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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 193

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 193

“I’ve never dated anyone. Anyway, do you still need that ‘thing’ now?”

You have a wife and kids.

Who are you going to date?

Shen Peichuan widened his eyes. “Are you—”

But thinking about it carefully, he was not that kind of ‘flirty’ man. He was so anxious during Lin Xinyan’s disappearance, so he should like her very much.

Zong Jinghao frowned. Recalling the light in Lin Xinyan’s eyes when she said that, he especially wanted to satisfy her.

Shen Peichuan squinted his eyes at him, and asked cautiously, “Did Ma’am turn you down?”

Zong Jinghao shot him a cold look.

I can’t tell him that Lin Xinyan turned me down. Otherwise, he will surely laugh at me.

Shen Peichuan smacked his lips. “Su Zhan is the man to go to if you want to know how to please a woman.”


At this time, the elevator returned to the original floor and its door slid open.

Lin Xinyan did not go to the private room but stood in the lobby and talked to Bai Yining. Zong Jinghao, couldn’t hear what they were talking about as he was far away from them. Just seeing them chatting made his expression change instantly.

He walked out of the lift, whereas Shen Peichuan slowed down to stay a little further from him.

He was apparently unhappy, so Shen Peichuan decided not to ask for trouble.

When Bai Yinning saw Lin Xinyan with her two children, he didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

So it’s true when she said she had gotten married and had kids?

“Why didn’t you go back?” Lin Xinyan did not expect to see him here.

Bai Yinning told her the truth. “I’m waiting for you.”

“Why are you waiting for me?” Lin Xinyan asked.

Bai Yinning initially wanted to find out the relationship between her and Zong Jinghao. At this moment, he knew that his suspicions were all wrong as she was really married.

He felt disappointed but put up a smile on his face. “Do you think that we’re destined to meet?”

Lin Xinyan didn’t understand why he said that.

At that time, he did see Lin Xinyan jumping into the river, and later asked someone to rescue her out of human nature, as he didn’t want to watch a life vanish from this world just like this.

After rescuing her, he saw the jade bracelet on her wrist and thought she was Yuxiu’s daughter, so he took her back and made sure He Ruize couldn’t find her.

In order to follow his adoptive father’s last wishes, he did not allow Lin Xinyan to contact her family so soon but made her stay at his home. Since he wanted to marry her, they had to spend time together to bond.

This was the reason why he did not allow Lin Xinyan to contact her family.

After they got acquainted, they would still be acquainted and be friends even if she went back, and it was natural for him to pursue her then.


Not only did he make a mistake in mistaking her for Yuxiu’s daughter, but she was even a married woman.

His eyes fell on the two children who were holding Lin Xinyan’s hands. They looked so cute, looking like her, and also that man.

“Can you tell me how you get your jade bracelet?” If she is not Yuxiu’s daughter, then why would she have Yuxiu’s jade bracelet?

What is the relationship between her and Yuxiu?

Lin Xinyan didn’t know the relationship between Bai Yinning and Yuxiu.

He seemed to be very interested in this jade bracelet.

She didn’t tell the truth, as she was still wary of him deep down.

“Maybe this looks like the one you know, and is not the same.”

She obviously didn’t want to tell him.

Not forcing her, Bai Yinning looked at her two children and asked, “Did you come down to eat?”

Lin Xinyan nodded her head.

“I know what food is good here. Why don’t we eat together?” Bai Yinning asked tentatively.

“No, we are waiting for Daddy.” Lin Ruixi quickly refused.

The uncle is in a wheelchair and is also not as handsome as my daddy.

But Lin Xichen’s reaction was different from hers. After looking for a long time, he didn’t find anyone who was more good-looking and richer than Zong Jinghao was.

However, even though the man in front of him was in a wheelchair and wasn’t as handsome as Zong Jinghao, he had a bright smile.

Lin Xichen felt sorry deep down. It’s a pity that he is lame.

If he is not lame, I will definitely support him in pursuing mommy, so that Zong Jinghao knows mommy is very popular.

It’s just that now I can’t let a cripple pursue mommy, as that would be a shame.

Being rejected, Bai Yinning was not embarrassed, as he looked at Lin Ruixi and smiled faintly. “I don’t mind eating together with your daddy too.”

The little girl blinked her big bright eyes, looking puzzled.

Why does this uncle want to be with us?

At this moment, she saw Zong Jinghao approaching, so she let go of Lin Xinyan’s hand and ran over. “Daddy.”

Zong Jinghao stooped to carry her in his arms.

Lin Xichen reacted quickly. “Uncle, you want to have dinner with us, right? Let’s go then.”

I don’t care anymore. Even though he’s lame, I have to let Zong Jinghao know that my mommy is very popular and regret not cherishing her previously.

It’s impossible for us to follow him home so easily now.

He has to show his sincerity and love for mommy first.

Otherwise, I’ll be the first to reject him.

Bai Yinning looked at Lin Xinyan. This child seems to be quite calculating?

Lin Xinyan lowered her eyes to look at her son. He was her son, so she naturally knew what he was up to. She reached out and touched his head.

“I heard that you saved my wife.” Zong Jinghao walked over carrying Lin Ruixi.

He seemed to be telling Bai Yinning that Lin Xinyan was his wife and that he should not fall for her.

“Just a small thing that’s not worth mentioning.” Bai Yinning smiles.

Zong Jinghao held Lin Xinyan’s hand that was slender and soft, while his broad palm could completely envelop her hand. He said in a deep, cold voice, “I don’t like to owe any favor. Mr. Bai, just tell me if you need anything.”

In one sentence, he laid claim to Bai Yinning’s kindness in saving Lin Xinyan, as if he was telling Bai Yinning that he needed to get him to repay him, not Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan turned her head slightly to look at him, as warmth flowed through her heart. He was doing it for her sake, so that she wouldn’t owe Bai Yinning’s favor.

Favors had always been hard to be returned.

No matter what Bai Yinning’s purpose was in the beginning, he did save her life.

Bai Yinning’s gaze fell on his hand that was holding Lin Xinyan’s for just a second before he looked away. He naturally understood the meaning of his words. Then, he looked at Lin Xinyan’s feet in high heels and asked, concerned, “Why are you still wearing high heels? The injury on your foot has not fully recovered yet, don’t you know?”

She was too excited to see her kids earlier and didn’t bother about it since it had gotten better.

“I’m fine now.”

Zong Jinghao’s face suddenly changed, as he wasn’t as calm as just now. I don’t even know that her foot is injured.

He held her hand and said, “We should go.”

“Our private room is here.” Shen Peichuan was particularly attentive. This was Bai Yinning’s territory, but he couldn’t let him take control.

“This way, Mr. Bai.” Shen Peichuan made a gesture of invitation.

Bai Yinning glanced at him, and said, “Let’s go.”

Only then did Gao Yuan, who was behind him, push the wheelchair.

Shen Peichuan asked for the largest private room in the hotel, with a dining table in the middle that could accommodate twenty people. The private room was spacious and bright.

With her knees on his lap, Lin Ruixi put her arms around his neck, and said, face to face with him, “Daddy, when will we eat?”

Zong Jinghao pinched his daughter’s plump face and replied to her that they will eat soon.

When he was speaking, he glanced under the table at Lin Xinyan’s feet. There were no obvious injuries on her ankles.

Where is the injury?

While waiting for the food, Bai Yinning took the initiative to chat with Lin Xinyan. “Are you free tomorrow? I will take you to see the master.”

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