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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 187

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 187

Lin Xinyan was really surprised—not that he instructed his men to make this dress but managed to make it from tea silk.

Lin Xinyan put the dress in the box and asked, “I was wondering where you obtained such fabric from.”

“Do you like it?” Bai Yinning asked deliberately.

Actually, he purposely showed this fabric in front of Lin Xinyan, since every fashion designer loved quality fabric.

He believed Lin Xinyan was no exception.

Lin Xinyan was indeed interested in it, yet didn’t express herself and continued to rub her ankle.

Bai Yinning’s gaze slowly fell upon her, and he could see that she was fair-skinned, including her legs. Her ankles looked rather dainty, whereas her heels were pinkish-white. As the good-looking legs of women were called slim and delicate legs in ancient times, such a thought flashed through Bai Yinning’s mind.

Once Lin Xinyan felt that someone was staring at her pair of legs, she quickly pulled the quilt to cover her legs.

Bai Yinning slightly averted his gaze, yet he had made a real gaffe and looked rather embarrassed.

“I know the craftsman who can make such fabric…”

“Really?” Lin Xinyan opened her eyes widely and interrupted Bai Yinning before he could finish his words, “Where’s the craftsman? I would like to know him.”

Bai Yinning laughed. She is indeed interested in it.

“Put on the dress. After the event, I can introduce you to the craftsman.” Then, Bai Yinning pushed his wheelchair while gave his instruction to a person whom he brought along and said, “I’ll leave her to you.”

“You can rest assured.” The makeup artist who was holding a cosmetic case had already sized up Lin Xinyan. Since she was a good-looking woman, it’s very simple to apply makeup for her to look stunning, and the makeup artist already planned several versions of makeups in her mind.

Lin Xinyan wasn’t used to heavy makeup, and in fact she rarely applied any makeup on herself other than attending events. So, she said, “Actually, Liu can just help apply makeup for me. There’s no need to hire a makeup artist .”

Bai Yinning said smilingly, “It’s very important to me. I wish that my partner will be the most stunning woman in the hall.”

Lin Xinyan wished to tell him that he should actually get an artist instead if he’s looking for a good-looking woman. Even though she was rather unwilling to go with him, she had promised him in advance. Also, he would introduce the craftsman who can make tea silk to her.

She stood up from the bed and sat in front of the dressing table, waiting for the makeup artist to start.

“I don’t really like heavy makeup.” Even though she was determined to ‘hand herself over’ to the makeup artist , she was still afraid that she would be made like a ‘ghost’ by her.

The makeup artist wasn’t irritated by Lin Xinyan’s reminder and smilingly said, “Don’t worry. Not everyone looks good with heavy makeup. Heavy-makeup is good, yet it depends on the poise of that particular person.”

Since the makeup artist was rather easygoing, Lin Xinyan was much relieved.

“I’ve designed quite a lot of makeups, and some of them made deep impressions on others. But none of them triggered me to have so many thoughts in my mind when I met them.” She then looked at Lin Xinyan and said, “You’re the first one.”

Lin Xinyan wasn’t joyous because of her compliment but felt a little melancholy instead.

She missed her son and daughter.

She had never been separated with them for so long ever since she gave birth to them.

“I can see that you’re unhappy. Is it because of Mr. Bai’s legs…”

Lin Xinyan looked up.

“Even though Mr. Bai has to be in a wheelchair, he is handsome and very capable, and numerous women have always been dreaming of being noticed by him.”

“Indeed, indeed.” Liu interrupted the makeup artist before she could finish speaking, and added, “Too many women would dream of marrying him since young master is an outstanding man.”

Lin Xinyan looked up at her, and even the makeup artist could feel her feelings.

It was simply too obvious for everyone.

Liu realized suddenly that she was too emotional and immediately explained, “There was a time when the daughter of the county mayor was pursuing him relentlessly, yet young master rejected her too. Young master treats you very well now, yet I feel that you seem unhappy.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t want to explain to Liu anymore. Even though she knew that Liu was not black-hearted, she was too wide-eyed and would not believe her explanation.

She just felt that her young master was the best.

Perhaps in her mind, there would only be women who are out of his young master’s league, and definitely not the other way round.

The makeup artist smiled but didn’t say anything. Since this little girl didn’t know how to hide her thoughts at all, she would be fine to be a maid here. If she were to work in companies with intertwined office politics, she would be fired many times.

She didn’t know how to adapt to the different situations.

