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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 214

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 214

As usual, Cheng Yuxiu ensured she left for work after Zong Qifeng had gone out. This was to avoid any embarrassment.

After all, their relationship was rather strange.

Though they were strangers to each other, they treated each other with due courtesy and respect. Indeed, they did not know much about each other even after meeting face-to-face on a few occasions.

Even though they lived under the same roof, they had not taken breakfast together.

This was because Zong Qifeng wouldn’t eat breakfast at home, and he came back at night after she had retired to bed.

Here was a man who went out early and came back late; and the woman avoided him purposely.

When she arrived at the office that day, she attended to the routine as usual. She was ever willing to learn so she had obtained a good grasp of the company’s products. She stood by the photocopy machine, to print 20 sets of documents for use in that morning’s meeting. Once she finished, she took the duly bound documents into the meeting room, placing one set in front of each attendee’s seat.

At this point, someone entered the meeting room. It was Mr. Zhang. He was impressive with the neat arrangement in the meeting room. When Cheng Yuxiu placed the last set of documents, Mr. Zhang stared at her unfamiliar face. “Are you new here?”

Before Cheng Yuxiu could answer, her immediate superior interrupted. “Yes; she has joined us for two months.”

Mr. Zhang was wearing a black suit. He was a rather obese man in his forties. Though his face looked a bit fierce, overall he gave people the impression of an upright person.

He nodded. “Look at her. This is the correct manner to conduct oneself at work. No matter what is your job title or the nature of your job, you must do it perfectly. This is the right attitude all of you must have.”

Some staff showed up in the meeting room and took the chance to butter up Mr. Zhang.

Though Cheng Yuxiu was new to the workplace, she knew how to get along with people. Those were the cream of the company; as a clerk, she knew better not to say much in front of them. She wanted to leave the meeting room quietly by the back door.

“Wait.” Mr. Zhang detected her intention and stopped her. He raised his head to look at Cheng Yuxiu. “Where did you graduate? Where did you work previously?”

“I am a graduate of Huaqing University. This is my first job.” Cheng Yuxiu replied honestly.

Mr. Zhang was rather stunned. “An elite school graduate?”

He wondered why a person with that kind of education would go for a clerical job for a start. “Why did you take up this job?” He just couldn’t believe it.

“I really don’t mind taking up a clerical job as l lack the relevant working experience. Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with this job. One thing for sure, I get to learn about the company’s core business activities even when I am printing documents.”

“Tell me then, what have you learned so far?” Mr. Zhang was curious.

Cheng Yuxiu did further research online on the company’s products including heavy machinery such as pressing punch, compressor, and ultrasonic equipment.

These products were meant for distribution among hardware outlets in the busiest cities. However, the market competition is very huge.

Like it or not, products that failed to keep pace with current technological innovation would be phased out. The company’s decision-maker would normally focus on those that proved to be profitable.

“The company was established 30 years ago. It has its glories during this period of growth. Talk of heavy machinery, people think of Universal Machinery. But now there are far too many suppliers of such machinery. The focus should be on product innovation, not aggressive marketing.”

“What do you know?” Cheng Yuxiu’s immediate superior frowned at her elaboration.

However, Mr. Zhang was impressed. He nodded approvingly. “Take a seat. I want you to take part in this meeting.”

“She is just a clerk. Today’s meeting is to discuss the company’s future directions. With regard to her position, is it proper to let her attend?”

“Any employee of the company has a right to attend. What’s more, I agree with what she said just now. The company’s sales performance has been declining year after year. We have been facing stiff competition which affect our annual turnover. But have you really looked into the root cause of our poor performance?” Mr. Zhang looked in the direction of Cheng Yuxiu and continued, “I must say I agree with her; the company must be innovative to become a market leader and regain its glories…”

“But innovation will need big spending and dedication… “

“Based on my research, I believe the company can make this long-term investment by tapping its reserves accumulated over the last few years. Otherwise, we will be wiped out.” Cheng Yuxiu reiterated her thinking on the point, without rebutting anyone in particular who held a different view.

“The business environment keeps changing. Innovation is the only way to stay ahead and win bigger market share.”

“You’re just a clerk. What do you know?”

“Well said,” complimented Mr. Zhang. He cast a serious look at the dissenting staff and continued, “Since all of you think that she has no right to attend this meeting as a clerk, then I shall make an announcement. From now on, she will be the vice president of Wanxiang Group, in charge of business development.”

