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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 216

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 216

“Are you hurt?” Zong Qifeng was shocked. He quickly turned his back to her.

“Please, send me to the hospital.” No matter how embarrassing the situation was, she knew that was the priority.

She didn’t know what it really felt like. It was terrible, to say the least.

Zong Qifeng dashed to the side of her bed. He pulled out the bed sheet and covered her body with it before carrying her.

Her body was light. For the first time, Zong Qifeng felt her body warmth and breath. He became very concerned. “Where does it hurt?” Why is she bleeding? How come there are blood stains on the floor?

Cheng Yuxiu lowered her head not knowing what to say and how to tell him so she kept quiet. How am I supposed to tell him that I am probably pregnant with his child?

She was sure Zong Qifeng’s affection towards his wife was sincere.

Hence, she was unsure if he would hate this child she was carrying.

Will he dislike the child, or be unwilling to accept him?

There were just so many uncertainties which were why she dared not disclose the truth.

She was admitted to the hospital before long.

As expected, she was confirmed pregnant for two months; in the ninth week of pregnancy to be exact.

She was unaware of the pregnancy. There had been no morning sickness to alert her.

Given bleeding as a sign of possible miscarriage, the doctor strongly advised her to rest in bed until the fetus had settled down.

Lying on the operating theater, Cheng Yuxiu felt dazed under the lights. The smell of disinfectant on the tip of her nose was cold and pungent. “I have taken some wine. Would it have any adverse effect on the fetus?”

“No problem if it was just a little bit. But if you are worried, make sure you come for checkup regularly. This fall was quite dangerous; it has caused some bleeding. If you want this baby, you must take a good rest. Otherwise, you run the risk of a miscarriage.”

Cheng Yuxiu nodded. “I got it.”

When the doctor wheeled her out of the operating theater, she closed her eyes pretending to sleep.

Zong Qifeng was on a phone call in the aisle outside the operating theater. When the door opened, he quickly cut short the conversation. Cheng Yuxiu was wheeled out and Zong Qifeng walked over to have a look. Her eyes were closed and appeared to be asleep.

Her face was pale.

Zong Qifeng looked at the doctor. “How is her injury? Is it serious?”

“She is not injured, but there are signs of possible miscarriage. If you want to have this baby, make sure she takes a good rest in bed. Don’t move around.”

Lying on the bed pretending to be asleep, Cheng Yuxiu gripped the bed sheet under the blanket. She was afraid the doctor would reveal what she had deliberately refrained from telling Zong Qifeng.

Zong Qifeng stood still, lost. She is pregnant!

Whose child is it?


Like Cheng Yuxiu, his mind was loaded with confusion.

He wondered how he was going to face this twist of event.

“How long has it been?” He held his hands together.

“9 weeks.”

The doctor added, “She seems to worry too much. This is not good for her pregnancy. She needs a good rest and someone to talk to and keep her company.”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

Then he followed the nurse who wheeled her into the ward.

The doctor gave further advice. “She has started bleeding already. She must not come down from bed to walkabout. Don’t go to work, and no sex please.”

The doctor went straight to the point, thinking they were a lawful couple.

Zong Qifeng coughed in a rather unnatural manner. “I got it.”

Then the doctor left with the nurse.

Cheng Yuxiu felt lucky to have pretended to be asleep. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to face Zong Qifeng.

This was so embarrassing to the point that she blushed.

Her face felt scotching hot.

Zong Qifeng was caught by surprise, not knowing what to do in face of the confirmed pregnancy.

He stood near the window for a rather long time. Cheng Yuxiu thought he had already left.

She knew he was terrified now and his mind must be in turmoil.


Right then, the mobile phone in his pocket buzzed.

The screen displayed the name of Wen Xian. He answered straightaway. “Yes?”

“It’s me. Dad would like you to come over.”

He squinted and replied calmly, “Alright.”

After hanging up, he made a call to the villa, instructing the maid to come over to the hospital to take care of Cheng Yuxiu. The doctor advised Cheng Yuxiu not to come down from the bed and walk around.

Having made all necessary arrangement, he left.

Wen Xian had been staying at her parental home for quite some time already. Wen Jin suspected there could be something wrong between the couple. He asked Wen Xian to ring up Zong Qifeng, asking the latter to come over for a drink.

As expected, as soon as Zhong Qifeng sat down, Wen Jin went straight to the point. “Qifeng, I know both of you have not been married for a long time. The thing is, she has been away from home for more than two months already; yet, you have never dropped by to see her or take her home. To me, this certainly looks strange for a couple. Tell me, is everything okay?”

Wen Xian was shocked. She did not expect her father to express his concern that way. “Dad, actually I am not used to staying there; I prefer it here. Qifeng is very busy. Well, is that why you have asked him to come over?”

Wen Jin slanted a stare at his daughter. “So you don’t need your daddy anymore. Is that so?”

“No, it’s not like what you think…” She failed to explain as much as her heart would desire.

Zong Qifeng held Wen Xian’s hands. “I am sorry; my fault. I am taking Wen Xian home today.”

Wen Jin thought highly of Zong Qifeng. This was why he married her daughter off to him. “I know you are busy with your work. But you two are a couple, after all. It has been more than a year now. Drop by more often. Furthermore, it’s time to have a child. Right?”

“Dad, you are at it again.” Wen Xian feigned impatience with her father.

“Okay, I’ll cut it.” Wen Jin waved his hands in the air.

At this juncture, Wen Qing turned up. He was Wen Xian’s brother and a promising youth holding the position of Captain.

From Wen Xian’s grandfather till now, Wen family could boast of high-ranking officials. Her father was the mayor of B City. Her brother joined the military at a young age and had been promoted to the rank of Captain. He had a great potential for advancement.

He took off his uniform and came in. “Oh, brother, you’re here.”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

Wen Qing pulled a chair to sit down. Glancing at Wen Xian, he asked Zong Qifeng, “You are here to take her home?”

Zong Qifeng cast a look at Wen Xian. “Yes. I have been terribly busy lately. I hope you are mad at me over this.”

Wen Qing poured some wine for Zong Qifeng. “I know you are busy. I am aware my sister is quite capricious. I hope you can bear with her.”

“Hey, I am your sister. Why are you not siding me?” Wen Xian pretended to be angry.

“I prefer to be on the side of reason. You have come back for two months already. What do you think he needs a wife for? To enjoy her beauty only? It is for procreation and…”

Wen Qing stopped abruptly and cast an ambiguous look at Zong Qifeng.

Zong Qifeng felt helpless. After he bottomed up the wine, he held Wen Xian’s hands tightly. There was so much that he wanted to say to her, but he didn’t know how to express himself. “Wen Xian is a very nice lady. I am very happy to have her as my wife. If given the chance, I want to dedicate my life to loving her…”

He seemed too depressed to finish his line. He filled up his glass and gulped down the wine. Perhaps only Wen Xian would be able to gauge the bitterness and hardship that overwhelmed him.

She placed her hand on the back of his hand. Afraid that he might tell it all, she wanted to leave with him soonest possible. “I am sorry for being capricious. I have overstayed and forgotten to go home. I assure you this will not happen again.”

“Cut it, please. Go back and show affection at home.” Wen Qing pretended to dislike what he saw.

The atmosphere during dinner was cordial. The young couple went home after that.

On the way home, Wen Xian sensed Zong Qifeng was in a bad mood. “What’s wrong?”

Zong Qifeng remained silent.

Wen Xian apologized. “I am sorry — “

“She’s pregnant.”

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