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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 182

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 182

The door of Lin Xinyan’s room wasn’t closed. After drawing for a long time, she felt tired and lay on the table to take a rest, yet unknowingly fell asleep.

Bai Yinning pushed his wheelchair gently towards Lin Xinyan, and only found out that she’s asleep when he reached the bed. He grabbed some of her drawing papers on the table to take a look and noticed that the drawings were smooth and meticulous in detail. Even though he could recognize that these were merely sketches, yet her designs were able to demonstrate her ideas clearly to everyone.

It showed that she was very good at it.

He looked at her and thought to himself. Is she a fashion designer?

“Young master, she’s a fashion designer.” Liu came in to take a look when she saw him holding Lin Xinyan’s drawings. She was indeed telling the truth when she said she’s a fashion designer. If she isn’t, she won’t be able to casually come up with these impressive sketches.

Bai Yinning’s face darkened, probably because she was too loud when she spoke.

Liu immediately lowered her head and pursed her lips reluctantly. She didn’t want to wake Lin Xinyan up on purpose, but merely explained it to him instinctively when she saw him holding the drawing papers.

“Liu, don’t be so impetuous next time.”

Liu lowered her head and said, “I understand.”

“Hum…” As Lin Xinyan heard someone talking when she was sleeping, she frowned for quite some time before slowly opening her eyes.

“Sorry for disturbing your sleep.” Bai Yinning was looking at the woman with tired eyes who had just woken up.

As soon as Lin Xinyan wanted to rub her eyes, she realized that one of her arms was numb after sleeping on her arm for quite some time and hissed in pain.

“What’s wrong? Is your arm numb?” Bai Yinning reached out his hand and said, “Is it this arm? Let me rub it for you.”

Lin Xinyan immediately pulled back her hand that was touched by him, shook her hand non-stop and said, “It’s fine. It’s fine. I can do it myself.”

She rubbed her numb arm vigorously when she was talking so that the numbness can subside soon.

Calmly withdrew his hand, Bai Yinning wasn’t angry because Lin Xinyan resisted him, and asked, “Do you like it?”


Lin Xinyan soon understood that he was referring to the aquarium. She nodded perfunctorily and said, “It’s a rare aquarium.”

Bai Yinning put down the drawings when he was withdrawing his hands, and said, “If it can make you smile, that’ll be the making of it.”

Lowering her head, Lin Xinyan pretended that she didn’t hear it, tidied up her drawings and said, “Please excuse my poor drawings.”

“Not at all. You draw very well. You should be a famous fashion designer, am I right?” He sounded confident even though he was asking a question.

“No.” Lin Xinyan didn’t want to reveal too much about herself to him as she knew nothing about this mild-mannered man.

He can’t be an ordinary man after all since he is an overlord of this place.

“I trust my own feelings.” Bai Yinning was confident.

Lin Xinyan inverted her drawings and put them on the table, and apparently didn’t want to talk about this further.

Bai Yinning was very observant and didn’t continue to ask her. He changed the subject and said, “Are you bored because of staying at home all the time?”

Lin Xinyan nodded his head and said, “Not really.”

“Do you want me to bring you out to tour around?” Bai Yinning said smilingly.

He was always smiling.

Lin Xinyan wanted to refuse at first, but she agreed to it when she thought that she could also go out and be familiar with the surroundings.

“But my legs…” It was difficult for Lin Xinyan to make a decision. Since she could hardly walk now because her legs were injured, she didn’t want to be a cripple and wished to recover soon and go home.

“I’ll help you walk.” Bai Yinning reached out his arm.

“Let me help.” Liu immediately came up to Lin Xinyan to help her as she was afraid that Lin Xinyan would really grab him by his arm, and explained, “Since I can walk, it would be more convenient for Ms. Lin.”

Lin Xinyan surely understood Liu’s intent whereby she didn’t hope to see her having physical contact with Bai Yinning.

As she was willing to do her the favor, she grabbed Liu’s arm and said, “Just let Liu help me.”

Glanced at Liu, Bai Yinning didn’t say anything and pushed his wheelchair towards the door.

He then turned around to glance at Lin Xinyan and said, “You can visit my study first.”

Since his bedroom and study were on the ground floor and only a couple of steps from Lin Xinyan’s room, he pushed the door and went into the room first.

When Liu helped Lin Xinyan walk into the room, Bai Yinning instructed her, “Help her sit on the chair, and you may leave.”

Liu wished to stay, yet Bai Yinning apparently wanted to send her away. She didn’t dare disobey Bai Yinning even though she was reluctant to do so.

She had no choice but to help Lin Xinyan sit and leave the room. Before closing the door, she glanced at Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan wished to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about anything as she did not have any feelings for Bai Yinning.

She hoped that she could put her at ease.

But since Bai Yinning was in front of her, she couldn’t say it out loud and had to bite her tongue.

Once the door of the study was closed, Bai Yinning pushed his wheelchair to the front of the writing desk and asked casually, “Did you study drawing?”

“Not really. I went to a fashion design college and drawing was a must, and so it is my basic skill.” Lin Xinyan answered fluently.

But deep in her heart, she was even more on the alert for him. He was smart to break the ice between them easily.

Bai Yinning laughed and said, “Do you like to read?”

“Sometimes.” She rarely has spare time to read, and even the books that she occasionally read were related to fashion designing.

“I love reading.” Bai Yinning said earnestly, “Since I couldn’t walk and don’t have many friends, the books are the ones who can accompany me.”