When the makeup artist was combing Lin Xinyan’s hair, she looked at her face closely in the mirror. Although she wasn’t a stunning beauty at first sight, she was the type of beauty that seemed to look better the more others looked at her. Also, she had very good-looking facial features.

The makeup artist used a curling iron to curl Lin Xinyan’s black hair, braided two small pieces of hair above her ears and put the hair behind the ears, while leaving some bangs to casually cover her forehead. Lin Xinyan was very fair-skinned and almost didn’t need any powder, yet the makeup artist still applied some powder on her face for the sake of the entire makeup.

Before applying makeup, she looked too innocent to wear the black evening dress.

As for the eye makeup, the makeup artist applied brown and pink glitter so that her pair of eyes would stand out. She then used an eyeliner to draw upward at the upper corners of her eyes so that her crystal clear eyes would appear more enchanting.

As for lip makeup, the makeup artist chose dusty rose to make sure that her lips wouldn’t look too red and gaily-colored nor plain, which matched her makeup perfectly.

“Your lip shape is very good-looking.” The makeup artist couldn’t help but complimented her when she was applying lipsticks for her.

The final step would be to put on the evening dress and high heels.

The pair of silver high heels was inlaid with numerous diamond chips and looked glittering.

Liu said in admiration, “It looks like a pair of crystal high heels, and young master is the prince.”

The makeup artist initially wanted to say whether she had really seen a prince in a wheelchair, but she eventually bit her tongue. If she said something bad about Bai Yinning, this girl would surely be pissed off.

Lin Xinyan looked at Liu and heaved a sigh. She has to change for herself if she really wants it, yet she was too self-abased and didn’t want to make any changes. In that case, it is destined that she will never be able to grab Bai Yinning’s attention. She took her clothes to the restroom.

The design of the evening dress was simple and basically had no ornament. It had a v shaped neck design and two ribbons above her waist, one of which rounded the waist and stretched to the left to be tied with another ribbon. The ribbons were rather long and fell to her knees, while the hemline of the dress reached her ankle.

Two straps near her neckline crossed and formed a deep v neckline, revealing the curve and cleavage that would mesmerize everyone.

With the personalized makeup applied by the makeup artist, she looked rather charming while preserving her sense of innocence. Her grace and elegance would impress anyone just by a quick look, while the pride reflected by her black evening dress made her look mesmerizing.

Even the makeup artist and Liu who were all women fixed their eyes on her.

Since Lin Xinyan attended cocktail parties and banquets before, she didn’t feel uncomfortable and acted decently.

She stood near the door of the restroom and said smilingly, “Is there something on my face? Why are you guys staring at me?”

“Shoes.” Liu recollected herself and bent down to put her high heels near her legs.

When Lin Xinyan put on the high heels, she felt that they fitted her legs perfectly, and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all as the height was just nice.

“Let’s go. Young master was waiting outside.” Liu held out her arm to help her walk.

Since Lin Xinyan’s leg hadn’t fully recovered, she didn’t push herself to walk and held Liu’s arm.

Bai Yinning was answering a phone call in the living room when he heard the sound of high heels. He turned around and saw Lin Xinyan who had dressed up nicely.

His hand that was holding the phone suddenly tightened. He held back his astonishment and told the person over the phone, “I’ll be there soon.”

Then, he hung up the phone and said to Lin Xinyan, “Let’s go.”

Lin Xinyan let go of Liu to walk towards him, held the handlers of the wheelchair and said, “I’ll help you.”

“I couldn’t ask for more.” Bai Yining gave her a sideways glance and wanted to say that she looked gorgeous, yet he bit his tongue.

When they were outside, the driver pushed Bai Yinning into the car which was specially retrofitted. It is equipped with an automatic slide ramp that could be extended to the ground, making it convenient to push his wheelchair into the car.

After fixing the wheelchair in the car, he came down to help Lin Xinyan get into the car.

“What kind of event am I accompanying you to? Where are we going?” Lin Xinyan asked after she sat down.

Since she didn’t have any idea about it at all, she wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t make any mistake.

“Annual banquet of Bai Group, organized in one of the hotels of Bai Group.” He turned around to look at her when he spoke, and added, “The manager told me that there are a few people from B City, and I’m not sure if you know them.”

Lin Xinyan’s hands clasped unknowingly, yet she acted calm and said, “Although I was born in B City, I didn’t grow up there. I don’t believe in coincidence, particularly because I don’t really know a lot of people.”

Even though she said so, she was looking forward to it.

Would one of them be Zong Jinghao who’s looking for her?

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