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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 252

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 252

Since they were going out to play, Lin Xinyan called out for her son to join them as well, as she was afraid that the boy would be too absorbed in his games and hurt his eyes.

Just when they reached the lobby, the family ran into Bai Yinning.

The man smiled at them and asked, “Going out?”

Zong Jinghao snorted. “Mr. Bai, you’re one persistent man.”

Instead of getting mad, Bai Yinning replied to the insult, “Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Zong.”

Then he turned to Lin Xinyan. “I know a place that’s suitable for kids to play. Let me lead the way.”

Bai Yinning was not asking for their permission as he suggested like he had already planned the day for them, “Since this is my place, it would be my pleasure to entertain your family. Please forgive me if there’s anything you’re not happy with.”

Since he had said so, Lin Xinyan couldn’t find a reason to reject his offer anymore. Glancing at her husband, the woman smiled in reply, “We’ll have to trouble you then, Mr. Bai.”

“No problem.” Bai Yinning smiled back. “I’m here to ask whether you want to go out anyway, since the kids will be bored if they stay in the hotel for the whole day.”

Lin Xinyan forced out a stiff smile and explained, “Oh yes, I planned to bring them out, that’s why I have no time to…”

Even if she didn’t explain, Bai Yinning also knew deep down that it was Zong Jinghao who didn’t want her to see him.

To annoy the jealous man more, Bai Yinning added with a smile, “Oh, by the way, we’re going to meet each other often from now on. I have moved to stay in the hotel from today onwards.”

“Uncle Bai, why do you need to stay in the hotel? You don’t have a place to stay?” Lin Xichen asked with his hand being held by his mother.

“Hmm…” Bai Yinning lowered his head in thought. “So that it’s easy for me to take care of you. I’m a local here and this hotel belongs to me. Everything will be much more convenient with me around.”

Lin Xichen blinked his eyes in doubt. Well, they were equally good without him. As long as they have the cash, everything would be convenient for them wherever they went.

Obviously, Bai Yinning came for his mother.

The little boy once thought of letting this man fight for his mother with their father, but now he didn’t want that to happen anymore.

If his parents really separated, then he would lose a father forever.

Plus, Zong Jinghao was much more handsome and richer than Bai Yinning. Adding to the fact that Bai Yinning was crippled.

Lin Xichen tightened his grip on Lin Xinyan’s hands, afraid that Bai Yinning would actually snatch his mother from him.

“Let’s go! It’s getting late now. We can tour around the place and check out the musical fountain at night.” The man rolled himself to the front and led the way, totally not taking himself as an outsider who had randomly joined in the family outing.

When getting in the car, Bai Yinning added, “My car is at the front, so just follow behind me later.”

Zong Jinghao side-eyed him coldly. “You’re really not taking yourself as an outsider.”

Bai Yinning smiled in response. “Oh, I’ve known Ms. Lin for some time and I am your business partner. Of course I’m no outsider.”

Zong Jinghao did not reply to him and got in his own car.

The bodyguards closed the door for him, blocking Bai Yinning from his sight.

Under Gao Yuan’s help, Bai Yinning got into his own car.

The place Bai Yinning brought them to was close to the hotel- only a ten-minute journey. It was a new building built to mimic ancient Chinese buildings.

A long corridor stretched along the bank of an artificial lake. It was built with intricate designs of architecture, be it the tiles or wooden carvings, which showcased the impressive skills and detailed attention given to the decorations.

At the end of the corridor was an old mansion. The main door was majestic, similar to the royal mansions of ancient times. It gave off an impression of walking right into the ancient times.

In the clear waters of the lake, there were several red Japanese koi fish. The wooden boats floating on the water were all decorated with silk and red lanterns.

“You can feed the fishes from the boat,” Bai Yinning suggested when he noticed Lin Ruixi’s excitement.

“I want to feed the fishes from the boat!” Lin Ruixi yelled enthusiastically. Like most children, she was easily interested and satisfied with new things.

Even if it was not something spectacular, she would still want to try it once her interest was piqued.

The weather was good anyway, and boat rowing while koi feeding on such a day was an enjoyable activity to relax the mind.

