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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 244

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 244

Gao Yuan was mystified. Since they believed it was not Yao Qingqing, what was the purpose in observing her?

“Do as I say,” Bai Yinning did not explain. He did not believe she had done it but he still wanted her to be monitored.

Zong Jinghao would not say such things without some form of evidence. He must have discovered something. The person who kidnaped Lin Xinyan would not be this despicable. This would only alert those involved. Furthermore it gave the perpetrator neither advantage nor benefit.

Lin Xinyan had only been here for a short while. She had offended no one. The only person she could have said to have a conflict with was Yao Qingqing. Though it was resolved at the time, Yao Qingqing’s clothing store had indeed been closed down.

If she had held a grudge, it could be possible.


The elevator sounded and the door slid open slowly. A man in a leather jacket stood at the door with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Seeing Bai Yinning in the wheelchair inside the elevator, he snorted coldly and muttered to himself, “Damn cripple.”

Immediately, Gao Yuan was infuriated. He was about to strike when Bai Yinning stopped him. This man was not worth teaching a lesson. From his appearance and dressing, it was obvious that he was a common lowlife.

There is a Chinese saying, “Rather offend a gentleman than a scoundrel.”

Gao Yuan glared at the man in the leather jacket and then pushed Bai Yinning away from the community area.

“Seriously, all types of people exist in this world. This one’s character is rotten.” Gao Yuan muttered furiously.

Bai Yinning lifted his head and glanced at him, “Is it worthwhile getting so upset over something so small?”

“No, I don’t even know him,” Gao Yuan replied.

“Then why are you angry?”

“I’m angry over what he mumbled…”

“Since he’s not important, there is no reason to take his words to heart. If I were to get angry every time I hear something like that, I’m afraid I would have died of anger a long time ago.”

At the beginning, it was difficult for him to accept it. With the passage of time, he encouraged himself. Words that did not benefit him, he would just ignore.

Gao Yuan knew that he should not carry on with this conversation since Bai Yinning was obviously a little unhappy. He wisely changed the topic and said, “I’ll make a call and get someone to come and observe Miss Yao.”

Gao Yuan had been with Bai Yinning for a long time. Bai Yinning understood what he was trying to do but he did not point it out.

“I’ll send you home to get some rest,” Gao Yuan said.

Bai Yinning nodded his head. He was really feeling tired.

At the hotel.

After lunch, Zong Jinghao took Shen Peichuan and Su Zhan out for a chat. Lin Xinyan did not know what they discussed.

She played with the two kids downstairs. She too had been traumatized and did not want to go upstairs.

It was a fear buried deep within the heart.

Qin Ya sat down next to her, and spoke with a deep emotion, “The year is ending soon.”

Lin Xinyan laughed and said, “You want to go back?”

Qin Ya clasped her hands together and shook her head, answering, “No, I feel that time is passing fast. It has been half a year since we returned to China.”

Lin Xinyan felt the same way. The past six months had not been peaceful at all. A lot of things had happened and she was able to see some people and some things much clearer.

“Yea, come on, let’s go and watch a movie.” Su Zhan held his car keys in his hand, twirling them around as he made his way towards them.

As soon as she saw him, Qin Ya tried to hide. She whispered to Lin Xinyan, “I’m going upstairs first.”

Chasing her all the way upstairs, Su Zhan yelled, “Hey, where do you think you are hiding?”

Lin Xinyan looked at them, always squabbling and playing like a happy couple. She shook her head and laughed helplessly.

“Mummy, what are you laughing at?” Lin Ruixi rushed into her arms and hugged her neck the way a child would. “I just heard Uncle Su say they are going to the movies, I want to go too.”

Lin Xinyan pinched her little nose, saying, “You have sharp ears. Why didn’t I hear that?”

The little girl laughed gleefully. She replied, “My ears and my mouth are all great.”

Lin Xinyan hugged her, knowing that it was just a whim. She would be complaining anxiously all through the hour or two sitting in the cinema.

It was just impossible for her to sit still. Lin Xinyan took her to the cinema once. During the whole movie, she was picking her fingers and eating popcorn. At regular intervals, she asked, “When can I leave?”

She didn’t even know what the movie was about.

There was just no way she would bring her again.

“Papa, papa.” Suddenly Lin Ruixi saw Zong Jinghao walking towards them. She tore herself from Lin Xinyan’s arms and ran towards him, calling to him as she ran.

“Don’t run so fast,” he said as he bent down to pick her up lest she stumbled.

