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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 255

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 255

“I have something to discuss with Mr. Zong,” Bai Yinning tried his best to convince the bodyguard, but the bodyguard’s attitude was very firm. It was his job not to let any unauthorized people in, so no matter what Bai Yinning said, the bodyguard wouldn’t let him in.

Bai Yinning frowned. Why is this person so stubborn?

“I have something important…”

“What important matters do you have?” Zong Jinghao stood at the corridor and asked. His expression was indecipherable- his lips were slightly pursed and his gaze was as sharp as a knife.

Zong Jinghao looked powerful even though he was just standing far away. He had an intimidating aura. “Don’t tell me Mr. Bai is here to give me an explanation because you’ve already investigated the incident today thoroughly?”

Bai Yinning felt guilty and he apologized, “It was my mistake. Yao Qingqing figured out my location and that…”

In actual fact, Bai Yinning wasn’t even looking out for Yao Qingqing, which was why Yao Qingqing could track him down that easily.

After he sent Gao Yuan to investigate the incident, he realized that Yao Qingqing was the reason why Lin Xinyan fell into the lake. He clenched his armrest tightly, “Is Ms. Lin alright?”

“How do you plan to solve this?” Zong Jinghao didn’t answer Bai Yinning’s question directly. What Zong Jinghao wanted was an explanation.

Bai Yinning still had a bit of hope that Yao Qingqing was just careless and that she wasn’t really an evil person.

Shen Peichuan could tell that Bai Yinning was still hesitating, so he reminded, “Mr. Bai, you shouldn’t trust your instincts blindly. You can’t just give her an infinite amount of trust just because you have known her since young. Actually, you can try investigating her past. I think there will be some surprises there for you.”

“What do you mean?” it was obvious that Shen Peichuan was insinuating something.

“It’s better if you go and ask her yourself. Oh right, about the horror case the last time, I think you should give us an explanation as well. After all, it happened in your territory. You won’t be thinking about ignoring it or harboring someone right?” Shen Peichuan leaned against the wall as he fiddled with his wrists, “Even if it happened in your territory, no one could stop us if we want to mess around. Making a woman pay for her sins is easy, but it’s a crime. However, harboring someone is also a crime.”

He’s threatening me. It’s obvious that he’s threatening me.

Bai Yinning could of course understand what Shen Peichuan was trying to say. If he was to harbor Yao Qingqing, then Zong Jinghao definitely wouldn’t cooperate with him anymore. Furthermore, they would definitely become enemies.

He smiled bitterly, “I need to take responsibility for the drowning incident of Ms. Lin. I will give an explanation as well. I definitely wouldn’t harbor someone if I find any evidence about the horror incident.”

He wasn’t giving up on Yao Qingqing but instead, through that incident, he realized that something really is wrong with her.

He never thought that Yao Qingqing could do something like that to Lin Xinyan.

“Is Ms. Lin alright?” Bai Yinning asked again. He didn’t just ask because he felt responsible for the incident.

Instead, it was because he genuinely cared about Lin Xinyan’s condition.

“She’s my wife. I don’t need the concern of someone else,” Zong Jinghao was annoyed with Bai Yinning hovering around Lin Xinyan like a fly. He needed to use this opportunity to tell Bai Yinning clearly that Lin Xinyan is his, so Bai Yinning shouldn’t even think about her!

“Coveting the wife of another isn’t what a moral person should do. I think Mr. Bai is a reasonable and moral person,” Zong Jinghao said casually, but his words rendered Bai Yinning speechless.

“Where is Yao Qingqing? Mr. Bai, please show us the way,” Shen Peichuan was raring to go to interrogate Yao Qingqing as he was very curious about the secrets that she kept.

Bai Yinning inhaled sharply. He made up his mind not to defend Yao Qingqing if there was evidence that she was the one behind it.

“How about this. We’ll wait until Ms. Lin wakes up, and then she can interrogate Yao Qingqing. Please give me a little bit more time as well. It’ll be for the best if she confesses, but if she doesn’t, I’ll pass her to you,” Bai Yinning hoped that Yao Qingqing would confess to him.

Shen Peichuan couldn’t decide on matters like this, so he looked at Zong Jinghao.

After a moment’s silence, Zong Jinghao said, “I hope that Mr. Bai will bring us good news.”

After which, he turned around and entered the room.

Bai Yinning raised his arm to ask Gao Yuan to push him into the elevator.

Shen Peichuan looked at Bai Yinning and said, “Mr. Bai, I won’t be sending you off.”

Bai Yinning didn’t say a word. After they stepped into the elevator, Gao Yuan said softly, “Ms. Yao is in the villa.”

Gao Yuan would’ve never believed that Yao Qingqing was the one who pushed Lin Xinyan into the lake if he didn’t see the surveillance footage. He said, “She looks so honest and kind, how can she do something like that?”

Bai Yinning’s expression was gloomy as well. He didn’t want to think of Yao Qingqing that way, but the evidence was incriminating.

The horror incident is probably masterminded by Yao Qingqing as well.

Gao Yuan could tell that Bai Yinning didn’t want to talk about this topic, so he read the room and shut up.

They stepped out of the hotel and boarded the car. They then reached Bai Yinning’s villa in no time.

Yao Qingqing didn’t come to Bai Yinning’s villa very often. The last time, Bai Yinning had brought her here after they had known each other for a very short period of time.

She sat down anxiously, as Liu stood at one side and stared at her. Why did Young Master ask Yao Qingqing to come here?

Maybe she likes Bai Yinning too. Liu could feel that Yao Qingqing fancied Bai Yinning as well.

