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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 248

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 248

Bai Yinning shook his head. “Not everything. She never told me anything about herself. She only told me briefly that her adopted parents were bad to her.”

The man looked out to the rising sun as he sighed. “Not many orphans will find themselves in good families.”

He was lucky to be adopted by Bai Hongfei, who had never married for life. Although he was not as caring like a mother, at least he had provided him with the fatherly love he lacked.

“So you’re calling me here to tell me that Yao Qingqing was not the culprit behind that incident?” Lin Xinyan asked cautiously.

“Yes.” Bai Yinning believed that Yao Qingqing was still the same innocent child as she was.

Plus, Zong Jinghao only guessed that she was the one who did it. Whatever happened to her boutique shop was not enough to drive her to commit such a horrible act.

“I called you out today to let her explain to you- face to face.”

The woman turned to him in surprise. What did he mean by that? Did he want her to meet with Yao Qingqing?

Not that she was heartless or refused to let go of the woman, but after watching that video footage, even she herself couldn’t have a grip on Yao Qingqing’s personality.

If she hadn’t seen that video, Lin Xinyan would definitely believe Bai Yinning without a doubt. But now, she was bugged by all sorts of unsolved mysteries surrounding the woman.

Zong Jinghao was not a 3-year-old kid. Even if he simply guessed it, there must be some sort of proof.

The results of their investigation also showed that Yao Qingqing indeed hid something from Bai Yinning.


Lin Xinyan was about to tell him what she saw when the door of the private room was opened suddenly. It was Yao Qingqing, standing at the door awkwardly with her head lowered down. “Am I disturbing you?”

Lin Xinyan swallowed her words and forced a smile. “Not at all.”

Bai Yinning gestured for her to come in. “Ms. Lin is not a petty person. No need to be so tense.”

Lin Xinyan eyed Bai Yinning wordlessly.

“I asked you here to inquire a few things. In these last few days, have you been to any hotels?” Bai Yinning asked directly.

Yao Qingqing’s hands balled into fists under the table. She never expected Bai Yinning would suspect her and even call her here to help with Lin Xinyan’s investigation.

The woman turned to Lin Xinyan instead. “Did anything happen to you for you to suspect it’s my doings?”


“No one is suspecting you. I’m calling you here to explain yourself and prevent further misunderstandings.” Bai Yinning made it clear.

However, in the eyes of Yao Qingqing, this was his gesture of protection towards the other woman.

A hint of sadness flashed across her eyes as she shook her head. “No, I didn’t go to any hotels.”

As for her boutique shop, she had intended to close it anyway. Even if Lin Xinyan didn’t patronize the shop, Yao Qingqing would still close it on that day. It was just that she hadn’t found a proper reason to close it down, hence she had been dragging this matter.

Yao Qingqing was adopted because her adoptive mother was unable to conceive. At first, they were really nice to her. But after a year, her initially sterile mother suddenly got pregnant. Ever since then, her parents’ attitude towards her had been very bad. After her adoptive mother gave birth to a son, their treatments were harsher than ever.

That son was the leather-jacket man who came to ask her for money.

He was spoiled by his parents and had left school before adulthood. He had spent most of his time mingling around with gangsters and delinquents while asking his adoptive sister for money.

Ever since she reunited with Bai Yinning, Yao Qingqing finally had the chance to start her own business. She had wanted to earn a better living with that boutique shop, however, her useless adoptive brother started to ask for more money from her!

Now, that boutique shop did not help in improving her life, instead, it had turned into her brother’s cash cow.

Annoyed by his constant bugs, she had decided to pass her shop to her cousin, who had happened to be job hunting. By doing so, she had repaid her adoptive parent’s favor and also prevented her brother from asking for money from her since he couldn’t find her.

The only thing Yao Qingqing regretted most was letting her cousin discover her relationship with Bai Yinning. She was afraid that Bai Yinning would discover the existence of her brother, and was also afraid that her cousin would tell Bai Yinning of her life with her adoptive parents.

Hence, she conveniently made use of the incident that day and closed her shop.

By doing so, she succeeded in blocking Bai Yinning from her secrets.

Yao Qingqing had always loved Bai Yinning. She was jealous and also envious when she saw the man getting mad over Lin Xinyan.

