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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 235

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 235

“Indeed, she brought the two children to visit Yuxiu and they seemed to interact really well,” Shen Peichuan stated.

The gigantic mansion of the Cheng family made it easy to spot. The people whom Shen Peichuan hired were not only skilled but also had excellent investigation expertise.

It should be easy to find out where exactly did Lin Xinyan go.

However, they barely met a few times, why are they so close to each other?

This was the question that Shen Peichuan could not figure out.

“In my opinion, the tea silk weaving master might be the one who introduced them to each other…” Shen Peichuan suggested.

Disagreeing, Zong Jinghao shook his head.

“They have already met previously. Yuxiu even gave a jade bangle to Lin Xinyan. She told her that it was from the Zong family, yet I have never ever heard about that bangle in my entire life,” Zong Jinghao explained.

Even if the Zong family actually had a hair loom, shouldn’t the jade bangle be in the hands of Wen Xian? Why was it with Yuxiu instead?

“Then, Yuxiu was probably trying to butter up to Ms. Lin in order to build the relationship between her and yourself since she does not have a child…” Shen Peichuan tried to convince Zong Jinghao. Although it is true that Yuxiu was a mistress, she had never abused or mistreated Zong Jinghao.

Zong Jinghao felt that something was amiss, things could not be this simple. Lin Xinyan’s family was also destroyed by a mistress. She would never be so benevolent to a homewrecker and be won over by a jade bangle.

Furthermore, he was certain that Lin Xinyan was not someone that would go against her morals and be bribed by money .

“Just pretend that you do not have any idea about this matter,” Zong Jinghao uttered as his face darkened.

He wanted to see how long could Lin Xinyan possibly keep the matter from him.

If Lin Xinyan were to tell him the truth, he would not resent or be infuriated. Zong Jinghao understood that everyone was free to have their own opinions and perspectives. He never wanted to force Lin Xinyan to agree to his stance. He was just exasperated that she did not come clean with the truth. In his opinion, this simply meant that she did not trust him at all. If she did not even trust him wholeheartedly, how could they be together?

Shen Peichuan mumbled an ‘alright’. It was obvious that Zong Jinghao was not in a good mood, and Shen Peichuan was not in any position to give his advice. He was assured that Zong Jinghao would be able to resolve the problems and clear up any misunderstandings.

At the moment, Zong Jinghao really wanted to be alone in order to think things through. However, he knew that the two children were still waiting for him. He had to return back.

Turning the car lights off, they turned back.

“Ms. Lin probably had her own reasons for doing so. The relationship between a mother and her daughter-in-law needs to be built and maintained. Ms. Lin might just want to get closer to your family,” Shen Peichuan hypothesized. .

Actually, this might not be a bad thing. Maybe, Lin Xinyan wanted to get closer to Yuxiu because of Zong Jinghao.

Zong Jinghao did not reply. He had his own considerations. He knew Lin Xinyan well enough and was certain that she was not someone that would simply butter up to someone.

When Shen Peichuan and Zong Jinghao arrived at the entrance, they saw Bai Yinning sitting in his wheelchair and he seemed to be waiting for someone.

“President Zong, can I have a word with you?” Bai Yinning asked.

Zong Jinghao gave Shen Peichuan a look, prompting him to leave. He wanted to hear what Bai Yinning had to say.

Having understood the signal, Shen Peichuan headed towards the yard.

Operating the wheelchair, Bai Yinning turned towards the river at the side.

“President Bai, what is it about?” Zong Jinghao calmly asked. His hands were folded in his pockets as he stood tall beside Bai Yinning.

Looking at the man in front of him, Bai Yinning clenched his fists tightly. He was once like him and now he had no choice but to rely on a wheelchair. Even till now, Bai Yinning was unable to accept this reality completely. Honestly, no one would be able to.

“Would you like to hear a story?” Bai Yinning spoke as he tilted his head up slightly, looking at Zong Jinghao.