Even though he buried his feelings well, Lin Xinyan could still sense the air of disappointment and melancholy around him.

No one can be completely unconcerned about the fact that he or she couldn’t walk.

Lin Xinyan’s gaze fell upon the bookshelf behind the writing desk. It was made of Narra wood and had the same height and width as the front wall. There were many rows of books on the shelf, and most of which Lin Xinyan hadn’t even heard of the titles.

“I love this book the most.” Bai Yinning took out a book from the bottom of the shelf. It was a very thick book with a blue cover. When he was handing the book over to Lin Xinyan, he accidentally knocked down a photo frame on the writing desk.

Lin Xinyan didn’t purposely want to look at the person in the photo, yet she couldn’t take her eyes off it as soon as she glanced at it unintentionally.

It was Yuxiu.

She was Zong Jinghao’s stepmother.

Why would her photo appear on his writing desk?

What’s the relationship between them?

Her mind was in a whirl.

Bai Yinning was quietly observing Lin Xinyan’s reaction. Her facial expression was obviously changed after looking at the person in the photo.

Then, his gaze fell upon her wrist again. He put the photo frame back and looked at the woman in the photo and confirmed that the woman was also wearing the same jade bracelet on her wrist.

He could confirm his thoughts based on Lin Xinyan’s reaction.

“Who is she?” Lin Xinyan blurted out.

This is too strange.

Why would Yuxiu’s photo appear here?

Bai Yinning continued to hand over his book to her and said, “You can read it when you have time. It’s an interesting book.”

He deliberately changed the subject.

Although he tried to feel Lin Xinyan out on purpose to confirm his thoughts by using the photo, he didn’t wish to tell her everything.

Lin Xinyan looked at him, as if realized that he treated her well because of Yuxiu.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like my recommendation?” Bai Yinning didn’t take back the book in his hand and still wanted to hand it over to her.

Lin Xinyan took the book over out of courtesy and said, “Thank you. I’ll read it.”

When she was talking, her gaze fell upon the photo frame that was put back, She then looked at Bai Yinning and said, “I heard Liu said that you’re the only one left in the house.”

Bai Yinning’s facial expression changed slightly before he looked normal again. He smiled and said, “Yes.”

He said it concisely and without superfluous words.

Lin Xinyan knew that he avoided talking about it.

Bang, bang…

Liu knocked on the door when she was standing outside, and said, “Young master, Ms. Lin, dinner is ready.”

“Let’s go.” Bai Yinning pushed his wheelchair to come up to her, reached out his hand and said, “I’ll help you walk.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t hold out her hand immediately. She hesitated for a while and said, “I’ll let Liu help me walk…”

“Are you refusing me? Don’t you think it’s not very appropriate to embarrass your savior?” Bai Yinning looked up at her with his smile. But as he was insistent on it, Lin Xinyan found it difficult to refuse.

Lin Xinyan reached out her hand to hold his arm. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, Lin Xinyan could feel that he had a sturdy physique and thought that he should have worked out a lot. Contended, he pushed his wheelchair towards the door. After Lin Xinyan turned the knob to open the door, Liu who was still standing in front of the door immediately held out her arm when she saw Bai Yinning helping Lin Xinyan walk…

But before she could say anything, Bai Yinning glared at her warningly, and she had no choice but to withdraw her arm, turn around and leave.

When they reached the dining room, Bai Yinning pulled the chair for Lin Xinyan and said, “This is the first time that we have our meal together.”

Even though Lin Xinyan smiled, she was thinking to herself. We don’t really know each other and haven’t met for a long time anyway.

Liu placed the dishes and occasionally looked at Lin Xinyan. Since she’s really good-looking, it is no wonder that young master treats her well.

“Liu, did you prepare bone broth as I asked?” Bai Yining was putting his napkin slowly on his laps.

“Yes, I’m going to get the broth now.” Liu said respectfully.

“I heard that it’s good for our body parts for the corresponding cuts of meat that we eat. I’m not sure if it’s true, but you should drink more.” Bai Yinning said.

“You are very thoughtful.” Lin Xinyan responded moderately.

It somehow showed that Bai Yinning was overly hospitable.

He laughed and evaluated heartily as he said, “A woman who is too smart is not likeable.”

When Lin Xinyan saw Liu coming over them, she said smilingly, “I’m really worried that someone will have feelings for me now, as my two children might be reluctant to accept him.”

Bai Yinning was stunned. She already has children?

But she looks rather young.

Liu was even more shocked than Bai Yinning. She… She has children.

In that case, it’s impossible for her to be with young master.

Feeling excited, she walked faster and accidentally spilled some of the soup. As she didn’t notice and slipped over it, she spilled the whole bowl of hot soup towards Lin Xinyan.

“Watch out.” Just before the hot soup was spilled on Lin Xinyan, Bai Yinning pushed the wheelchair and moved swiftly towards Lin Xinyan. He took her in his arms to ward off the hot soup, and so it was all spilled on his back.

He bellowed, perhaps because it was too hot.

“Young master.” Liu screamed and she was shocked.

Lin Xinyan recollected herself when Liu screamed. She looked at Bai Yinning and asked, “Are you alright?”

Bai Yinning looked up, smiled to her and said, “I’m fine.”

But Lin Xinyan could feel that he wasn’t fine as his voice was a lot softer than before. He just pretended to be calm.

“Liu, go get a doctor.”

“Alright. I’ll make a phone call now.”

“Are you caring for me?” Bai Yinning was still holding her in his arms, and his eyes were sparkling at the moment.

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