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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 20

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 20

Lin Xinyan stopped and turned. She saw Zong Jinghao let go of Bai Zhuwei and walked towards her with steady steps.

The cold smile on his lips was like a sword swinging towards her. “Apologize to Zhuwei!”

Lin Xinyan did not move. She looked back stubbornly at his angry face.

“I won’t apologize to her.” Even if she was afraid of him.

She was not in the wrong; it was Bai Zhuwei who was about to push her.

She was just protecting herself. It was an instinct.

Why did he think she would apologize?

Zong Jinghao’s gaze stayed on her stubborn face and frowned. He had never really paid attention to her looks. Even when he lost control and kissed her, he had never properly looked at her.

She was on the skinny side. Her face was small, only the size of a hand. She had delicate features that radiated naivety. At this very moment, those starry eyes were looking at him, stubborn and determined.

Two pairs of eyes stared at each other, and no one wanted to take a step back.

“You pushed her, so you have to apologize!” His tone was still cold, but it was now missing its sharpness.

It seemed like he was shocked by her expression.

“Hao, I’m really fine. It was an accident, it’s not Ms. Lin’s fault.” Bai Zhuwei quickly walked over to interrupt the confrontation between the two.

She held onto Zong Jinghao’s arm and said, “Hao.”

She shook her head at Zong Jinghao. Her eyes were watery; she looked like she was quietly suffering from being wronged. “Hao, I wasn’t standing right earlier. It might be because my heels were too high. It really wasn’t Ms. Lin’s fault.” She tried her best to defend for Lin Xinyan.

Zong Jinghao looked down at her heels. It was high, but he had saw Lin Xinyan push her.

What was going on?

“Hao, I think I might have twisted my ankles. It’s painful.” Bai Zhuwei’s pretty face crumpled in pain.

Unlike her usual composed self, it looked cute.

Zong Jinghao reached out to tuck her messy strands behind her ears. This woman had been following him wordlessly without complaints, and she had sacrificed herself when he was poisoned.

Even when he wanted her, she did not ask for any official status to stand by him. She just continued to quietly stay by him.

And it was that moment that Zong Jinghao wanted to give her an official status.

He did not love her. He had never loved any women. He did not believe in love.

It was merely a month after his mother’s death before his father had married someone else.

How could there be love in this world?

Absurd and ridiculous!

“Are you silly?”

Bai Zhuwei leaned into his arms and said, “As long as I can follow you, I’ll do anything you asked. I don’t think I’m silly, I think I’m fortunate.”

Lin Xinyan did not have the heart to continue watching them. She turned and walked towards the door.

A faint smile appeared on Bai Zhuwei’s face as she looked at Lin Xinyan walking away.

She should not have the time to be staying in the villa and spending time with Zong Jinghao now.

She thought she had hidden her expressions well, but Zong Jinghao had seen it.

Yet he said nothing nor asked anything. He just turned and walked into the room.

“Hao—” Bai Zhuwei hurried behind him.

Zong Jinghao looked back at her with a flat look, his thoughtful gaze landing on her high heels. “Don’t wear heels that are too high, in case you actually fall the next time.”

He then continued walking towards the study. Before he entered, he paused and said, “I’m busy today. You should go back.”

Before Bai Zhuwei could respond, the door to the study was closed.

She stood there, staring at her high heels. What did he mean? Was he concerned with her?

Yet it seemed like it meant something else.

Bai Zhuwei walked forward and was about to knock on the door before Aunt Yu stopped her. “Didn’t Young Master told you to go home?”

Bai Zhuwei always knew that Aunt Yu did not like her.

She had tried many times to get onto her good side, but the results had been unfavorable.

Aunt Yu was not a simple maid. She was the one who had taken care of Zong Jinghao since young.

Her words meant something to Zong Jinghao.

“Aunt Yu, I just want to accompany him. He doesn’t seem to be very happy—”

“Young Mistress can accompany him. It’s best if Ms. Bai was to come less frequently next time, just in case someone was to say that you’re his mistress. That’ll ruin your reputation.” Even before the marriage between Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan, Aunt Yu had never liked Bai Zhuwei. Ever since Zong Jinghao married Lin Xinyan…

Bai Zhuwei’s frequent visits and intimacy with Zong Jinghao made her look like she was his mistress.

And no one liked mistresses.

Especially for the people from the older generations, like Aunt Yu.

“The one that Hao likes is me. He did not marry someone from the Lins willingly. You raised him; do you not want him to be happy?” It took everything from Bai Zhuwei to not have shouted this out.

She was just a maid. How despicable of her to act like she had authority here!

“I believe that Madam had her own reasons when she arranged this marriage. Young Master is already married. Does Ms. Bai want to become the destructive third wheel in someone else’s marriage?”

Despite saying harsh words, Aunt Yu still remained polite. She bowed slightly at Bai Zhuwei, posed herself into a stance of invitation. “Ms. Bai, please.”

Bai Zhuwei’s hands on her sides clenched tightly and trembled in anger, but she could not say anything.

She could only leave.

The moment Bai Zhuwei stepped out of the house; Aunt Yu instantly closed the door.

She stiffened and turned around to look at the tightly shut door. There were many expressions on her face, ugly and ferocious ones.

Zong Jinghao stood in front of the window and looked at her expressions that he had never seen her make in front of him.

He narrowed his eyes.

“Young Master, will Ms. Lin come back for lunch?” She had not come back last night, and she was only here for a brief while today. Aunt Yu was not happy with it.

She was already married into the Zongs and was Zong Jinghao’s wife. She should act like one.

Furthermore, they were just married and she had been staying out all night. It did not sound great.

Zong Jinghao thought about her admittance into the hospital, and said, “She’s not feeling well, as for lunch…”


Zong Jinghao had no idea whether she would be back in the afternoon.

He had only realized now that he did not even have her contact details.

Aunt Yu sighed. What was with the young people nowadays?

Married couples did not act like married couples.

They were married, and yet they did not sleep together nor know where the other party was. Were they really husband and wife?

“I really don’t understand why Madam had insisted on this marriage.” Aunt Yu sighed.

After Madam passed away, Zong Jinghao had moved out and rarely went home.

She thought that Madam had her own reasons for the engagement. Now, they were married.


Zong Jinghao’s face turned gloomy. “I’ll look for her.”

Aunt Yu was speechless.

Aunt Yu felt even more melancholic. They were not acting like husband and wife; they were acting like strangers!

Zong Jinghao put on the jacket that was on the sofa and left the house with the car keys in his hand.

On the way to the hospital, Zong Jinghao thought of something, and called Guan Jing.

“Organize the contract for the land at Repulse Bay and send it to me.”

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