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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 222

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 222

Zong Qifeng furrowed his brows. “What’s going on?”

“My brother is here. It’s cold outside, so bring her to a hotel to rest for a while first. I’ll call you again when my brother leaves,” Wen Xian said as she hid in the bathroom of the house.

Wen Qin had already arrived at her doorstep when she came back from her shopping trip.

She almost froze from shock the moment she saw her. Luckily, Cheng Yuxiu wasn’t around to expose her lies.

“I understand.”

Wen Xian hung up after that. She gave a big sigh of relief and checked her tummy in the mirror, only opening the door after she confirmed that nothing seemed suspicious.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?” She whined.

Wen Qing leaned back on the sofa. He was tall and well-built, and everything that came out of his mouth sounded dramatically domineering.

He looked at his sister. “What are you talking about? I’m pretty sure I don’t have to report in advance if I wanted to come and visit my little sister. By the way, aren’t you supposed to be at your pregnancy checkup now? Why did you go to the shopping mall?”

He eyed the shopping bags scattered on the sofa.

Wen Xian walked over and sat on the sofa, telling the maid to pour Wen Qing some water. “I went to buy some baby clothes on the way back from the checkup, since the baby’s coming soon anyway. Why are you here today?”

Wen Qing told his driver to unload the goods from his car. “Mom told me to bring all this for you and the baby. Don’t you know much attention this little one is getting even before it’s born?”

Soon, his driver returned with his hands full of baby products, food, clothes, as well as nutritional supplements for Wen Xian. He had to go to the car the second time before he finally unloaded everything.

Wen Xian was slightly shocked. “That’s a lot of stuff.”

“All for your little one,” Wen Qing said, reaching out to touch her belly.

Wen Xian slapped his hand away, breaking out in cold sweat. She hadn’t expected him to want to touch her belly all of a sudden.

It was a fake one after all, so one touch would expose everything.

Luckily, she reacted fast enough to stop things from getting out of hand.

Wen Qing coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment. His sister was an adult, and a married one for that matter. He shouldn’t be touching her without her permission.

“Did Qifeng not go for the checkup with you?”

Wen Qing was a little annoyed. His sister was pregnant and yet Qifeng didn’t even bother spending more time with her. Furthermore, she’s already approaching her due date, which meant that he shouldn’t be leaving her alone for extended periods of time.

“He’s busy…”

“Is work or your child more important?”

Wen Xian didn’t manage to say another word before Wen Qing cut her off, “Can’t he tell which is more important?”

Wen Xian had wanted to explain further, but Wen Qing had already taken out his phone to call Zong Qifeng.

Soon, the call went through, but before he could start his interrogation, Wen Xian grabbed his phone and cut the line. “I don’t need you poking your nose into my matters.”

Wen Qing frowned, though it was a disappointed and worried frown. He had meant well and didn’t want Zong Qifeng to bully her, but she…

“Fine. I won’t meddle in your matters from now on,” Wen Qing said, standing up.

Wen Xian began to regret her words. That was her brother, and all he did was to show concern towards her.

She shouldn’t have snapped at him.

“I’m sorry, Big Brother. I didn’t mean it.”

Wen Qing took his hat over from his driver and froze for a second at the sound of that. Putting his hat back on, he said, “If he ever bullies you, just give me a call.”

After that, he strode out of the door.

She was his sister after all, and he wouldn’t just abandon her just because of a tiny disagreement.

Wen Xian ran after him and hugged him from behind. “Big Brother, my prenatal depression might be messing with my mood, so please don’t get mad…I didn’t mean to say that just now, and I know that you care about me…”

Wen Qing frowned and dislodged himself from her embrace. “Aren’t you pregnant? Why are you running?”

“I forgot for a second…”

“You forgot that you’re pregnant?” Wen Qing felt that he had just heard the biggest joke of his life. Who would forget that they’re pregnant? He reached out a finger and swiped it across her nose. “The child in your belly is the firstborn of both the Zongs and the Wens, so you’d better make sure it stays safe. If I see you acting so rashly once again, I’m going to beat you up.”

Wen Qing pretended to act fierce.

Wen Xian knew that he was just joking. He cares about her.

She threw herself into his embrace again. “Big Brother…”

Wen Qing pinched her cheeks with the strength of the soldier that he was. “It hurts!” Wen Xian squeaked in pain.

