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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 229

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 229

“How much I wanted to tell them that he is my son?” She felt sad and sorry.

How she wished that he would call her mum.

When he was born, everyone knew that he was the son of Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian. He was also the sole heir to the Zong family and the only grandchildren for Wen family.

What would she tell others if she admitted now that she was indeed the mother of the child?

Back then, Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng were lawfully wedded couple, but she was merely his mistress.

What would others call her son then?

An illegitimate child?

No, she could never let that happen.

She could not allow Zong Jinghao to be labeled as an illegitimate child.

He was the heir to the Zong family, and how would others see him if he was known as an illegitimate son? How could he take over the business in the future?

“Furthermore, The Zong family and Wen family shouldn’t go against each other. If they hold grudges against each other, it wouldn’t do them any good.” She said helplessly. “How you think that I was able to marry Zong Qifeng in the first place?” She was able to marry into the Zong family because she agreed on Wen Qing’s terms.

“Because of Wen Xian, he has always been very nasty to me. He thought that it was all because of me that his sister died at a young age, and couldn’t be with Zong Qifeng. Wen Xian’s death was a heavy blow for him. He knew that I care about the ancestral business of Cheng family, that was why he threatened me with it.”

Wen Qing threatened her that if she wanted to marry Zong Qifeng, then she had to make sure that tea silk from the Cheng family would vanish forever.

Now Lin Xinyan finally understood why the production of tea silk was so little and so rare.

“Wen family used to be very powerful and even now, and if they find out that you have mastered the skill, I’m afraid that…” Her hands trembled uncontrollably. She remembered all her traumatized past like it was just yesterday. She would shrink in fear whenever she thought of it. Those years had cast a nightmare over her life. She knew what Wen Qing was capable of doing and she had gone through too much, and now she didn’t want Lin Xinyan to suffer and go thru the same thing as her. And she definitely couldn’t bear to see Lin Xinyan in danger.

“It is not too late now. It is fine if you have mastered the skill, but remember not let others know about it.”

Lin Xinyan bent down to lay her head on her lap. Holding her hands, Lin Xinyan said, “You must have faith in Jinghao and me. We can surely overcome all the obstacles, although it might put us in danger. Outsiders would never know the sacrifices you have made; especially the Cheng family’s ancestral business to stay by Jinghao’s side. But we knew, so please believe us. We will be able to protect the ancestral business of the Cheng family, and it will be pass on from generation to generation.”

“What a silly child.” Cheng Yuxiu said as she stroked her hair. “All I ever care about is the safety of you, Jinghao, and the two kids.”

She didn’t care about anything else; nothing was more important than the safety of her loved ones.

Lin Xinyan didn’t speak anymore, but she had made up her mind to continue the legacy of the Cheng family. Although she didn’t understand Cheng Yuwen’s decision in the first place, she finally got her head around it and understood Cheng Yuwen’s intention. If she were in his shoes, she wouldn’t want the ancestral business to vanish as well.

“It is late now, do you want to have a rest here with me?” Cheng Yuxiu asked softly.

Lin Xinyan nodded.

Yuxiu took off her jacket and shoes, and got in the bed together with Lin Xinyan.

Cheng Yuxiu tucked her in, and faced her while lying down, “I knew you are different the moment I met you.”

She was not the same as all the other mistresses that she had met before.

Cheng Yuxiu stretched out her hand and caressed her forehead. “I have always wanted to have a daughter.” Chen Yuxiu said as she tucked her hair behind the ears.

Now that her son had married a good wife, her wish was fulfilled.

“You can always treat me like your daughter and give me all your love,” Lin Xinyan said lovingly, with her beautiful eyes.

“Of course I am giving you all my love, I have even given Jinghao to you.” Cheng Yuxiu smiled back, but there was an unnoticeable wetness in her eyes.

