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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 250

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 250

After some time, Lin Xinyan managed to calm her raging emotions. She pulled herself away from Zong Jinghao’s embrace and wiped the corners of her eyes awkwardly. “Ah, I’ve embarrassed myself.”

How embarrassing of her to lose control of her emotions like that!

This was precisely what Zong Jinghao liked about her. She was real; a human with flesh and blood and also complex emotions.

Without hiding his love, the man’s wide grin tugged on the sides of his lips. “I like it.”

He liked how she outright displayed all her emotions and everything about herself, hiding nothing in front of him.

Lin Xinyan hung her head lower, unable to respond to him at all.

The room suddenly felt too small for her. She could feel the air thinning and her breath hitching. She could feel the temperature on her cheeks going up in embarrassment.

“Are you blushing?”

Lin Xinyan pushed him away from her, stubbornly refusing to admit she was indeed blushing, “You’re the one who is blushing.”

Zong Jinghao was not ready for the push and staggered back, only to slip right on a puddle of water behind him. Lin Xinyan grabbed hold of him the moment he slipped, but she was not strong enough to stop his fall and ended up crashing on the floor with him…

“Ahh!” Lin Xinyan yelped in shock, followed by the loud sounds of the impact from the fall.


Zong Jinghao let out a low grunt. The washroom was not big to begin with, hence he ended up banging his head on the wall. But that was not the fatal part of his fall. What made him almost die in pain was his wife’s elbow that had pressed on his…

He couldn’t help but think, would his manhood malfunction after this?

“Are, are you ok?” Lin Xinyan was not the least bit aware of where had she crashed herself on. All she heard was her husband’s grunts of pain.

“Can you get off me first?”

Zong Jinghao turned to her in pain. “You’re murdering your husband.”

Lin Xinyan was speechless at his words.

In an effort to get up, the woman had to use her arms to support herself, only then did she realize her elbow seemed to be at the wrong place…

Lowering her gaze… the woman now realized in horror that her elbows were exerting most of her force on his…

Outside the toilet, Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan turned to each other at the crashing voice.

Then, like a pair of clones sharing the same brain cell, the two dashed towards the washroom at the same time and pushed the door open…

The world went silent after that.

The two were greeted by the sight of Zong Jinghao sitting on the floor while Lin Xinyan was sprawled on his body, her eyes looking down at his…

Cough! Cough!

“What are you two doing?” Su Zhan gasped exaggeratingly. Since it was such a rare occurrence to find Zong Jinghao in such an embarrassing position, his friend had to grab hold of the opportunity to tease him relentlessly.

“Get lost!”

Zong Jinghao shot an icy glare towards his friend, just like a frightening avalanche on an iceberg.

However, Su Zhan merely shrugged without closing the door. He wanted to take another look at the embarrassing scene.

Shen Peichuan glared at him and closed the door. “Aren’t you afraid of Jinghao’s ruthless revenge later?”

Knowing that his friend wouldn’t do anything to him, Su Zhan grinned wider instead. “Hey, guess what were they doing just now?”

With a serious face, Shen Peichuan rubbed his chin in deep thought. “Oh my, is he being horny now?”


Su Zhan laughed out loud at his unexpected words. With that serious face of his, he thought Shen Peichuan was going to reprimand him for being gossipy, only to be blurting out gossips himself!

“Do you think that Jinghao ever managed to sleep with her?” Su Zhan moved closer to Shen Peichuan.

The man eyed Su Zhan with a knowing smile. “I think not as fast as you and Ms. Qin.”

This time it was Su Zhan’s turn to be speechless.

Weren’t they talking about Zong Jinghao just now? Why was the focus of gossip on him now?

“Shen Peichuan!” Su Zhan faked his anger and hooked his arms around his friend’s neck in a headlock. “Plead to me and say you won’t do that again.”

“You sure you’re not letting go of me?” The man was not threatening at all. He was merely stating a fact.

Shen Peichuan was not boasting. When it came to fighting skills, Su Zhan was no match to him.

Su Zhan refused to acknowledge the truth, but he had to admit that he couldn’t beat his friend with this skinny figure of his, hence he released him.

