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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 209

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 209

That woman was Wen Xian.

She was upfront with her request. “I can give you the money you need, but I need something from you as well.”

Cheng Yuxiu was shocked, yet she couldn’t help but think that Wen Xian must be crazy. They’ve never met or had any kind of connections, yet money was the first thing this woman promised. Cheng Yuxiu figured that Wen Xian was just another person coming to poke fun at her current situation, so she tried to chase her away immediately. “I don’t know you. Please leave.”

Wen Xian didn’t get mad, but instead requested for the person who accompanied her there to give Cheng Yuxiu her name card. “If you ever need me, come and see me.”

After that, she left without a word.

Shortly after she left, a group of people stormed her house and took Cheng Yuwen away, threatening to send him to jail if Cheng Yuxiu didn’t pay them in three days.

When her father was around, Cheng Yuxiu never had to worry about money, and neither did she have many friends besides Bai Hongfei.

However, he had disappeared without a trace when she needed him the most.

Her world collapsed on her overnight.

Left with no other choice, she called Wen Xian’s number on the third night.

The first thing she said when the call went through was, “I can help you, but I need the money first.”

Wen Xian immediately put a huge sum into her bank account, which saved Cheng Yuwen from being thrown in jail and pacified the clients.

After that, Wen Xian came to visit them again.

“What do you want from me?” Cheng Yuxiu asked.

Wen Xian didn’t answer, instead she gave her a picture of Zong Qifeng. “Do you think he’s handsome?”

When Cheng Yuxiu saw the man in the photo, she was immediately drawn to his good look. He had deep-set eyes, a well-chiseled face, a suit-clad body…he was coming out of his car in the picture, which looked like it was taken in secret.

Wen Xian smiled. “This is my husband, and I got someone to take this in secret.”

Cheng Yuxiu struggled to understand her motives. “Why are you showing me your husband’s photo?”

Wen Xian looked at her for a long while before saying, “I want you to become his mistress.”

Cheng Yuxiu felt like she just got struck by lightning, and she stayed rooted to the ground, unable to come back to her senses.

Did she hear that right? Be her husband’s mistress?

That must be the biggest joke she had ever heard in her life.

However, Wen Xian was very calm about it. “That’s right, I want you to become his mistress. In fact, I want you to bear his children.”

“Are you infertile?” Lin Xinyan asked, frowning. Which woman would willingly find a mistress for her husband?

Wasn’t that crazy?

Lin Xinyan struggled to understand as well.

“That was what I thought. She just wanted to find a mistress for her husband because of that. However, when Jinghao was seven, she got pregnant. By the time he turned eight, she had already given birth.”

Doesn’t that mean that Zong Jinghao had a sibling?

“So what happened to the kid?” Lin Xinyan asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never met the child. I never met her again prior to her death, and neither do I know where the child went,” Cheng Yuxiu confessed.

Right after Wen Xian passed away, Zong Qifeng took in Cheng Yuxiu as his legitimate wife.

Cheng Yuxiu had no choice but to follow Wen Xian’s plan since she took the money from her.

The biggest reason for that was due to Bai Hongfei’s disappearance.

After the downfall of the Cheng‘s’, the man who said that he loved her and wanted to live his life with her disappeared the moment she ran into trouble.

She was hopeless, and hence agreed to leave with Wen Xian.

After they got to B City, Wen Xian gave her a house and her own maids.

Wen Xian came to check on her frequently too, making sure that she was living comfortably.

She was a genuinely nice person.

The only thing Cheng Yuxiu couldn’t figure out was why Wen Xian had chosen to help her.

“What made you so interested in me? That was a huge sum of money, and your husband is a successful man and…”

“You’re worth it,” Wen Xian said, cutting her off. “I’ve considered many women, yet none of them were as pretty or resilient as you.”

She had met several women that day and was on her way back home in disappointment when she saw Cheng Yuxiu coming out of the Bai family residence. The sunlight had been scorching that day, and her face was completely red and sweaty.

“That’s Ms. Cheng from the Cheng family, the one that makes tea silk,” her driver said upon noticing her lingering gaze on Cheng Yuxiu.

“The one that had problems with the fabric they made and got themselves into huge debt?” Wen Xian asked.

The driver nodded. “That’s right. She seems to have a marriage pact with the Young Master of the Bai family, but it seems that it has gone down the drain now.”

Even the driver could tell that Cheng Yuxiu didn’t manage to get the pity of the Bai family, let alone the intelligent Wen Xian. She could tell at first glance that Cheng Yuxiu got turned away when she came looking for the Bai‘s’.

She could see the utter despair in Cheng Yuxiu’s eyes.

Despite that, she still stood tall.

That’s one tenacious woman.

As such, she picked Yuxiu’s most vulnerable moment to approach her to offer her financial aid.

Because of that, she caught Cheng Yuxiu by surprise.

She couldn’t understand why this woman chose her, and she had the same questions Lin Xinyan had. “Why are you looking for someone to bear your husband’s children? Are you unable to have kids yourself?”

Wen Xian didn’t answer her questions. “I’ll get someone to pick you up tonight,” she simply said.

She left after that.

That only made Cheng Yuxiu fret even more as she was trying to understand what Wen Xian meant by that.

She collapsed onto the floor, feeling as though she could disintegrate into pieces at that very moment.

She was like a soulless, lonely puppet that was abandoned by the world.

Her maid helped her up. “Ma’am said that you need to bathe and change.”

She went through the whole process without registering what was going on, and she arrived at the doorstep of the Zong family while still in a state of stupor. She finally came back to her senses when Wen Xian appeared before her.

Wen Xian stood before the sofa in the living room. “Second floor, first room in the right. Don’t turn on the light after you lie down.”

Cheng Yuxiu felt humiliated, and her hands trembled inside her sleeves. She couldn’t even feel the pain of her fingernails digging into her palms.

Wen Xian could see her reluctance.

“You promised me. I hope you will honor your promise and not let me down. Don’t make me regret this,” Wen Xian said, before leaving the room.

Cheng Yuxiu was left alone in the house.

It was hot, yet she felt chilly all over.

It was as though someone had picked a hole in her heart, making every breath prickle with pain.

Her legs felt like they were made of lead, and every step she took required much effort.

After arriving on the second floor, she opened the door to darkness. Without turning on the light, she strained her eyes and followed the streaks of moonlight to the big, comfortable bed. There was a sweet aroma lingering the in air.

The room looked like something a lover had prepared for a night to remember.

However, she couldn’t help but feel insulted at the sight of that. Her lover disappeared when she needed his comfort the most.

On the other hand, she had ended up in this unfamiliar room, waiting for a man whose wife found him a mistress.

How much more insulting could this be?

This is unbelievable.

Wen Xian stood outside the mansion and watched as Cheng Yuxiu ascended the stairs and disappeared into the room. She took out her phone and called Zong Qifeng.

“When are you coming back?”

Zong Qifeng wasn’t expecting a call from his wife the moment he got out of a meeting. Standing in the corridor and looking at the sky outside, he asked, “What’s going on?”

Wen Xian hummed lightly and said, “I’m waiting for you in the room. You know that I get embarrassed easily, so don’t turn on the lights when you come in.”

It was obviously an invitation.

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