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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 195

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 195

Zong Jinghao felt that he was the saddest man in the world. He was obviously holding his wife in his arms, but he could not touch her.

He buried his face in her hair, smelling the faint scent of shampoo. He then nibbled and kissed the back of her neck.

With half of her face sinking deep in the pillow, Lin Xinyan looked at her son and daughter who were sleeping soundly and reached out to touch their cheeks.

Through them, she thought of the crazy memory that night. There wasn’t any lust, but sadness.

“Zong Jinghao, how many women have you slept with?”

Thinking that he had been in bed with other women before, she felt her heart ache somehow.

He was her first man.

Although she had been deliberately ignoring it, he left her with such a deep impression.

She agreed that women were emotional.

A woman always had special feelings for her first man.

Zong Jinghao abruptly stopped kissing her, while his nostrils were still filled with the scent of her body, which was faint but refreshing.

His voice was still a little hoarse. “Why do you ask this suddenly?”

Lin Xinyan buried her face deeper in the pillow. “Just asking. I’m sleepy. Let’s sleep.”

But Zong Jinghao didn’t think she was just asking.

Grabbing her shoulders to turn her over, Lin Xinyan resisted, and said in a low voice, “Don’t touch me. I’m sleepy.”

Regardless of her resistance, Zong Jinghao turned her body over and looked at her face. “Tell me, what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Xinyan pretended to be calm. “I’m just sleepy.”

Zong Jinghao pinched her chin, and lifted her face up, so that she was looking at him. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” She immediately denied.

She just felt like it was unfair for her, as she gave him the most precious thing, while he didn’t.

She wasn’t jealous.

She firmly refused to admit it.

“Why are you angry then?” Looking at her glowingly, he rubbed his fingers against her pink lips. Her lips were soft and bouncy, bringing an especially comfortable sensation to his fingers.

“I’m not angry.” She just refused to admit that she was upset and jealous.

He smiled. “Alright, not angry…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pressed his lips against hers. When Lin Xinyan moved, he threatened her, “Keep moving if you want them to see it.”

Concerned about being seen by the two children, Lin Xinyan stopped resisting, while her eyes turned red while feeling aggrieved.

Zong Jinghao gently rubbed his lips against hers, and said vaguely, “I have never slept with another woman. Only you.”

He only wanted this woman and nothing else in his life.

“What about He Ruilin?” She had seen how well he treated her.

He Ruilin even spent a night at the villa.

She didn’t believe that they had not slept together.

Even Zong Jinghao didn’t believe it himself.

“I used to think I was abnormal.” It was not that he was uninterested in He Ruilin, but he wasn’t interested in any woman.

He didn’t have the slightest desire toward any woman.

He treated He Ruilin well back then because she said she was the woman that night.

A woman gave him the most precious thing of a woman, so he should be responsible for it.

It was neither love, nor fondness, but responsibility.

“Mmm—Mommy…” Lin Ruixi seemed to be having a nightmare, as both her hands were searching for something.

Lin Xinyan quickly turned around to hug her daughter. “Mommy is here.”

She patted her daughter on the back lightly. “Good girl, mommy is here.”

Lin Ruixi’s little hand touched her chest, as if she wanted to make sure if this was mommy, and then she quieted down again.

With her daughter in her arms, Lin Xinyan covered her son with the blanket, and said to the man behind her, “It’s getting late. Sleep tight.”

Zong Jinghao was rendered speechless.

He moved closer and hugged her.

Zong Jinghao didn’t sleep well that night, as he didn’t fall asleep until it was the middle of the night.

Lin Xichen had a nice dreamless sleep and was the first one to wake up in the morning. Seeing Zong Jinghao’s arms around Lin Xinyan, he knitted his brows angrily while sitting on the bed.

He couldn’t hold back in the end, as he took Zong Jinghao’s arm away, got into the space between them, and separated them from each other.

With his movements, both Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan woke up, so he quickly wrapped his arms around Lin Xinyan and acted like a baby in her arms. “Mommy, hold me.”

He rarely behaved like this.

So Lin Xinyan’s heart melted, as she embraced him and kissed his forehead.

Speechless, Zong Jinghao turned over and stared at the ceiling quietly.

I just want to get my wife back, why does my son have to go against me?

“Mommy, how was your life in the past?”

Lin Xinyan was baffled. What nonsense is he saying early in the morning?

She reached out to touch her son’s forehead, whereas Lin Xichen turned his head. “I don’t have a fever.”

“So, what do you mean?”

Lin Xichen glanced behind her. “When you were pregnant with us, you were being criticized. Later, you gave birth to us and raised us alone. It was very hard for you. Therefore, you must not be soft-hearted toward those who have failed you and abandoned you at the most difficult time of your life. Otherwise, he will think you are very easy to be coaxed, so he won’t cherish you, and will hurt you again.”

Lin Xinyan finally understood why her son was behaving weirdly early in the morning.

She reached out and pinched his face. “Where did you learn these ‘preaches’ from?”

“Promise me that you must not easily forgive those who hurt you.” Lin Xichen had a solemn expression on his face.

Seeing her son’s seriousness, Lin Xinyan was pleased yet distressed. She even didn’t have the heart to refuse him, so she nodded her head. “Okay.”

Zong Jinghao turned over again to lean on the side of the bed. Lin Xichen obviously directed those words at me.

Yet, I actually couldn’t refute him at all.

As the saying goes, the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear.