Bai Yinning did not like to look up to anyone but given his circumstances, he did not have much options.

Zong Jinghao replied, “Sure, I’m all ears.”

Bai Yinning gazed towards the sky and slowly spoke, “You must have done a background check on me, am I right, President Zong?”

Although it was a question, his tone was certain.

Zong Jinghao did not deny that he had ordered Guan Jing to do so.

Bai Yinning was an orphan. After that, he was adopted by Bai Hongfei. When Bai Hongfei passed away, Bai Yinning inherited the entire Bai family’s business.

Bai Yinning was really lucky to have met Bai Hongfei, otherwise he would not be able to reach his current status so easily.

Zong Jinghao did not believe in succeeding through entrepreneurship. Without any family background and connections, chances of success were slim, especially when starting from scratch. It would be impossible for Bai Yinning to have his achievements at this age.

Bai Yinning selected a picture from the gallery and showed it to Zong Jinghao. “This is Bai Hongfei, my foster father,” Bai Yinning introduced.

Zong Jinghao took a glance at the picture. Frankly, he was not interested but he thought that Bai Yinning definitely had his intentions.

“Do you realize that he has lost two fingers?” Bai Yinning commented.

His pinky and ring fingers were missing.

Narrowing his eyes, Zong Jinghao asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“He was not born like that- someone chopped it off,” Bai Yinning responded.

After Bai Yinning was adopted by Bai Hongfei, Bai Hongfei taught him how to operate the business. When he gradually grew up, he always wondered why Bai Hongfei did not want to marry and have his own children but chose to adopt him instead.

Given his status, even without two fingers, many women would still be willing to marry him.

Later on, Bai Yinning realized that Bai Hongfei remained single because of a woman. That woman was Cheng Yuxiu.

As time passed, Bai Hongfei was at his deathbed. Prior to his death, he finally told Bai Yinning that his only regret was to let go the love of his life.

“I knew that after she gave birth to her child, we cannot be together anymore. She mentioned that she loves daughters, I am pretty sure that she will give birth to a pretty daughter. In the future, I hope that you would be able to marry her daughter and dote on her. That’s my only wish…” Bai Hongfei uttered his last words while grasping onto Bai Yinning’s hands.

In this lifetime, although affinity brought them together, they were unable to be together. Bai Hongfei just hoped that his fostered son was able to marry Cheng Yuwen’s daughter.

The heart rate monitor stopped beeping and the screen showed a straight line.

Having said his last words, Bai Hongfei finally passed away.

Bai Yinning could not understand: if Yuxiu gave birth to a child, where exactly did the child go? After Bai Hongfei passed away, he did a background check on Cheng Yuxiu. Bai Yinning knew that she was married to Zong Qifeng, but she never gave birth to a child.

“In the past, my foster father was kept in captivity for six years. His fingers were lost in that six years,” Bai Yinning revealed.

Six years was not a short duration, Bai Yinning could not find out who imprisoned his fostered father and even severed his fingers. It seemed like someone was trying to hide the past. Given his limited capabilities, he was unable to find out more and hence, he needed Zong Jinghao to investigate further.

Bai Hongfei brought him up and entrusted the entire Bai family to him. Bai Yinning would be eternally grateful to his foster father. In order to avenge for him, Bai Yinning wanted to find out who was the mastermind that imprisoned Bai Hongfei. However, to imprison Bai Hongfei for six years and ensure that the Bai family was unable to find out anything- this was not an easy task. Bai Yinning was certain that the mastermind was powerful. He was not sure whether he was able to rival against that opponent alone.

If his guesses were accurate, Zong Jinghao was very likely to be the biological son of Cheng Yuxiu. Of course, Bai Yinning lacked evidence but given that Zong Jinghao was implicated into this matter, it was now impossible for him to leave unscathed. With his abilities, Bai Yinning was very confident that the truth would be uncovered, sooner or later.

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