“Why would there be an engagement between Jinghao and me since we were babies?” Lin Xinyan asked suddenly. She had asked Zhuang Zijin about it before, but she didn’t say anything. Now that Cheng Yuxiu had mentioned it, she didn’t explain why was the engagement was agreed on in the first place either.

“I don’t know either. I heard about the engagement from Zong Qifeng too. I asked him before that why must it be you, but he didn’t say anything either. I think you may be related to Wen Xian. Do your parents know her or her relatives?”

Lin Xinyan was lost in thought. Back then, Zhuang Zijin brought everything with her when she married Lin Guoan. Therefore, she might be the only left in her family, and she had never mentioned anything about the Wen family.

If Wen family was so powerful and somewhat related to the Zhuang family, how could Lin Guoan send them abroad without fear?

Lin Xinyan shook her head, “I never knew that I have other relatives in Wen family. It was my mother all alone.”

“Perhaps it was fate. Don’t think about it anymore and get a good rest.”

Lin Xinyan nodded.

It was a quiet night just like usual; however, Lin Xinyan couldn’t sleep.

It was the same for Cheng Yuxiu, she couldn’t sleep as well. She was just pretending that she had a good sleep.

The next morning, Cheng Yuwen had prepared breakfast and served it in the lobby, and sent some toiletries over to them. Then, the two of them went to the lobby after they were ready.

Cheng Yuwen watched how they walked in the lobby, and he knew that the late-night talk between the two of them was worth it. “I have never seen any mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law who bond so well,” he commented.

With a long face, Cheng Yuxiu said to him, “Don’t you think this is over. I wouldn’t forgive you if anything happens to Yan.”

Cheng Yuwen knew that he owed it to her, so he didn’t talk back, “Come on, let’s sit down and eat, the food won’t taste good when it gets cold.”

“Let me introduce to you our signature dish. I know you have been locked away and couldn’t try this dish all this while. But let’s enjoy the meal today.”

“Alright.” Lin Xinyan smiled. She then pushed the soymilk to him and said, “You too.”

She had always treated him as her master, and now after she knew about his real identity, she respected him even more.

“We will leave after the meal.” Cheng Yuwen told Lin Xinyan. Then he looked at his sister, “How about you? When are you leaving?”

Cheng Yuxiu looked troubled. She chewed the food in her mouth slowly. Cheng Yuwen could see through her thoughts at a glance, “Don’t you want to see the two kids? Since the mother of the kids is here, why don’t you ask her for her permission?”

Cheng Yuxiu looked at Cheng Yuwen with a frown, “What if Jinghao finds out? You knew that my relationship with him was tense.”

“It is alright. I could ask the driver to fetch the children later. I will tell them that I miss them and want to see them. That way, you could see them once they are here.”

“That’s a great idea. You are so brilliant.” Cheng Yuwen smiled. “I bet you can enjoy your meal now,” said Cheng Yuwen while giving her a look.

Cheng Yuxiu smiled timidly, feeling excited. She can’t believe that she can see them as a Grandma now.

It was almost like a dream, so surreal.

Yet this quiet and peaceful moment was so real.

She had a lot of regrets for the first half of her life, but now all she ever wanted was to have a peaceful life, without any hurdles.

After breakfast, Cheng Yuwen got ready to fetch the children. Suddenly, Lin Xinyan walked out and said, “Let me go with you.”

“You are worried about me? Cheng Yuwen asked.

“No, I am not worried about you. I am worried that they won’t let the children leave with you if I weren’t there.” Lin Xinyan shook her head as she said it.

Zong Jinghao definitely wouldn’t agree to hand over the two children to Cheng Yuwen. That, she knew for sure.

Cheng Yuwen opened the car’s door and said, “Let’s get in the car.”

Lin Xinyan bent over to get in the car.

The car passed through the morning fog in the mountains and moved forward slowly.

The car was moving slowly due to the fog, therefore it was late when they arrived at the destination. They got out of the car and entered from the back door.

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