If he hadn’t believed He Ruilin so easily just because she had saved him, he would not have fallen into such a state, so he couldn’t blame anyone.

The blackout curtains made the room very dark even though it was almost seven o’clock. Lin Xinyan got up to put on clothes for her two children and help them wash up.

Zong Jinghao buttoned his shirt and stood by the door of the bathroom. “Let’s go to the mall.”

She has no clothes to wear.

Lin Xinyan nodded her head.

After washing up, she put on the dress, and when she went to the door to change shoes, Zong Jinghao stopped her. “Just wear slippers. We’ll buy shoes at the mall.”

The wound on the arch of her foot had not healed completely, and wearing high heels was not good for the ankle either.

Lin Xinyan looked down at the hotel slippers on her feet and blinked. That’s not very appropriate, isn’t it?

“I don’t mind.” To make her feel at ease, Zong Jinghao put his arms around her shoulders. “You have me.”

Lin Xinyan looked up at him, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, looking tall and outstanding, along with the aura of a successful man. She dropped her head. Even if he doesn’t mind, why should I mind?

After having breakfast downstairs, they got in the car, and left the hotel with people in two other cars.

After about twenty minutes, they arrived at the largest mall in Baicheng.

Zong Jinghao got out of the car carrying his daughter, whereas Lin Xinyan held her son’s hand.

The shopping mall was not very big. There were four floors in total—the elevators were at the lobby, with the surrounding area full of entertainment facilities for children; clothing was on the second floor; jewelry on the third floor; cinema and restaurants on the top floor.

Lin Ruixi didn’t want to go up when she saw that there were places for her to play on the first floor.

“Wait for me down here. I will go up to buy some clothes and come down.” Lin Xinyan knew her daughter well. If she wasn’t allowed to play, she would throw a tantrum.

Lin Xinyan let go of her son and asked him to play with Lin Ruixi downstairs. “Look after her for Mommy.”

Lin Xichen nodded. “Make it quick then, Mommy.”


Lin Xinyan went upstairs alone, followed by a bodyguard arranged by Shen Peichuan.

Lin Xinyan was a fashion designer herself, so she had a keen eye for her clothing. First of all, it must be comfortable. Besides, she did not participate in important events, so she chose casual clothes.

She saw casual wear of the brand MO, which she had bought before. She liked the style and the comfort of wearing it, so she walked into the store.

She was quite surprised that there was such a store in a small place like Baicheng.

Lin Xinyan fell in love with a beige sweater with a hood. She looked at the shop assistant who was playing with her phone on the sofa. “Does this have a size S?”

The assistant didn’t even raise her head, as she said, “That one costs 4800. Are you sure you want to try it?”

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

In the past, she received enthusiastic service when she was at stores. So the attitude of this shop assistant really surprised her.

Lin Xinyan took a breath. “I’m sure.”

The assistant finally got up. Glancing at the slippers on Lin Xinyan’s feet, she curled her lips and mocked, “Is wearing disposable slippers outside a thing now?”

Obviously, the assistant felt that Lin Xinyan could not afford such expensive clothes judging from her outfits.

The assistant was still nagging while taking the sweater. “Our store is full of famous brands, the big brands, and they are all designed by foreign designers. You have to buy them after you try them on…”

“Don’t need to bring it for me anymore. Thank you.” Lin Xinyan just wanted to buy clothes. Why does she talk so much?

Have to buy after trying?

What an imparity clause!

It was her first time to encounter such a thing.

The assistant threw away the clothes she took out forcefully, stood up, and looked at Lin Xinyan. “What do you mean? Didn’t I ask you if you are sure you want it? You said yes, so I took it for you. But after I took it out, you don’t want it anymore. Are you messing with me?”


“What no?” The shop assistant was aggressive.

Lin Xinyan found that she was unable to communicate with this kind of person, so she just turned around and wanted to leave, but was grabbed by the arm by the shop assistant. “You can’t leave. I have already taken out the sweater, so you have to buy it!”

“What kind of reasoning is this?” Lin Xinyan was really shocked at the domineering behavior of the shop assistant. Logically speaking, the employees in a clothing store like this were all professionally trained. How could she be so unreasonable?

“If you can’t afford it, just admit it. Stop pretending.” The shop assistant curled her lips and snorted coldly, looking as if she wouldn’t let Lin Xinyan leave if she didn’t buy it today. “Since you ask me to take it out, you must buy it. I told you about the price. It’s 4800. Hand me the money.”

“I want to talk to your boss.” Lin Xinyan could see that she wouldn’t be able to talk it out with her.

“The boss is not here. Just talk to me. I’m the boss’s cousin, so I’m able to call the shots.”

Lin Xinyan finally understood. It turned out that she had powerful connections, so she was so arrogant.

“Miss, this isn’t the way to do business…”

“Knock it off. Just give me money and leave with your sweater!” The shop assistant was arrogant and behaved like she was the owner just because she was the relative of the boss of this shop.

“What if I don’t want to give the money?” Lin Xinyan’s expression turned cold as well.

“Heh, don’t ever dream of leaving here then. To tell you the truth, my cousin knows Bai Yinning. Do you know Bai Yinning, Chairman Bai? He’s my cousin’s friend, and this mall belongs to him. How dare you come to keep up appearances here? This isn’t the place for you.”

Those who climbed up from the bottom tended to be conceited and arrogant once they had a backing, just like this shop assistant.

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