In fact, Cheng Yuxiu had only presented what was on the mind of Mr. Zhang. The latter was surprised to find such a dedicated clerk who did her homework so thoroughly.

He admired her dedication.

It is no doubt, an elite school graduate like her would be brimming with new ideas.

The company has a bunch of old-fashioned senior employees who are resistant to change. Without innovation to drive the change, the company would eventually drop out of the market.

He wanted to make changes. He needed someone far-sighted to help him revamp. Thank God! This girl has indeed come at the right time.

Everyone in the meeting room froze. They thought the announcement was just their imagination.

“Mr. Zhang…”

“That’s all. My decision is final.”

“I am afraid I am not competent for that post.” Cheng Yuxiu didn’t want to sound too assertive. “I was only sharing my thoughts on the matter — “

“It is hard to come by good ideas like what you have shared just now.” Mr Zhang interrupted. “I have confidence in you. Why are you rejecting this appointment? Don’t tell me you prefer to be a clerk!”

Cheng Yuxiu thought of the situation of her family She needed to be strong and do something worthy that could help revive Cheng family’s glory.

After the death of her father, she had to rely on her own resources.

During her time as a clerk in the company, she had learned a lot.

Though her family’s business was in textile manufacturing industry she was eager to learn the relevant management and marketing concepts as applied in the company.

“Thank you for your trust in me. I will give my best at it.” Cheng Yuxiu finally accepted.

“I guess you would have read the documents for this meeting. I’ll let you chair the meeting.” Mr. Zhang sat down.

Senior employees of the company glared at Cheng Yuxiu.

“What does a little girl like her know?”

“You are getting more and more unreliable now.” Some considered Mr. Zhang’s decision too hasty. “How could you promote a clerk to be the vice president just like that? Are you crazy or what?”

“I am the legal representative of the company and the major shareholder. I am the President of the company as well. If you are not happy with this, wait till you get the chance to hold this position before you start lecturing me.”

At once, all kinds of dissenting voice died down in deference to Mr. Zhang’s high office in the company. Everyone in the company knew better to accept the rather surprising appointment made at the meeting.

At first, Cheng Yuxiu looked rather timid. However, based on her detailed research on the company’s target markets, her presentation finally convinced them of her capability.

At the end of the meeting, Mr, Zhang invited Cheng Yuxiu for dinner.

Conscious that she was not completely free to do whatever she liked, Cheng Yuxiu turned down Mr. Zhang’s invitation. “I am sorry. I’ve got something on.”

“There is nothing to worry about. It’s just a dinner. It won’t take too much of your time. Let me put it this way; I am very pleased with your performance today.”

Cheng Yuxiu felt unable to oblige. “I am terribly sorry. I’ve got something on, really.”

“If so, let me know what it is. I’ll help you with that.” Mr Zhang was very insistent.

Finally, Cheng Yuxiu knew she had to give in to not offend Mr. Zhang.

In order to avoid coming into physical contact with Mr. Zhang, Cheng Yuxiu took the back seat of the car.

Mr. Zhang tried to ease her tension. “You’re not thinking of me as a bad guy, are you?”

Cheng Yuxiu shook her head. “No — “

“It’s okay if you think so. I know my look is a bit ugly, but I have a kind heart — “

Cheng Yuxiu smiled at him. The car stopped in front of a high-end western restaurant. Mr. Zhang wanted to open the car door for Cheng Yuxiu.

“That won’t be necessary, thanks anyway.” Cheng Yuxiu felt uncomfortable with this gesture.

Mr. Zhang noticed and gave in to Cheng Yuxiu’s insistence on being reserved. So, he walked in front and the latter followed him as they entered the restaurant.

“You have helped in a big way.” They sat at a table near the window. Mr. Zhang passed the menu to Cheng Yuxiu. “Order whatever you like to eat and drink. It’s all on me. I want to thank you for your help.”

Cheng Yuxiu wanted to refuse. She finally took the menu in deference to his sincerity.

At this juncture, a few persons entered the restaurant. The leader of them was Zong Qifeng, the most high-profile personality in B City. Recently, he took charge of the Company and allied with the Wen family by marriage.

“President Zong.” Mr. Zhang stood up to greet Zong Qifeng politely.

Zong Qifeng looked in the direction of Mr. Zhang.

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