“Ok, then let’s do that! I’ll get the fish food.” Lin Xinyan made her son wait for her with her husband.

She then went to the fish food booth, which was located on the other end of the corridor.

Standing at the side of the corridor was Zong Jinghao, who had his eyes fixed on the clear lake water. The long seaweeds in the lake were visible from where he stood. Compared to the city, this place indeed had fresher air. A perfect place for family outings.

“If it’s on weekends, this place will be crowded with people.” The ancient-looking place was a popular spot among the locals for relaxing and strolling on weekends. They could enjoy basking in the sun or leisure feeding of the koi fishes in the lake.

Zong Jinghao eyed the other man insultingly. “That’s considerate of you. Tell me, Mr. Bai. What’s with all your efforts to please us?”

Bai Yinning did not hide his intention either. “I saved Ms. Lin and let her recover at my place because I mistook her as Cheng Yuxiu’s daughter. My adopted father’s last wish before he passed away was for me to marry his daughter. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the one…”

Zong Jinghao’s face remained unchanged, but waves of emotions were roaring in his heart.

Now that he mentioned about Cheng Yuxiu’s past, he was even more interested in what he had to say.

It was obvious that his stepmother and Bai Hongfei were a couple. Then why did she end up marrying his father?

Bai Yinning paused before continuing without hiding his admiration. “Although I only spent a short time with Ms. Lin, I do harbor romantic feelings towards her. I also know your relationship with her is not as close as it seems. I believe I can still try to win her heart.”

Suddenly, a cold wind breezed past the corridor. Zong Jinghao turned back and stared at the calm Bai Yinning, who was sitting in his wheelchair against the sunlight. Their gazes met in the air, sparkling with underlying meanings that were enough to speak a thousand words and fight a thousand fights.

Zong Jinghao replied calmly, “Mr. Bai, you’re not just wrong from the beginning. You won’t have the chance to win her. We are a very close couple.”

He was not emphasizing, nor was he showing off their relationship. He wasn’t even exaggerating or faking their closeness. The man simply stated this fact with domineering confidence.

And Bai Yinning knew that his strong confidence came from Lin Xinyan.

He could see her change in attitude towards her husband. She was no longer faking it like the last time. Her reaction was sincere and instinctive.

Now she cared about Zong Jinghao’s feelings.

Just like how she turned to her husband when he suggested to lead the way, afraid that Zong Jinghao would be mad.

When a woman cared about a man’s feelings, that could only mean the man had won a place in her heart.

Bai Yinning’s smile turned bitter at his words. “Never mind. Who knows, one day she’ll be tired of you? I don’t mind being the spare when that day comes.”

So this man was stooping so low to even disregard his honor?

Lin Xichen slowly moved to Zong Jinghao’s side and tugged on his hand. “My mother is not an unfaithful person. We will never be separated.”

The little boy could judge who was the better man for his mother and their family.

Zong Jinghao was his and his sister’s father by blood. Their family could only be complete if his mother stayed by Zong Jinghao’s side.

And he was not allowing anyone to disrupt their perfect family.

Bai Yinning tried to talk to him instead. “Xichen-”


“What sound is that?” Suddenly, a sound of something dropping into the water came from the lake.

Lin Xichen looked around the place. “Why is mummy not back yet?”

Zong Jinghao eyed Bai Yinning warily before dragging his son with him. “Let’s have a look there.”

Bai Yinning rolled along too.

Along the road, they noticed spilled fish feeds everywhere. There were two fresh footprints on the grass, both not big in size; obviously belonging to two women.

Huge circles of ripples were formed on the lake’s surface.


Zong Jinghao turned to the voice coming from the lake. The water was deep, and the head of the drowning person was floating up and down the surface.

Although he couldn’t see her face, the man was sure that the person who fell into the lake was Lin Xinyan.

Putting down his daughter, Zong Jinghao took off his coat and jumped into the lake without further hesitation. It was already December and the weather had turned bone-chillingly cold. The lake water must be a few degrees even colder as it pierced like ice daggers into the man’s bones.

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