“Papa, papa, mummy is so unkind. I want to watch a movie but she won’t take me.” The moment she was in Zong Jinghao’s arms, she started to complain.

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

It was the same for Lin Xichen.

“Really?” Zong Jinghao laughed, speaking to his daughter in a pampering way. He glanced at Lin Xinyan and whispered in his daughter’s ear, “Tell me, how shall we punish her?”

The little girl blinked and tilted her head to one side, thinking hard. “How about kissing her?”

Lin Xinyan was again rendered speechless.

Zong Jinghao kept mum too.

Lin Xichen was also silent.

“Zong Jinghao!” Lin Xinyan snatched the child from his arms, “What have you been teaching her?”

Where did she learn how to say such a thing?

Zong Jinghao stared at the little girl silently, he was surprised to hear Lin Ruixi say such words all of a sudden.

He wanted to yell at Lin Xinyan telling her it was not him and that she should not suspect him without a reason.

He would never teach their daughter such nonsense!

His tone turned solemn and he looked directly at their daughter, and asked, “Ruixi, tell papa honestly, why do you think kissing is a punishment?”

“This is shown on TV. If the lady is disobedient, her husband will kiss her. Then she becomes obedient.”

Lin Xinyan was stunned.

Zong Jinghao smiled and stroked his daughter’s head, “In future, let’s stop watching those unhealthy TV shows, okay?”

Lin Ruixi blinked and asked, “What’s unhealthy?”

Zong Jinghao was again at a loss for words.

Lin Xichen could not stand it any longer. So, he interrupted and said “Come over and I will tell you.”

The little girl was overjoyed. Skipping and jumping, she went over to him. Leaning on the table, Lin Xichen was playing the Super Brain Game. He pressed the pause button and then talked to his sister about what unhealthy meant.

“Xiao Rui, let me tell you what unhealthy is. The TV show you watched is like plain water. It contains no nutrients. It is not as healthy as eating eggs and pudding.”

Lin Ruixi had only a vague idea of what he meant.

Lin Xichen had no intention of explaining clearly. Even if he did, she would not understand. He rubbed his little sister’s head, and sneered, “What is contained in here?”

Lin Ruixi slapped his hand, complaining, “Don’t touch my hair.”

“I just did…” Lin Xichen touched her again on purpose. The little girl was annoyed and she came after him, trying to beat him.

The two of them were chasing each other around the table.

Lin Xinyan was afraid they would fall and get injured. She instructed them, “You two, slow down a little.”

“Little sister wants to beat me,” Lin Xichen paused long enough to reply Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan sighed. These two kids are two extremes.

One was too grown up, the other too innocent.

“Just now, you suspected it was me?”

Zong Jinghao was stretched out on the sofa. His long elegant legs were crossed and his arms were stretched out behind Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan coughed. Just now, she really had thought that it was Zong Jinghao who taught Lin Ruixi to say those words.

“I’m sorry. I misjudged you.” Lin Xinyan believed that she was wrong and she should admit that it was her mistake.

He leapt down and looked into her eyes, “Is that all you are going to do?”

I have already apologized. What else is there to do?

“Give me a kiss and I will forgive you.” His face came closer and as he breathed in and out, his breath lingered on the tip of her nose. It alternated between warmth and coolness which gave her goose bumps. She couldn’t help rubbing her arm, uttering, “Can you be more serious?”

Zong Jinghao did not know how to reply.

Am I not serious?

Asking you to kiss me is defined as not being serious?

“Just now, what did you call Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan out for?” Lin Xinyan tried to divert the subject.

“Give them instructions.”

There seemed to be haloes around his deep dark eyes as he smiled knowingly. Lifting her chin, he told her, “Don’t change the subject.”

Lin Xinyan went silent.

She made a decision. Instead of being seduced and romanced by him, she would take the initiative. She curled her lips into a smile and her eye became crescents. It was a beautiful smile.

Her gaze was brilliant, revealing dazzling white teeth. She was mischievous-looking and yet desirable.

She rarely smiled at Zong Jinghao in this manner. For a moment, he felt shaken.

While he was still stunned, Lin Xinyan planted a kiss on his face. Her action was so swift that by the time Zong Jinghao realized it, she was gone.

Zong Jinghao was still star struck.

Is this supposed to be a kiss? Her lips was in contact with my skin for barely one second or even less?

Anyway, who wants a kiss on the cheek?

He wanted to be kissed on his lips.

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