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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 211

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 211

She got dressed and went downstairs where she hesitated on the way down when she saw Wen Xian standing alone in the sitting room. She was not sure how she was going to greet her. After all, she slept with her husband last night.

She did not know how was their relationship like. But she could sense that the man cared about his wife.

Wen Xian stopped looking around when she saw a lady standing at the top of the stairs on the first floor. She froze for a moment, wondering whether Cheng Yuxiu had overheard her conversation with Zong Qifeng just now.

“How long have you been standing up there?” Wen Xian frowned.

Cheng Yuxiu walked down the stairs. “I’ve just come down.”

Wen Xian nodded. “Come and have breakfast with me.”

Cheng Yuxiu felt uncomfortable with her around. “When should I leave?”

Wen Xian stared at her before answering calmly. “You may stay here from now on.”

“I beg your pardon?” Cheng Yuxiu tensed up. What am I supposed to do with this couple around all day? Am I a concubine in ancient times?

She felt her heart throbbing. She found it difficult to accept such an embarrassing relationship.

Wen Xian was quick to see through her dilemma. “I’ll be away to visit my parents for quite a while. Please stay back. You can help me take care of him.”

Cheng Yuxiu looked at Wen Xian before blurting out. “I have noticed that your husband actually loves you very much. If you only need to have a child as I have promised earlier. I can…”

“Just do whatever you have to do,” Wen Xian interrupted her quickly. “Sit down and let’s have breakfast.”

Wen Xian felt better now. As soon as Cheng Yuxiu sat down, she explained, “Our marriage was arranged by both families; there is no affection between us.”

Cheng Yuxiu stared at Wen Xian in consternation. She didn’t expect Wen Xian to share such an information.

Actually, Wen Xian had intended for her confession to be the reason for Cheng Yuxiu to stay back.


“This is nice. Try it.” Wen Xian cut short Cheng Yuxiu as she placed in front of the latter a bowl of porridge prepared by the maid. She didn’t want to hear what Cheng Yuxiu was about to say.

No doubt, Zong Qifeng treated her well. But she couldn’t reciprocate; she loved someone else.

That was why she tried very hard to look for a good woman who would love and take care of him.

With that, Cheng Yuxiu agreed to stay back. Wen Xian had prepared all the essentials for her.

Throughout her first week-long stay, Zong Qifeng never showed up.

Cheng Yuxiu felt relaxed during the absence of the couple.

Usually, she would stroll in the yard after dinner. This activity was good for digestion and helped her passed time in the villa. It was the only thing she could do and this was the time she was most relaxed too.

That night after shower, she picked up a book to read till 11.00 o’clock when she would usually sleep.

As she put down the book, she heard some noise downstairs. At this hour, she knew even the maid would have retired to bed. Who can that be?

At once, she got out of bed. As she looked downstairs, she saw the maid help steadying Zong Qifeng’s wobbly steps. Obviously drunk, he hanged his suit by the shoulder. Looking around the sitting room, he asked gruffly, “Where is she?”

“Madam has gone to visit her parents. She says it will be for quite a while.”

At first, Zong Qifeng froze briefly. Then he laughed.

Though Cheng Yuxiu was some distance away, she could feel the bitterness in his laughter.

She walked down the stairs and helped the maid put him on the sofa. “Go and get a blanket.”

“Yes,” answered the maid.

Cheng Yuxiu mixed a glass of water with honey in the kitchen. “Drink this,” whispered Cheng Yuxiu as she helped him sit up. “It will make you feel better.”

He opened his eyes slowly. There was someone in front of him – a total stranger with nice-looking face and bright eyes. Zong Qifeng seemed to have forgotten all about that particular night either in his drunken state or his memory had failed him, “Who are you?”

Instantly, Cheng Yuxiu’s face turned pale. Even her hands trembled as she didn’t know how to answer.

At this point, the maid came with a blanket. Cheng Yuxiu passed the glass of honey water to her. “Serve him this.”

Before the maid could get a grip, Zong Qifeng suddenly shoved at the glass. Bang! The glass fell to pieces and cracked the silence of the night.

“Let me ask you again, who are you?” Zong Qifeng stared at Cheng Yuxiu as he stood up clumsily.

“You’re drunk.” Cheng Yuxiu lowered her head, afraid to have any eye contact with him. She instructed the maid before leaving. “You take over now.”

However, Zong Qifeng suddenly pulled her by the wrist. She thumped on the sofa and started seeing stars. By the time she recovered, he had already climbed on top of her.

His eyes were blurred. His breath smelled terribly nauseating. Cheng Yuxiu was sure he drank too much.

Slowly, her tension eased. “I’m your new maid. You are drunk, …” Thump! The man collapsed right upon her.

He was big and tall. Cheng Yuxiu struggled in terror and finally broke loose of his heavy weight.

The maid handed Cheng Yuxiu the blanket which she used to cover him.

He proved too heavy for Cheng Yuxiu and the maid to move him upstairs. He had to sleep on the sofa.

Cheng Yuxiu placed the blanket on Zong Qifeng. She told the maid to call it a day, while she stayed to clean up the floor.

The maid nodded. She had no clue who this lady was, but Madam had wanted this lady to be treated like the mistress of the house. That’s why she listened to her.

When Cheng Yuxiu finished cleaning up, it was well after midnight. “Water, water.” She heard the man the sofa murmuring.

Cheng Yuxiu prepared another glass of honey water and passed it to him. “Here, water.”

Zong Qifeng did not respond; he kept asking for water. So, Cheng Yuxiu helped him sit up and let him sip from the glass.

Once his lips got wet, he wanted to drink more.

Having finished the honey water, his mouth and throat felt much better. At this point, Cheng Yuxiu held his head, intending to put him down. But Zong Qifeng gripped her hands firmly. He buried his face in her chest.

Cheng Yuxiu stiffened. She stared at the man hugging her with his eyes closed. He may be very rich, but he is like a deserted child; lonely and helpless, desperate to hold on to anyone to keep him company.

This reminded Cheng Yuxiu of her own experience. While this man was abandoned by his wife, she was jilted by her boyfriend.

While pitying him, Cheng Yuxiu found herself overwhelmed with self-pity.

Zong Qifeng felt asleep before long, she could finally relax now so She bent down and put the glass on the table.

She sat still not wanting to wake him up. She fell asleep eventually. However, when she woke up, she got a shock.

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