I would rather Bai Yinning be together with Lin Xinyan than Yao Qingqing.

She was just a helper, so she could only conceal her affection towards Bai Yinning. After all, Bai Yinning was to get married and he shouldn’t marry someone like her. She couldn’t really pinpoint Yao Qingqing’s bad qualities, but she just felt that Lin Xinyan seemed more considerate, and so she thought that Lin Xinyan suited Bai Yinning more.

At that moment, Gao Yuan came in with Bai Yinning. Liu immediately approached them and greeted, “Young Master.”

Bai Yinning wasn’t in a good mood, so he didn’t feel like talking. Instead, he waved Liu off. He then said to Yao Qingqing, “Qingqing, come with me.”

After which, he wheeled himself to his study.

Yao Qingqing stood up from the sofa and followed him.

In the living room, Liu slowly approached Gao Yuan and asked, “What happened to Young Master today? He looks quite displeased and troubled.”

Liu took care of Bai Yinning’s personal life while Gao Yuan was Bai Yinning’s right-hand man at work, so naturally they were both close to Bai Yinning and to each other.

Gao Yuan sighed when he saw the door of the study closing. He then said, “Um, Ms. Yao brought some trouble for him.”

“What trouble did she bring?” Liu glared.

Sure enough. Yao Qingqing is not suited for Bai Yinning.

Gao Yuan gave her a look and said, “Just take care of yourself. Don’t question too much about other people’s affairs.”

“But, Young Master…”

Liu wanted to question even more, but he had already walked away and he seemed quite unwilling to talk about that issue.

Bai Yinning didn’t like people discussing his affairs behind his back.

Liu pouted and stared at Gao Yuan. He’s so selfish.

I won’t tell him anything if he asks about something the next time.

In the study.

Bai Yinning sat behind the desk and casually flipped open and browsed a document file.

Yao Qingqing stood in front of the desk and didn’t dare to make a sound.

It was almost as if Bai Yinning had forgotten that someone was there with him. After a moment, he asked casually without even looking up at Yao Qingqing, “Where did you go today?”

“Looked for work.”

Yao Qingqing’s fists were clenched tightly at her side as Bai Yinning’s words rattled her severely.

Why did Bai Yinning ask me to come over just to ask such a irrelevant question?

Bai Yinning’s expression didn’t change but he still didn’t look at her as he continued asking, “Besides looking for work?”

“What do you actually want to ask?” Yao Qingqing couldn’t take it anymore.

Did he find out about what happened today?

Bai Yinning placed down the file in front of him and looked up at her, “Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?”

If she’s willing to confess her sins, I believe Lin Xinyan will give her a chance to turn over a new leaf.

Yao Qingqing laughed, “What do you want me to say?”

Bai Yinning frowned and thought that he didn’t recognize the woman in front of him anymore. She wasn’t like this. She was honest and kind, but why is she so dubious right now?

“It’s for your own good,” Bai Yinning said thoughtfully.

He hoped that Yao Qingqing could turn over a new leaf.

Yao Qingqing laughed even louder and her laughter was filled with mockery, “You asked me to come here because of Ms. Lin right?”

Bai Yinning didn’t deny that.

“She’s already married and she even has a child. She doesn’t deserve you, so why are you treating her so well?!” Yao Qingqing suddenly slammed her hands on the desk and leaned forward, closing the distance between Bai Yinning. She looked at his eyes and said, “Yes. I met her today and I accidentally pushed her into the lake. She brought everything upon herself because she’s not clear of her own position. She’s already married but she’s still seducing you. It’s clear that her intentions are immoral, and she’s just a promiscuous lady!”

Bai Yinning leaned backwards on the chair. A hint of disappointment flashed on his face.

He was disappointed at Yao Qingqing.

“How do you know that she’s seducing me?”

“She’s messing around with you even when she’s married. If this is not seduction, what is?” Yao Qingqing sounded very firm and determined, as if her word was the law.

Bai Yinning laughed, “How do you know that I’m not the one messing around with her…”

“You’re not that kind of person. She must be seducing you,” Yao Qingqing interrupted him before he could finish.

Bai Yinning stared at Yao Qingqing and he was speechless.

She’s so stubborn she’s like a mule.

Bai Yinning didn’t want Yao Qingqing to have any misconceptions about Lin Xinyan, so he felt the need to clarify this incident to her.

“I’m telling you seriously now that Ms. Lin never messed around with me before. I am the one messing around with her. She’s very different from a lot of women, and she’s the most unique lady I’ve ever seen. I fancy her. I know that she is already married and she already has children, but I still can’t control my feelings towards her. If you want to blame someone, blame me, don’t blame her. If you apologize to her about this incident, she wouldn’t blame…”

“Yinning!” Yao Qingqing was extremely agitated. She didn’t, or maybe she couldn’t, believe what Bai Yinning said, so she retorted, “Did she drug you or something? Why do you like her?”

“How can I not like her?!” Bai Yinning lost his patience.

Stubborn, unreasonable and unaccommodating. These words can’t even begin to describe her.

She’s even more obstinate than a mule.

“She doesn’t deserve you!” Yao Qingqing shouted.

Bai Yinning thought that she was going crazy, but she thought that he was going crazy instead.

“She’s pretty, kind, considerate and she has her own job. She’s independent and strong while I’m just a disabled man. I’m a pitiful man that was adopted by someone, so how can she not deserve me? Instead, I think I don’t deserve her.”

“No, no…” Yao Qingqing shook her head violently and grabbed Bai Yinning’s arm, “Yinning, you are blinded by her. She’s not your savior…”

Bai Yinning looked at her insanity and frenzied expression and laughed coldly, “And are you?”

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