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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 199

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 199

Su Zhan and Qin Ya were sitting by the window, with a few empty glasses on the table. It seemed that they had been sitting there for a long time.

After seeing them coming in, Su Zhan rushed over without a care for his image. “You are finally back. We have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Shen Peichuan pushed him away disgustedly. “Did you get lost? What took you so long?”

He said that he was leaving long ago, so it stood to reason that he should have arrived early.

When he was speaking, he glanced at Qin Ya who was walking towards Lin Xinyan. Why did he bring her along?

What did this brat do to her?

Su Zhan was frustrated and didn’t notice Shen Peichuan’s ambiguous gaze. When he came, he was caught by his grandmother, who demanded him to tell her when he would get married, or she wouldn’t let him go out.

He only managed to come out after he lied about getting married at the end of this year.

That was why he was late.

The main problem was that he didn’t even have a serious girlfriend.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my grandma again.” Seeing Su Zhan’s distressed look, Shen Peichuan knew why.

Although the Su family was not a wealthy family, it was considered to be a family of scholars, but Su Zhan’s parents died early, and he was left with his only grandmother. Su Zhan was now a man in his thirties, so it was normal for his grandmother to be worried about his marriage.

“She urged you to get married again?” Shen Peichuan bumped his shoulder with his.


“Isn’t there already a girl for you?” Shen Peichuan raised his chin at him. Not far away from them, Qin Ya was holding Lin Xinyan and didn’t let go. “I finally see you. During your disappearance, I was terrified and afraid that you would be in danger. Our trip back to China this time is so thrilling and exciting.”

“Okay, don’t worry. Look, I’m fine now.” Lin Xinyan patted her on the shoulder.

Su Zhan looked at Qin Ya and pouted. “This girl is good, but she’s a difficult one.”

“Can’t you even get a woman with your means?” Shen Peichuan jokes.

Su Zhan glared at him. “Am I such a low-class person?”

“Haha.” Shen Peichuan laughed, thinking that now he was a good man again. He is the one who used to have different women every day.

But Shen Peichuan knew that he was not serious and was just fooling around.

“By the way.” Shen Peichuan put his arm around his neck, and whispered to him on the side, “I noticed that Jinghao and…”

“Daddy, what are they talking about?” Lin Ruixi lay on Zong Jinghao’s shoulder and looked at the two men who were standing not far away and whispering by the window.

“Don’t bother about them.” Zong Jinghao took her upstairs.

Lin Xinyan went to help Qin Ya drag the suitcase. “You must be tired from the journey. Let’s go up and rest.”

“Okay.” Qin Ya refused to let Lin Xinyan help her. “I can take it myself.” She reached out to touch the top of Lin Xichen’s head. “Xichen.”

“Aunt Qin, why did you come with him?” Lin Xichen looked at Su Zhan and then Qin Ya.

Initially, Lin Xinyan also wanted to ask why they came together.

“He went to the store to tell me that you’ve been found. I was anxious to see you, so I followed him here. We couldn’t get any order when you’re gone, so there are no customers.” Qin Ya was a little disappointed and felt that she still wasn’t good enough. Although the two clients she received were satisfied with her design, they said that her design was rather less impressive, and didn’t place any orders afterwards.

Ellen was now looking after the store, while she came here.

Lin Xinyan patted her on the shoulder to comfort her. “It’s okay. It will get better.”

After she successfully invited the master who knew about tea silk, she was sure that their business would be good.

Qin Ya told Lin Xinyan about what happened in the store during her disappearance, while they went upstairs.

Shen Peichuan arranged a sumptuous dinner to welcome Su Zhan and Qin Ya.

Lin Ruixi was sleepy and insisted on being carried by Zong Jinghao. “Daddy, I want to sleep in your arms.”

The little one was very coquettish, as she put her arms around his neck refusing to let go, and called him sweetly, “Daddy.”

Kissing his daughter’s face, Zong Jinghao was unwilling to say no to her, as his heart had melted.

Zong Jinghao said in Lin Xinyan’s ear, “I will take her up first.”

Lin Xinyan nodded her head.

