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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 217

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 217

Wen Xian felt choked for a moment.

“How long has it been?”

Zong Qifeng pulled over the car. He lighted a cigarette and remained silent.

Wen Xian waited with patience. She knew he must be feeling awful. After all, he had known Cheng Yuxiu for a short time only.

“Let her give birth to the child.” Wen Xian suggested calmly.

Zong Qifeng puffed. Of course, he wanted to have his child born. Certainly not as an illegitimate child.

“Tomorrow I will ring up my family to tell them I am pregnant; once the child is born, I will take charge and the child would be legitimate. After that, when we divorce, Wen family and Zong family are still relatives because of the child. He will grow up under the care of both families — “

“Are you really that determined to leave me?” Zong Qifeng laughed rather sarcastically. This was the first time he expressed his dissatisfaction of her.

Wen Xian bit her lips. She admitted her selfishness was the cause of what had happened.

“I am sorry — “

“I don’t want to hear any of that.” Zong Qifeng interrupted her.

Wen Xian gave a wince. She did not know how else to respond.

“Wait till the baby is born; after that I will let go of you. Meanwhile, please stay at the villa to take care of her. I only trust you in this. Since she may risk a miscarriage, the doctor said she needs to rest well,”

“Fine. Don’t worry, I will take care of her.”

Wen Xian did not go back to the villa. She went to the hospital straightaway. After getting the relevant confirmation, she announced the following day that she was pregnant.

Both the Zong family and the Wen family were happy to hear the good news.

And so, Cheng Yuxiu started her days dedicated to nurturing a new life.

Usually, in addition to the maid, Wen Xian also helped take care of Cheng Yuxiu.

“Are you feeling okay?” Wen Xian was concerned that Cheng Yuxiu did not have a good appetite during lunch.

Cheng Yuxiu shook her head. “Nothing, really. But your presence here — “

“Relax. You are pregnant with the child of Zong family. It’s also mine. I take it upon myself to take good care of you.” Wen Xian reassured Cheng Yuxiu. She understood the latter’s feeling for not being able to take care of her child.

She pulled a chair to sit beside Cheng Yuxiu. Holding the latter’s hand, she explained, “Our marriage was intended to promote the best interests of both the Wen family and the Zong family. Nothing more. Do you understand?”

Wen family had never had a hand in business. The city’s prosperity was the result of bustling commercial activities. Zong family was good in business and played a vital role in the city.

The Zongs were well aware that they needed the support of local officials to expand their business. They believed the marriage would be conducive to promoting the best interests of both families.

That was why they had to sacrifice themselves to secure the best interests of their families, even if they did not love each other.

Cheng Yuxiu knew their marriage was not founded on mutual affection; it was created to serve their respective family interests.

“Well, he stands to benefit by becoming a grandson of Wen family.” Wen Xian placed her palm of Cheng Yuxiu’s abdomen which was not bulging yet. It was a pregnancy in the second month. “Right now, I am not able to let him marry you according to law —”

“I know. Your divorce may even cause tensions between both families. Forget about working together; both families may even become enemies. However, the families will become allies if a child is born out of this marriage. This will be good for the child. After all, he is the grandson of Wen family and the Zhong family…” Cheng Yuxiu was too sad to continue what had dawned on her by now.

“I am sorry, I…” Cheng Yuxiu apologized.

Wen Xian wiped her tears, then she hugged her knowing well that she was feeling awful. “Believe me, I will make sure you will become his lawful wife. But the status of the child cannot be changed. I am the one to blame for putting you in this difficult position.”

Cheng Yuxiu was clear. Wen Xian couldn’t be blamed In truth, had it not been for Wen Xian’s help at the last minute, the Cheng family would probably be in ruins and her brother would have to go to jail. She did everything willingly in reciprocating to Wen Xian’s kind assistance.

“It was not your fault. I did it willingly. It is fated. Actually, this child will benefit from being a grandson of the Wen family. It will be better than staying with me…” this was the first time Cheng Yuxiu cried so heart-wrenchingly in her life.

Wen Xian did not know how to console her. Instead, she hugged her and they cried together.