“I didn’t even put in any effort,” Wen Qing said.

“You did! My cheeks were going to get pinched off by you,” Wen Xian insisted as she rubbed her sore, red cheeks.

Wen Qing stroked her cheeks lovingly. “I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll be gentler next time,” he said, sighing. “You’re going to be a mom soon, and you’re still acting like such a spoiled brat?”

“Even when I become a mom or a grandma, I’m still your little sister forever!”

Wen Qing went speechless. That made a lot of sense, he thought.

No matter how old she gets, she would forever be his little sister.

Wen Xian sent her brother to his car and watched as he slid into the vehicle. He glanced at his sister again. “Go back and rest. It’s getting colder, so you should wear more clothes. Take care of yourself. Just call me if there’s anything.”

Wen Xian nodded.

She watched as Wen Qing’s car disappeared down the road before turning around to go in, but before she could step into the house…

“Wen Xian.”

She could see Zhuang Ziyi standing at the other side of the road in casual wear, looking as handsome as ever.

The wind tousled his hair.

Wen Xian froze for a moment before looking around. She walked over quickly. “Why are you here?”

“I miss you,” he said while giving her his usual beautiful grin.

Wen Xian glared at him. “Tell me in advance before you come next time.”

Zhuang Ziyi reached over and pulled her into his embrace. “We’re supposed to be lovers, so why are you making this so hard?”

Wen Xian patted her on the back. “Just wait a while more…”

She had to wait for Cheng Yuxiu to give birth and for Zong Qifeng to realize his true feelings.

Once that happens, she could elope with him and live their days however they want.

“How long more?” Zhuang Ziyi asked.

“A year at most.”

She didn’t know if Zong Qifeng was lying or not when he said that he would let her go after Cheng Yuxiu gives birth, but she figured that one year should be more than enough.

Once that happens, she could leave without any regrets.

“Go home,” she told him.

“I want to look at you just a bit more,” Zhuang Ziyi said, holding on to her tightly.

Wen Xian put on a serious expression. “This is the Zong residence. If someone sees us like this, it won’t do us any good.”

Zhuang Ziyi knew that as well, and he bent down to kiss her on the lips. “I’ll wait for you, however long it takes.”

After that, he turned around and left.

Wen Xian stood by the door and waved at him. “Drive safely.”

Zhuang Ziyi rolled down his window and said, “Go in, it’s cold outside.”

Wen Xian pulled her coat around her and turned around.

The temperature had been dropping, and by December the winds were even fiercer.

Just before the new year, on 20 December, the lights inside the Zong residence turned on all of a sudden.

Cheng Yuxiu was going into labor, and to prevent people from finding out the ugly truth, they took her to the hospital in the middle of the night without telling anyone.

They decided that Wen Xian would be the one carrying the child and announcing its birth afterwards.

That way, everything could be hidden from everyone

Zong Qifeng was on the wheel, while Wen Xian stayed with Cheng Yuxiu in the backseat. Cheng Yuxiu was drenched in cold sweat from the pain of labor. “Just hold on for a while longer, we’re reaching the hospital soon,” Wen Xian said in an attempt to comfort her.

This was Cheng Yuxiu’s first child, and she didn’t know how much pain was in store for her when she finally arrived at the hospital.

She was a strong woman, but the waves of pain that came tearing at her body with the contractions was too much to handle. “It hurts a lot!” she yelled.

Her slender fingers gripped onto the armrests of the chair she was sitting on tightly. “Am I going to die?” she asked, her lips trembling.

“Of course not,” Wen Xian answered. She didn’t know how much pain Cheng Yuxiu was going through, since she had never given birth before.

She could tell that Cheng Yuxiu was in a lot of pain, and it tugged at her heart painfully. “Don’t worry, we’re all here for you.”

Zong Qifeng kept glancing backwards as well and his anxiety grew.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital and just as Wen Xian was about to help Cheng Yuxiu out from the car, Zong Qifeng pushed her aside.

She froze for a moment before moving to one side so that Zong Qifeng could pick Cheng Yuxiu up. “It really hurts, and it comes in waves…”

Zong Qifeng didn’t know how to comfort her, and he could only hold on to her tightly and give her his silent support.

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