After Zong Jinghao left, Lin Xinyan placed some food on her son’s plate. After taking a bite, Lin Xichen put down his chopsticks and slid off the chair. “I’m done too.”

Being sensible like a small adult as he was, he wanted to go back to the room by himself, but Lin Xinyan was worried. “I will go up with you.”

“No, it’s not like no one is following me.” He pointed at the two bodyguards behind him.

Without knowing He Ruize’s whereabouts, Zong Jinghao was worried that he would hurt the kids and Lin Xinyan again, so he asked the bodyguards to follow them all the time.

“Come on, Ma’am. We came all the way from B City to find you. Do you really want to leave us alone?” Su Zhan looked at Lin Xinyan aggrievedly. “Since I spared no pains to bring Miss Qin to you, I shall toast you, okay?”

He wanted to say that you should toast me, but she was Zong Jinghao’s wife, he dared not ask her to toast him.

So he changed his words and proposed to toast her himself.

Looking at Su Zhan and then at Shen Peichuan and Qin Ya, Lin Xinyan took the glass of wine that Su Zhan handed over, and said with a smile, “I toast all of you. Thank you for taking care of the people around me during my absence. “

She downed the glass of strong white wine, and her throat burned as soon as she gulped it down. Frowning, she put down the glass, took a sip of the plain water to relieve the discomfort.

Su Zhan blinked. “What a good drinker, Ma’am, I’ll down mine too.”

After drinking the wine, Lin Xinyan thought of her two children and said, “You guys, enjoy. I will go upstairs first.”

Su Zhan stopped her. “Ma’am, apart from bullying us, Zong Jinghao, that inhumane guy, doesn’t treat us like a human being at all. I feel bitter, but I dare not say it out.”

Su Zhan complained ‘tearfully’ about Zong Jinghao.

Lin Xinyan was rendered speechless.

What does it have to do with me?

“Is he really so inhumane?” Lin Xinyan asked Su Zhan, who was pestering her like a ‘puppy’.

Su Zhan pouted, nodded his head vigorously, and even pointed at Shen Peichuan to ask him to second his complaint. “If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

Knowing that he had deliberately pestered Lin Xinyan to drink with him, Shen Peichuan pretended not to hear him, as he turned his head to Qin Ya, and asked, concerned, “You must be tired from the journey, right?”

Qin Ya shook her head. “No.”

“Did the brat bully you?” Shen Peichuan hinted at something.

Lowering her head, Qin Ya pursed her lips, and shook her head. “Mr. Su looks after me very well.”

“See? Am I the kind of man who will only bully women? Shen Peichuan, you’ve really underestimated me!” Su Zhan stood up abruptly, and pointed at Shen Peichuan, “You guys just left like that, and left the mess to me.”

Su Zhan was not drunk at all, but deliberately pretended to be drunk, as he stopped Lin Xinyan from leaving, and complained to her that he had done a lot of work. In fact, he deliberately said that to let her know how anxious Zong Jinghao was during her disappearance. “You know what? After you went missing, I accompanied Jinghao to look for you everywhere. Later, when he learned that you were here, he came here with Shen Peichuan, and left me in B City to take care of He Ruilin’s mess, but don’t you worry. I’ve dealt with it, and she won’t be able to make trouble again…” Su Zhan moved closer to Lin Xinyan. “She committed homicide, so she wouldn’t live long.”

Lin Xinyan looked at Su Zhan with mixed feelings, and her heart was overwhelmed with emotions. At first, He Ruilin used the safety of her two kids to threaten her to come out. For the safety of her children, Lin Xinyan fell into the trap set by He Ruilin and was controlled by He Ruize.

She was already surprised that Zong Jinghao could come here to find her.

She didn’t expect that he would also take action against He Ruilin.

Su Zhan poured a glass of wine for Lin Xinyan, and for himself as well. “I’ve helped you so much. Don’t you think you have to have a drink with me?”

Lin Xinyan knew that he might have said this to her on purpose and picked up the glass of wine. “You guys are really good buddies.”

Su Zhan was taken aback, deliberately pretending not to understand her words.