One was crying over the tyranny of fate; the other over the lack of freedom to love.

After some time, they finally calmed down.

“Take a good rest. Qifeng will come over tonight. I’ve got to go now.” But Cheng Yuxiu gripped Wenxian’s hand to plead, “Please don’t go.”

In fact, Cheng Yuxiu was afraid to be alone with Zong Qifeng.

Wenxian patted Cheng Yuxiu’s hand to reassure her. “He is a nice man. If I have not already met my lover, I may even fall in love with him.”

Wenxian covered her with the blanket. “Take a good rest. Relax. Trust me; everything is going to be fine.”

Cheng Yuxiu nodded. She felt very drowsy, probably due to her pregnancy. After Wenxian left, she lied down and fell asleep shortly.

The sound of people talking woke her. She could hear them in a daze…

“This is the fetus.” The doctor pointed at an image on the ultrasound print-out.

Zong Qifeng failed to identify the fetus. He wondered how it could develop into a baby.

“She is in her early pregnancy. It will be possible to clearly see two months later. Given her conditions, she will require extra attention. You must keep her company often. After all, you are the father of the child.”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

“Based on her check-up today, she seems to have recovered alright. She may go back in two days to rest at home. Your sister is a really nice person. I can see she really takes good care of your wife. Nowadays, it is so hard to find such a good little sister-in-law.”

Wen Xian had identified herself as Zong Qifeng’s sister. This was to avoid people gossiping about their relationship.

Zong Qifeng was stunned at first but he laughed halfheartedly. upon hearing that. Then he sent the doctor off and came back in after closing the door.

He pulled a chair near the bed of the pregnant woman. He sat there quietly, looking at her up close for the very first time.

Actually, as Wenxian had described it; she was very beautiful. He had never looked at her properly.

Cheng Yuxiu could sense someone looking at her so she purposely turned her face away.

Two hours had past and Zong Qifeng hadn’t left. Cheng Yuxiu had withheld the urge to answer nature’s calls for more than an hour already. Oh, my God! When is he going to leave?

Zong Qifeng looked at his watch and frowned. Wow, she has slept through the whole afternoon.


Cheng Yuxiu pretended she was just waking up.

“Are you awake?” asked Zong Qifeng.

Cheng Yuxiu continued to pretend and gave him a stare. He sensed that she wanted to sit up so he held her up and put a cushion at her back.

Cheng Yuxiu winced. “Are you free today? I need to discuss something with you.”

Zong Qifeng sat down again. “I have helped you quit your job. You don’t have time to work anymore, especially when you are pregnant.”

Of course, he got someone to do it and ensured that Mr Zhang would not disturb her anymore.

Cheng Yuxiu nodded. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it. We are not strangers anymore. After all, you have conceived our baby. We’ll get married after the child is born.”

Cheng Yuxiu stared at him with surprise. She did not expect him to say such a thing. She was speechless.

Finally, she opened her mouth. “Pardon me. What did you say just now?”

Zong Qifeng felt like smoking a cigarette, but killed the urge out of his consideration for her. “I said, we’ll get married after the child is born. Although we cannot declare in public that he is our child, we as parents are responsible to raise him. What do you think?”

At this point, Cheng Yuxiu’s mobile phone on the desk rang.

Zong Qifeng noticed the screen was displaying the name of Cheng Yuwen.

Cheng Yuxiu almost blurted out. “It’s my brother.”

As if he could read her subconscious mind, Zong Qifeng looked up at Cheng Yuxiu and assured her, “I didn’t misunderstand anything.”

Cheng Yuxiu found herself looking too eager to explain.

Indeed, she knew there was no need to explain for their kind of relationship.

“I — “ Cheng Yuxiu hesitated.

Zong Qifeng passed the mobile phone to her. “Go ahead and answer the call.”

Cheng Yuxiu concluded any explanation would only make matters worse.

She answered the incoming call.

“I am in B City. Where are you?” asked Cheng Yuwen.

Bai Hongfei was impatient. He snatched the mobile phone from Cheng Yuwen. “Where are you, Yuxiu? I want to see you. Please tell me where are you!”

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