In the restroom, Lin Xinyan had the urge to hide herself in a hole. That was so embarrassing!

“Are, are you ok?” she asked in concern. However, she dared not spare a glance to Zong Jinghao.

“Help me up.” The man reached out to her.

Shifting her eyes elsewhere, the woman took his hands and tried to pull him up. Maybe because he was too heavy for her, Lin Xinyan realized in despair that she couldn’t pull him up at all. Not even an inch.

After trying for a few times but to no avail, the woman finally shifted her gaze back on him.

Zong Jinghao was staring at her with his crystal clear orbs, his eyes curved into a half-moon smile. With a dashing smile and a slight pull on her arms, Lin Xinyan fell back onto his body again. The woman tried to get up, only to be trapped in her husband’s arms, refusing to let her move.

Lin Xinyan whispered discreetly, “What are you doing?”

She dared not ask it aloud, as she was afraid of being heard by the two guys outside. Who knew what type of wild thoughts were running through Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan’s minds now.

Zong Jinghao grinned wordlessly. Taking her hands, he pressed them on his chest and teased with a straight face. “If I cannot be active in bed, who is going to pleasure you then?”

Lin Xinyan was rendered speechless by his flirty words.

Following his words, the man rubbed her hands around his chest suggestively. “I want to fulfill my role as the only man who can give you all the pleasure in bed for the rest of your life. What should we do if I cannot provide that service to you?”

Lin Xinyan’s face flushed beet red at his suggestive words. This pervert. He has just freaking crashed on the floor, and he’s still being such a tease! Can’t he be serious for once?

“Stop that.” She struggled.

Her husband refused to budge, still pressing her hands to his chest stubbornly.

This time, Lin Xinyan glared at him. “I’m getting mad if you don’t stop that.”

Poor Zong Jinghao had to let her go wordlessly.

Well, some people were like this. If you were nice to them, they would take advantage of you. When you lose your temper, only then they would be obedient.

And that was when the term ‘shameless’ came into play. Maybe the term was specially created for describing such people.

Lin Xinyan put his arms over her shoulders and helped her husband up.

She was the one who caused his slip, hence it was only right for her to help him up.

Throughout the process, Zong Jinghao’s gaze was constantly on her. He had long recovered from the pain and was able to get up himself, but he wanted to enjoy having his wife sticking so near to him.

His body pressed closer to her as he got up.

Lin Xinyan opened the door to see Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan enjoying their tea on the sofa, perfectly missing out their gossiping session. The woman relaxed at the sight and spoke first to avoid the incoming awkwardness. “What happened? How did Yao Qingqing actually get pregnant?’

And at the age of 16? She was not even an adult yet!

Shen Peichuan put down his tea. “Rumors from the villagers claimed that Yao Qingqing was not mindful of her actions and had slept around with several guys in school. Her adopted family despised her for that and refused to provide for her, so they let her…”

“Really?” Lin Xinyan didn’t think that Yao Qingqing was such a reckless woman. At the age of 16, although she was still an immature teenager, she should have enough knowledge to protect herself from sex. How was it possible for her to just sleep with a man with no protection and give birth to a child?

“Of course, I believe there must be some hidden agenda behind this. After all, my men were not there for long and this incident happened a long time ago. The Yao family members are also hiding this on purpose, hence it is impossible for my men to investigate further.” Shen Peichuan analyzed from his experience. He had a feeling that things were not as simple as that. Where did Yao Qingqing’s hatred towards Lin Xinyan stem from?

So much so that she would expose her own scar and frighten the woman with an abused prank doll?

Lin Xinyan had a hunch on why Yao Qingqing hated her though. “I guess she loves Bai Yinning and is jealous of my closeness with him?”

She helped Zong Jinghao to the sofa and sat beside him. “Although there’s no direct evidence, she’s still a strong suspect. She visited the hotel before, but she denied it.”

“How do you know that?” Shen Peichuan asked.

“She said so herself. Bai Yinning tried to prove to me that Yao Qingqing was not the one who threatened me, hence he invited her over to meet with me face-to-face just now. It was then she told me she has not come to the hotel before.”

Now Su Zhan was interested. “What’s her relationship with Bai Yinning for him to be so protective of her?”

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