Watching them from the sidelines, Qin Ya was anxious, as it was obvious that Su Zhan deliberately made Lin Xinyan drink.

She wanted to persuade him, but was stopped by Shen Peichuan, who purposely held her up. “Miss Qin, it must be tiresome for you to bring Su Zhan all the way here. Thank you for bringing him, my good-for-nothing buddy, here safely.”

As he said, he made Qin Ya take a glass of wine.

Qin Ya was speechless. Isn’t this reason a little too far-fetched?


“Thank you, Miss Qin.” Shen Peichuan said his thanks first, leaving Qin Ya no room to refuse.

So she was forced to drink the wine.

The intentions of Shen Peichuan and Su Zhan were too obvious, so Lin Xinyan knew what they were trying to do. She didn’t mind getting drunk. “It’s what you think it is. Zong Jinghao and I are actually not that close like you see on the surface…”

Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan looked at each other. Does this woman actually see through our intentions?

The pair silently retracted their gazes, pretending to not get what she said. “Ma’am, what are you saying? The fate between you and Jinghao is predestined, so both of you are a match made in heaven.”

Lin Xinyan smiled. “There’s indeed fate between us. As for other things, I’m not too sure.”

It was indeed fate that they were engaged in an arranged marriage since childhood.

Su Zhan asked cautiously, “Are you still angry about him divorcing you?” Suddenly Su Zhan changed his tone, and said righteously, “If it’s me, I’ll be angry too. I will never forgive him for divorcing me because of another woman.”

Soon, Su Zhan’s tone softened again. “But can you give him a chance for the sake of your two children?”

Lin Xinyan took a sip of wine. They don’t understand the twists and turns.

The reason why she didn’t accept Zong Jinghao wholeheartedly was not because of the divorce. After all, they didn’t like each other at the time, and were only tied together by an agreement made by their parents.

She was just not sure if Zong Jinghao’s kindness to her was because of their two children.

She was not sure if she really liked him.

If she did, she was not sure how much she liked him.

She didn’t like her romantic relationship being judged by others. “You should not do so again from now on. Or I will be angry next time.”

Shen Peichuan glared at Su Zhan. After noticing the strange atmosphere in the relationship between Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan, he told Su Zhan about it, who then came up with this idea that solved everything by getting Lin Xinyan drunk and sending her to Zong Jinghao’s bed.

However, she saw right through his intention.

Su Zhan smiled awkwardly and muttered softly, “Smart women aren’t likable.”

“Don’t force Qin Ya to drink. I will go back to see Xichen and Ruixi.” Since Lin Xinyan had made it so clear, Su Zhan didn’t dare to pester her again, and could only watch her leave.

Only then did Qin Ya realize that Su Zhan had been deliberately making Lin Xinyan drink the wine, but she didn’t know why.

“It’s not very good for you to do this.” Qin Ya glanced at Su Zhan. “It’s very low-class of you, as a man, to make a woman drink on purpose. Fortunately, Ms. Lin is clever and saw through your trick.”

Su Zhan felt aggrieved. I’m just helping my buddy here, and yet this girl actually dared to criticize me.

He pulled the chair and sat down beside Qin Ya. “What do you know? Huh? How dare you criticize me?”

He deliberately got close to her, and his alcohol breath when he was speaking filled her nostrils, making her frown. “Go away!”

“Where to go? This place is just so small.” Su Zhan was next to her, while his mouth was getting closer to her face.

Shen Peichuan shook his head. It was obvious that Su Zhan was flirting with her. He didn’t want to be a third wheel, so he quietly got up and left the private room.

Seeing that everyone was leaving, Qin Ya also wanted to leave, but was stopped by Su Zhan.

“Don’t go. Drink with me…”

“You’re crazy. Let go of me…”

Shen Peichuan closed the door. This brat may be able to get married at the end of this year.

In fact, Qin Ya was pretty good, young and beautiful.

When Lin Xinyan went upstairs, Lin Ruixi and Lin Xichen were already asleep. The sound of running water was heard from the bathroom, and the frosted glass door was left ajar. She gave it a light push, and the door was opened.

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