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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 231

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 231

The man who spoke just now was the bodyguard of Zong Jinghao. Su Zhan saw the bodyguard and said, “It is me. Where is President Zong?”

“He is inside.” The bodyguard replied.

The path here was much easier to walk. The people who walked before them had left behind a trail of the muddy road. The bodyguard was leading the way in front, and they crossed the mountain top and saw a persimmon forest before them. The leaves on the tree had almost fallen off during this season, leaving only the red fruits.

Lin Xinyan saw her daughter and Zong Jinghao under a large persimmon tree. It seemed that her daughter had eaten the persimmon and Zong Jinghao was wiping the persimmon juice left on her mouth.

All this while, she thought Zong Jinghao was lucky as his parents didn’t abandon him. Besides, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had always been a center of attention.

However, she found him pitiful after she learned that Cheng Yuxiu was actually his mother without him knowing.

“Mommy.” Lin Ruixi was the first one to see Lin Xinyan from far. She shouted excitedly, “Mommy, are you here to see me?”

Zong Jinghao turned and saw a beautiful lady standing at the top of the mountain. Although it was dark and couldn’t see her clearly, she was stunningly beautiful.

How can she get out of there when time is not up yet?

Lin Xinyan walked down into the persimmon forest with ease as the weeds were lesser than the previous path. She walked up to her daughter and stretched out her hand to stroke her daughter’s face. However, she retracted her hand when she saw it was dirty. She said, “Yes, I miss Ruixi so much, that’s why I asked for leave to see you.”

“Did you hurt yourself?” When Lin Xinyan stretched out her hand just now, he saw her hands with a dried bloodstain.

Lin Xinyan looked at her palm and said, “don’t worry, it is not a big deal.”

“Let’s go.” Zong Jinghao held Lin Xinyan’s hand with one hand, while the other hugging his daughter.

“Mommy, mommy.” Lin Xichen ran over with two persimmons in his hands.

“Slow down there. Don’t fall down.” Lin Xinyan warned her son.

“Don’t worry. I got it.” Lin Xichen walked up to Lin Xinyan and passed her the persimmons. The persimmons were orange color and not too big; however, they had ripened to perfection. “Mommy, give it a bite, it is so sweet.” Lin Xichen said lovingly.

This type of persimmons would be astringent if it were unripe. But, it would taste very sweet if it was ripened to perfection, just like the one Lin Xichen handed to her.

Lin Xinyan smiled, “I will eat it when I go back. Let’s go back first.”

She had wasted a lot of time, and she worried that Cheng Yuxiu would be worried.

Lin Xichen nodded and asked, “Mommy, does it mean that you can be with me from now on?”

Lin Xinyan paused for a moment and raised her head to look at Zong Jinghao. Although she was looking at Zong Jinghao, her words were meant for her son, “I am still in the middle of something. I will come back once I have settled everything. However, I can bring the two of you with me now.”

“Oh really?” Lin Xichen hugged her lap happily. He was happy to be with mommy.

“Mommy, can I come with you too?” Lin Ruixi blinked her eyes.

“Yes, of course.” Lin Ruixi was happy and smiled. Her eyes were very beautiful when she smiled.

“How about me?” Zong Jinghao held her hand tighter as he asked. Since she could bring the two children with her, how about him?

Lin Xinyan looked away from him. She did not dare to look into his eyes as she denied, “Master only allows me to bring two children with me, so…”

“So you cannot bring me?”

Zong Jinghao’s gaze fell on her slightly reddened earlobe. It was obvious that she was lying as she avoided looking at him. But Zong Jinghao didn’t not expose her.

“Let’s go then.” Zong Jinghao said lightly.

With the assistance of the bodyguards, they soon arrived at the bottom of the mountain safely.

Zong Jinhao handed her daughter to Qin Ya and brought Lin Xinyan back to the room. If this were before, Lin Xinyan would not have listened to him so willingly, but now, she didn’t want to reject him.

I want to hug him.

That was what she thought and she did just that. Once they entered the room, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Zong Jinghao was caught off guard by Lin Xinyan’s initiatives. His body froze for a moment, and he was curious as to why her behavior changed just after a few days of training?

However, he liked it.

He lowered his head to kiss on her forehead. Then, he kissed on the corner of her eyes. With a low voice, he asked, “Do you miss me?”

