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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 226

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 226

Cheng Yuxiu had disappeared off the face of the earth, and even her phone number became obsolete after that call.

Zong Qifeng had gone to Mengcheng County to look for her once, but he didn’t succeed. Even her ex-boyfriend Bai Hongfei disappeared without a trace.

He lost hope only after that. Maybe she had eloped with Bai Hongfei after all.

Every promise she had made were just lies.

However, Wen Xian refused to believe that she had disappeared. How could she leave her child behind?

“I have faith in her,” Wen Xian declared.

Zong Qifeng was too devastated to process what she said, and he went upstairs to have some time alone.

Wen Xian held the child in her arms and returned to the Wen family house.

She had to find out if Wen Qing was behind all this.

After all, he had plenty of reasons to do that.

He might have kidnapped Cheng Yuxiu as he didn’t want the two families to get into conflict or make her unhappy.

When she got there, Wen Qing had yet to return.

“Mom, when is my brother coming back?”

Madam Wen pulled her daughter’s clothes tighter around her and took the baby from her arms. “You just came back from the hospital a few days ago, and you’re running around already? Wouldn’t a call suffice?”

Wen Xian managed a small smile. “I miss you and Dad. I’m not cold in the car, since I’m wearing so much.”

Madam Wen smiled. She was happy that her daughter still thought of the family even after she got married.

She looked down at the baby in her arms. He was only a couple of days old, and his face had already gotten chubbier.

Wen Xian glanced at the baby too. “He has started gaining weight already.”

“Kids tend to put on weight quite a bit in the first month. The ones that grow faster can get around three or four kilograms heavier,” Madam Wen said, speaking from experience.

Madam Wen was scared that her daughter would catch a cold, so she told her to rest in her room. Wen Xian called her maid back at the house to take care of Zong Qifeng.

Cheng Yuxiu’s sudden disappearance seemed to be a huge blow to Zong Qifeng.

That was why she had decided to come back and see Wen Qing. She wanted to find out if Cheng Yuxiu had been kidnapped or if she had actually eloped with Bai Hongfei.

If she had been kidnapped, Wen Xian would sacrifice anything to save her. It could even be exposing the truth or ending her relationship with Zhuang Ziyi.

If she had eloped with Bai Hongfei, then Wen Xian would have to stay and take care of Zong Qifeng and the child.

This whole mess started because of her, and she had to take responsibility for it.

As for Zhuang Ziyi, there was a high chance that she might have to forego their relationship.

She looked at the baby sleeping beside her, and she reached out to stroke his little cheeks. How could she deprive this child of a mother?

Dinner time came and went, and Wen Qing was still nowhere to be found. “Is he that busy?” Wen Xian was a little panicked.

“He goes out quite a bit these days,” Madam Wen answered.

“What’s he even doing outside?” Wen Xian asked.

“It’s probably his work. He’s not married yet, so what else could he be busy with besides work?”

Wen Xian didn’t manage to get what she wanted to hear from her mother, but she figured that Wen Qing wouldn’t let their parents know if he had actually kidnapped Cheng Yuxiu.

He would have kept the truth from them so that they wouldn’t get worried.

She couldn’t sleep that night as she couldn’t stop thinking about Cheng Yuxiu. In a bid to catch Wen Qing when he comes home, Wen Xian stayed up waiting.

The door finally creaked open when the clock was going to strike ten.

She pushed her blankets away quietly so that she wouldn’t wake the baby.

Wen Qing was hanging up his coat at the doorway when he saw Wen Xian coming towards him. “Why are you here? Did you have an argument with Qifeng?”

The first thing he did when he saw her was to ask about her relationship with her husband.

“We’re fine,” Wen Xian said, coming closer. “Big Brother, tell me the truth. Did you kidnap someone by the name of Cheng Yuxiu?”

Wen Qing froze for a moment before he asked, “Who’s Cheng Yuxiu?”

His heart thumped inside his chest. Did Wen Xian know about Zong Qifeng’s affair?


“Big Brother, you know that I married him for the sake of the families. We don’t love each other at all, and we only had this child to maintain our relationship with the Zongs. I knew that he was having an affair and I was fine with it, so you don’t have to worry for me. If you kidnapped her, then please release her. I’m begging you.”

The last thing Wen Qing expected to hear from his sister was that she was fine with Zong Qifeng hooking up with Cheng Yuxiu. She’s not angry about it?

“Sister, you’re not going to be able to live in peace with that woman getting between you and Zong Qifeng. Moreover, the two of you will never have a chance to fall in love with each other.”

“Big Brother, just give her to me and I’ll deal with the rest…”

“I didn’t kidnap her. Didn’t she elope with her ex-boyfriend? Why are you asking me to release her? Did Zong Qifeng tell you to do this?” Wen Qing said as he scoffed silently.

Wen Xian’s words only made him more reluctant to let Cheng Yuxiu go. Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian would never be able to build a romantic relationship if Cheng Yuxiu was still around.

Since they got married and had a child, they would have to stay with each other, be it for their families’ sake or for the child.

“You sure you didn’t kidnap her?” Wen Xian asked, searching his face for signs that he was lying.

Wen Qing stared at her straight in the eye and said slowly, “Yes, I didn’t kidnap her.”

As a soldier, Wen Qing had an iron resolve.

Even his father Wen Jin’s interrogations wouldn’t have gotten the truth out of him, let alone his little sister.

All Wen Xian had was speculation that he had kidnapped Cheng Yuxiu, but no evidence. He knew that her attempts were hopeless.

“Big Brother…”

“It’s getting late. I’m really tired from training, so let me rest, okay?” Wen Qing said before she could finish her sentence. He was obviously unwilling to dwell on this topic.

Wen Xian pursed her lips together, her voice turning dry. “Big Brother, you know that I still loved Ziyi when I got married to Qifeng, so it’s fine if he’s in an affair too. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. If you have kidnapped her, please just let her go.”

“Why are you two still together then? Why not just get a divorce? For goodness’ sake, Wen Xian, you’re married now, so just settle down. Also, for the last time, I didn’t kidnap her.”

Wen Qing pushed past her and went into his room after that.

Wen Xian stayed rooted to the ground as her mind in a mess.

Was she making baseless claims?

Was Wen Qing actually innocent?

However, she figured that Cheng Yuxiu wouldn’t get back together with Bai Hongfei and elope with him, considering her personality.

She hadn’t even met her child yet, so why would she disappear all of a sudden?

She didn’t want to believe it, but Wen Qing seemed adamant about it. She felt helpless for a good while.

She walked back to the room and saw the baby lying still on the bed with his eyes open. He was very quiet and well-behaved; his eyes were looking around as though he was exploring this unfamiliar world from the bed.

The nurse had said that he would be shortsighted for a while, so she walked over and bent down to look at him.

His gaze remained unfocused, as though he hadn’t noticed her presence.

Of course, he couldn’t see her.

Wen Xian picked him up gently.

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