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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 237

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 237

The most crucial part of a quality tea silk was not about the weaving but to have the most superior thread.

Lin Xinyan always thought that learning the expertise of weaving the tea silk was the most important part!

The thread used for tea silk weaving was made from a combination of natural silk, cotton and fiber from milk.

With exact portions from all three ingredients, the thread produced would be very fine and of excellent quality. Hence, to achieve this step was not an easy task.

By using this unique thread, then only could the tea silk be light, thin and smooth.

Although Cheng Yuwen divulged this most crucial step to Lin Xinyan, he still insisted to follow Lin Xinyan back to the B city.

If the Wen family were to take any actions, he would bear all consequences. This was the decision made by Cheng Yuxiu and himself.

“I thought you mentioned that you are not leaving this place?” Lin Xinyan pondered.

Lin Xinyan knew that if Cheng Yuwen were to follow her to B City and tea silk weaving got launched into the market, the Cheng family would definitely figure out that something was amiss.

“Are you afraid that I will be in danger?” Lin Xinyan asked as she recognized the reason for his sudden decision.

Alone, she was certain that she would be no match against the Wen family. However, she was not alone.

“I don’t agree,” Lin Xinyan was adamant.

“Please have faith in me. I believe that if I am in any danger, Zong Jinghao will be there to protect me,” Lin Xinyan persuaded. Subconsciously, she had already trusted and relied on Zong Jinghao.

Without herself realizing, Lin Xinyan’s attitude towards Zong Jinghao had gradually changed.

In need of help, the first person whom Lin Xinyan would turn to would be Zong Jinghao- the person whom she was close to and trusted so much.

Cheng Yuxiu had sacrificed too much for Zong Jinghao. Now, it was their turn to protect her.

“Wen Qing has reached the national level…” Cheng Yuwen murmured.

“No matter how ruthless he is, he would not harm his ‘nephew’, would he?” Lin Xinyan countered. Zong Jinghao’s identity was not revealed in the first place due to Wen family’s influence. If they discovered that Cheng Yuxiu was the one who gave birth to Zong Jinghao, he might be murdered right after his birth.

“You can’t convince me! Please do not go back to B city!” Lin Xinyan declared, her tone was firm.

Sighing, Cheng Yuwen muttered, “I am an old man. It doesn’t really matter if I die today or tomorrow.”

Yet, no matter what Cheng Yuwen said, Lin Xinyan would not give in.

As the sun rose, Lin Xinyan packed her personal belongings and left the backyard without bidding goodbye. All she left was a note.

In the front yard, most people were already up, except the two little ones. Despite the weather getting colder, the village did not have any heater. Under the covers, the two little kids were not willing to leave the bed.

Opening the door, Lin Xinyan saw both of them watching a cartoon animation on a tablet. Lin Xichen was initially not interested, however, giving in to his sister, he agreed to her requests regardless.

On the other hand, Zong Jinghao was sitting by the window, attending a video conference.

As the door opened, Zong Jinghao looked up from his laptop and saw Lin Xinyan entering the room with a backpack on her shoulders. Seeing her, Zong Jinghao knew that she had honed her craft. This meant that they were finally able to leave this place.

Zong Jinghao handed down some instructions to his subordinates before he ended the meeting promptly. Closing the laptop, he stood up.

“We can leave now,” Lin Xinyan mumbled at the entrance.

“Alright, can you help to dress them? I will inform the others about it, they will need some time to prepare,” Zong Jinghao said as he left the room.

When he walked past Lin Xinyan, he avoided her. Usually, Zong Jinghao would brush against her lightly.

It was the exact same scenario as that day when Zong Jinghao left the backyard. The atmosphere between both of them turned slightly bitter. There seemed to be an invisible barrier that was separating them.

Without herself knowing, Lin Xinyan was used to the intimacy, his touch and even his tease. The sudden distance between the both of them made her uncomfortable.

Lin Ruixi was jumping on the bed. Donning her duckling pajamas, she looked like a little duck that was bouncing around. As she raised her arms, Lin Ruixi beamed, “I want a hug from mommy!”

Putting down her belongings, Lin Xinyan went forward and gave a big hug to both children. “It’s getting late. Let’s get changed and then we can leave,” Lin Xinyan suggested.