That woman was already married with children. Why was Bai Yinning still so nice to her?

Just like how he was helping the woman explain herself now.

Yao Qingqing continued balling her fists, her veins protruding on her skinny arms.

Bai Yinning let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to see his childhood companion changing into someone that he no longer knew.

Obviously, Yao Qingqing was lying. Zong Jinghao’s investigations showed that the woman had appeared often at the hotel they stayed in when she left Baicheng.

Lin Xinyan continued stirring her unfinished porridge. She did not expose Yao Qingqing and merely smiled. “It’s nothing important anyway. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding. My children are waiting for me at home. Allow me to take my leave first.”

She then called for the waiter. “Bill, please.”

Taking out her purse, the woman was about to pay when the waiter turned to Bai Yinning awkwardly. “Err… Mr. Bai…”

The man closed her purse instead. “I’ll pay for the meal this time.”

Lin Xinyan insisted, “No, I’ve promised to treat you! How can I let you pay?”

“This is my place and I’m the host. I can’t take the money of my guest.” Bai Yinning grinned.

Surprised, Lin Xinyan darted her gaze between him and the waiter. Only then did she realize he was the owner of this restaurant. “If by any chance you visit B City, I’ll treat you for real.”

“Sure. We’ll definitely have the chance,” Bai Yinning replied affirmatively. Since he was now business partners with Zong Jinghao, he would definitely have the chance to visit B City.

Lin Xinyan got up from her seat. “Thank you for the excellent meal. I have matters to settle, so I should leave now.”

“Let me send you out.” Bai Yinning rolled his wheelchair.

Seeing that the man wanted to leave with Lin Xinyan, Yao Qingqing got up as well. “Yinning, moving around is inconvenient for you. Let me send Ms. Lin off on your behalf.”

“No need. You may leave now.” Bai Yinning waved his hand, refusing to take her offer.

“I called you this morning. The person who answered was not you.” The man brought up this morning’s incident voluntarily.

Lin Xinyan remembered she had heard Zong Jinghao answering a phone call when she was half asleep. He had said it was from the customer service line. Turned out the caller was not 10086, but was actually Bai Yinning?

“Oh, I slept very late the night before and was not fully awake in the morning,” she explained.

Now Bai Yinning felt more dejected after listening to her explanation.

What had she done for her to sleep so late?

What else could be done in the night between a married couple?

Bai Yinning smiled bitterly in response. “Ahh, okay. My fault for making myself unhappy.”

Lin Xinyan was unaware that the man had misunderstood her words and returned a faint smile.

Inside the private room, Yao Qingqing looked out of the door at Bai Yinning and Lin Xinyan.

She had never seen Bai Yinning stoop so low for a woman, especially one who was married with children. How could such a woman be worthy of his attention?

Her hands were clenched into fists as a bitter thought occurred to her. Lin Xinyan was such a slut for seducing Bai Yinning despite being married with children.

Bai Yinning even asked his childhood friend here to help her investigate the prank doll incident!

Was he trying to seek justice for that woman?

Yao Qingqing’s figure trembled violently out of excessive rage.

The weather was pretty good today. The temperature was warm and the sun colored the streets with its golden rays. Under the warm sunlight, Lin Xinyan and Bai Yinning continued their journey back to the hotel wordlessly.

The woman had her mind occupied with various thoughts. She had no idea whether should she tell him about Yao Qingqing’s story after she left the orphanage.

“What are you thinking?” Bai Yinning could see there was something weighing on her mind.

“Oh, nothing.” The woman hadn’t managed to come up with an idea on how to tell him about his friend’s past.

Obviously, he deeply treasured his memories and relationship with the woman at the orphanage.

To orphans, they considered playmates of their childhood days as families as they had no one else they could depend on.

Bai Yinning was not wrong to believe in Yao Qingqing. She could understand that.

Just that…

Lin Xinyan heaved a heavy sigh.

“About Yao Qingqing, I think you should spend more time understanding her life after her adoption.” The woman decided to remind him anyway.

Bai Yinning didn’t expect her to bring up Yao Qingqing out of the blue. He knew that Lin Xinyan was never the gossipy type to spread baseless rumors.

“Did you find out something about her?”

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