He had a strong and warm chest. Initially, she still had reservations for him, but now she would like to open her heart, and tried to love and accept the man in front of her.

He was the father of the child, and they even had an engagement since they were young.

She had heard a saying of how fate works. Thousand times of brushing past each other in the first life are only enough to earn a head turn in the second, and only with a thousand head turns in the second would earn a chance to meet up in this life.

Zong Jinghao thought that she had changed. In the past, no matter how intimate they were, she would never take the initiative, and she always had reservations about him.

He liked the way she was right now. However, he was feeling uneasy and kept pondering, what makes a person change in just a few days?

Did she meet anyone? Did anything happen?

What changed her?

Lin Xinyan raised her head and stood on tiptoe to kiss his lips. It was a peck on the lips, and while Zong Jinghao was still devouring the kiss, she was done with the kiss and drew back.

She acted all lovey-dovey and said, “You will agree to let me take Ruixi and Xichen with me for a few days, won’t you?

Zong Jinghao would like to say no to her. But obviously, he can’t.

Zong Jinghao could feel his heart was beating fast for the woman in front of him. At this moment, he wanted to hug her hard and melt her into his body.

“I am okay with it, but…” His lips brushed at her earlobe and continued to linger between her neck and earlobe. “You will have to kiss me one more time, then I will agree with you.”

He leaned closer towards her and flirted with her.

Lin Xinyan didn’t know what to do and trembled slightly in his arms. Zong Jinghao hugged her tight, with the corners of his lips raising. He liked to see her shy face; it was so beautiful and seductive.

“Close your eyes.” Lin Xinyan said as she lowered her eyes. Her voice was so soft that he hardly could hear it.

Zong Jinghao closed his eyes with a smile. He lowered his head and waited for Lin Xianyan to kiss him.

Lin Xinyan closed her eyes as well. She thought of Cheng Yuxiu, who was still waiting for her, and her heart clenched with determination. She pressed her lips against his. His lips were soft and slightly cold.

As she was about to draw back her lips, she felt that he was clasping her head. His lips pressed on her lips so hard. He then stuck out his tongue and gave her a French kiss.

Lin Xinyan was afraid that it would lead to the next step, so she pushed him away with her hands. With her wounded palm pressing against the button on Zong Jinghao’s shirt, she shouted in pain. Zong Jinghao let go of her lips and asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“It is my hand.” Lin Xinyan said in a low voice, resentfully.

Her hug was so sudden that he forgot that her hand was hurt. Zong Jinghao went to check at her hand, and the palm seemed to be poked by something. There was a small hole with blood stain.

“What happened?” He asked with a frown.

Lin Xinyan told the truth, “It was from the branch of a tree.”

Zong Jinghao raised his head and looked at her. He was about to comment on how careless she was, but thinking of the crooked branches he saw along the way, he said no more. He probably couldn’t bring the children up to the mountain safely without the bodyguards’ assistance either.

“Hold on.” He wanted to make a phone call and get someone to send over the medical supplies such as the antiseptic cream and so on. There was nothing here, and he couldn’t treat Lin Xinyan properly.

Lin Xinyan wanted to rush over to Cheng’s family house so she stopped him by saying, “It’s okay. I don’t have much time. Master is still waiting for me to go back. I have to leave immediately.”

Zong Jinghao stared into her eyes and asked, “You are in such a hurry?”

Lin Xinyan nodded, “Yes.”

At that instant, Zong Jinghao wanted to figure out why she had changed her attitude all of sudden. Hence, he went with the flow and agreed to what Lin Xinyan said. Lin Xinyan was so happy that Zong Jinghao gave his permission.

Yet Zong Jinghao seemed preoccupied. Although he liked Lin Xinyan the way she was right now, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy with the reason behind all her changes.

Lin Xinyan went to the yard to find her two children. With one hand hugging her daughter and the other hand holding her son’s hand, they walked towards the backyard.

As soon as they left, Zong Jinghao left the wooden house with Shen Peichuan as well. They walked along the path outside the house, all the way to the backyard. He wanted to see what Lin Xinyan wanted to do with the children in the backyard. Surprisingly, Lin Xinyan didn’t stay in the backyard for long. Instead, she exited the door of the backyard together with the children.

Not far away from the roadside was a car waiting for Lin Xinyan. Most importantly, Zong Jinghao was familiar with the car.

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