“Really?” Lin Xichen wondered, his voice filled with excitement. After staying at this place for quite some time, he was getting bored.

Picking up their clothes, Lin Xinyan started to dress them up. “Yes, we are leaving now. Mommy will not go back on my words,” Lin Xinyan coaxed.

“We can finally leave!” The two children marveled in unison and went on to cuddle Lin Xinyan.

“Do you guys not like this place?” Lin Xinyan asked.

Shaking his head, Lin Xichen explained, “It is great here. The sky is nice and the view is awesome but it gets boring after a while.”

“What a picky little boy. If you think that this place is boring, what about the residents that are living here?” Lin Xinyan commented as she gently stroked his face.

“No, mommy, it doesn’t work that way. We are living in a city where it is driven by technology unlike the locals here who are used to living in this place. At first, when we moved here, this place is definitely fascinating but after a while it gets a bit dull and mundane,” Lin Xichen argued.

Unable to refute his point of view, Lin Xinyan shrugged helplessly.

He had such a silver-tongue at such a young age!

“Alright, stop publicizing your insights. Hurry up and wear your shoes,” Lin Xinyan instructed while patting his bottoms.

Slightly embarrassed, Lin Xinyan jumped down from the bed and followed her commands.

Finally done with dressing up her son, Lin Xinyan moved on to her daughter. Yet, Lin Ruixi kept fidgeting, making it difficult for Lin Xinyan. “My dear, stop fidgeting,” Lin Xinyan directed at the little girl.

After what seemed like an eternity, Lin Xinyan finally dressed them up and got them ready for departure.

“I am here to help you with the belongings. We are ready to go. The vehicles are parked at the entrance of the village,” Qin Ya notified Lin Xinyan.

“Where’s daddy?” Lin Ruixi pondered. She was naturally clingy towards Zong Jinghao since he doted on her so much.

“Your daddy is having a conversation with Mr. Shen and Mr. Su. You will see him soon,” Qin Ya replied as she gently stroked her braids which were styled by Lin Xinyan. Carrying a plushie backpack, Lin Ruixi hummed a random tune as she leaped towards the door, wanting to find Zong Jinghao.

“This girl is getting more adorable day by day,” Qin Ya exclaimed.

Lin Xinyan responded with a smile. However, her smile seemed to be a little half-hearted as she was still affected by the previous incident.

Lin Xichen was still indulged in the excitement of being able to leave this place and did not realize what was wrong with Lin Xinyan.

Holding her son’s hand while grabbing their belongings, Lin Xinyan walked towards the door. Beside them, Qin Ya was also holding onto two big bags of belongings. It’s impressive that all of the stuff belonged to the two little children.

As Zong Jinghao saw them approaching, he swiftly ended the conversation with Shen Peichuan and Su Zhan. Walking towards Lin Xinyan, he initiated, “Let me carry the bag.”

Lin Xinyan tightened her grip on the bag and simply stared at the man in front of her. Her silence showed her unhappiness.

It was true that Zong Jinghao was angry at her for not telling him the truth. Yet, he could not bear to see her suffer at all.

In that instant, the atmosphere became slightly tensed. With so many people around, Lin Xinyan finally gave in.

Lifting the bag pack, Zong Jinghao uttered, “Let’s go.”

Only at this moment, Lin Xichen finally realized that the relationship between Lin Xinyan and Zong Jinghao had become a little strained.

What happened to them? Are they arguing?

In the past, Lin Xichen never wanted Lin Xinyan to forgive this heartless man. However, when Zong Jinghao stopped clinging onto Lin Xinyan, Lin Xichen started to worry.

Deep down, he still wished that his mother and father could be together. Although sometimes he would reject or make things difficult for Zong Jinghao, it was simply because Zong Jinghao once abandoned them.

Lin Xichen still wanted his daddy. No matter how much resentment he had, the blood ties between them could not be severed. Not to mention that Zong Jinghao doted so much on Lin Ruixi and Lin Xichen. It would be a lie to say that he was not moved by his efforts.

Grasping tightly onto Lin Xinyan’s hand, Lin Xichen hoped that Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan would never be separated. He would make sure that this would never ever happen!

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