so Lin Xinyan pitied Yao Qingqing.

Even if Yao Qingqing wanted to put her in harm’s way, she was still willing to give Yao Qingqing a second chance.

Gao Yuan prepared two clean chairs, and Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan sat on them.

Shen Peichuan squatted in front of Yao Qingqing and tore the tape away from her mouth, “Tell me, did you ask someone to send the doll? Besides that, why did you push my sister-in-law?”

Yao Qingqing remained silent as she looked down.

She had a very obstinate expression.

Shen Peichuan licked his dry lips and laughed, “Are you trying to get yourself punished?”

“If you want to kill me, just kill me. Why do you need to ask so many questions?” She was still looking down when she said, “The powerful prey on the weak and that’s the truth of this world. I’m just an ant and you can do whatever you want to me. The reason why I’m in this predicament is not because I made a mistake, but rather it’s because you are powerful and wealthy people.”

“Hahaha!” Shen Peichuan was so infuriated he laughed. Is she saying that we’re bullying her because we’re powerful?

“Hey. You messed with us first, right?”

“She tried to seduce Yinning first!” Yao Qingqing finally looked up, but she didn’t dare to look at Lin Xinyan. Instead, she glared at Shen Peichuan.

Shen Peichuan laughed again because he was so furious.

Lin Xinyan seduced Bai Yinning?

Did Lin Xinyan blind herself? She has Zong Jinghao, why does she even need to seduce Bai Yinning?

Is this woman right in her mind?

Shen Peichuan finally realized that he couldn’t get any information from her this way, so he changed his strategy, “You’re an orphan adopted by the Yao family. Your stepparents originally couldn’t bear any children, but when you came to their family, your stepmother got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. That boy is your brother.”

Shen Peichuan showed her the photo of the man wearing a leather jacket which was screenshotted from the video, “He’s your brother right?”

Yao Qingqing was utterly dumbfounded.

They investigated me and they even know that I have a brother. In that case do they know that I have given birth to a child before?

Does Bai Yinning know?

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