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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 18

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 18

A ball of fire started growing in his heart. It came so sudden, and he did not even know why.

“You’re being lovey-dovey here?” His tone was ice cold.

This voice—

Although she had not been with him for long, Lin Xinyan instantly knew who this voice belonged to. She stiffened and turned her head. Of course.

He was not standing far, and his expression was grim. “You’ve forgotten what I’ve said the last time?”

Lin Xinyan subconsciously struggled out from He Ruize’s hold. She was worried about Zhuang Zijin just now, so she had not realized that she was touching He Ruize.


Just as Lin Xinyan was about to explain, He Ruize grabbed onto her wrist. He looked at Zong Jinghao. “Your marriage was just a one-month’s deal. What reasons do you have to interfere with her private matters?”

He Ruize felt heartbroken and pity for Lin Xinyan after knowing about her story. Now he wanted to cherish and protect her.

Zong Jinghao stared at He Ruize’s hand on Lin Xinyan’s wrist. A mocking scoff came out from his throat. “You let a woman with your baby marry someone else, and now you’re wanting her back?”

The sneer by his lips dropped, and his gaze was as sharp as a sword as he pressured onto He Ruize. “Can you even be called a man?”

Lin Xinyan’s heartbeat skipped. She felt ashamed and at a loss.

He thought the baby in her was He Ruize’s. All she had for He Ruize was gratitude and respect; she would never make him stand near her filth.

She struggled out of He Ruize’s grasp and looked at Zong Jinghao. “If you want to critique me, please just focus on me, don’t drag in anyone else.”

Zong Jinghao had not expected Lin Xinyan’s protectiveness.

How loving!

Yet in his eyes, this was ridiculous and rage-inducing.

She was now his wife, but she was showing off her relationship with another man in front of him!

The inexplicable fire burned in his chest.

He Ruize was right; their marriage was just a deal. He had no rights to critique her. He just did not want to see them together.

“The land at Repulse Bay. If you still want it, come and look for me.” He turned and left after saying it.

Lin Xinyan was surprised and in a trance for a few seconds. She could not believe that he was giving her another chance after she had given up on it.

For her, this was tempting.

If she had the rights to the land, she would have the power to be on equal terms with Lin Guoan.

And not just go with his flow.

“Yanyan.” He Ruize was worried. It seemed like she had taken Zong Jinghao’s words seriously.

“I’m fine.” Lin Xinyan shook her head.

After twenty minutes, Zhuang Zijin was pushed out of the operating room. She had collapsed from the intense emotions.

She was left with a daughter now. Zhuang Zijin had been uncomfortable when she heard the others smearing her daughter’s name. Combined with seeing the words on the wall, she could not take it and had collapsed.

“The patient won’t be able to withstand intense emotions. Try and let her stay calm.” The doctor informed after sending her to the hospital room.

“Thank you, doctor.” Lin Xinyan nodded.

Lin Xinyan knew that her younger brother’s death took a toll on her. If she had not been there, she had no doubt that her mother would have followed after her brother.

She had thought that bringing her mother away from the sad place would make her happier.

And yet now, her mother was still suffering from her matters.

But who was it? There were not many who knew about her pregnancy.

Why did they do it?

What were they hoping to achieve?

He Ruize knew what she was thinking about. He walked over and said, “That place is no longer suitable for living. I’ll help you to look for a new place.”

Lin Xinyan nodded. That place was indeed no longer suitable, she would not continue staying there and risking her mother’s health.

“I want to find out who did this.” Lin Xinyan believed that this was not a coincidence. Someone must have had arranged it.

“Leave it to me.” He Ruize smiled.

“I’m Ruize, I’m your family too.”

Lin Xinyan looked at He Ruize. Her nose turned red. He was too nice to her, and she did not know how to repay him.

She lowered her head and said nothing. In her heart, she made a promise to repay him when she becomes capable.

And now she needed someone to investigate on this matter.

Or else she would be restless. Who knew if they would follow them to the new house and continued to disturb Zhuang Zijin?

When she thought about Zong Jinghao’s words, she felt distressed.

He Ruize thought she was tired, and said, “You should go back to rest. I’ll be here.”


“I’m already working at this hospital; I have an office and a resting room. I can take care of your mother.”

Lin Xinyan looked at Zhuang Zijin, who was still unconscious. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Call me if anything happens.”

Lin Xinyan left her phone number with He Ruize before she left the hospital.

There was only Aunt Yu back at the villa. She frowned and asked, “Is he not home?”

Aunt Yu looked into the study. “He’s inside.”

Lin Xinyan changed her footwear before entering, then walked straight towards the study. She hesitated before knocking the door.

Even after a few knocks, no one answered. She frowned, and quietly pushed open the door

In the room was Zong Jinghao, who was leaning on the backrest of the chair. His eyes were shut, but she did not know if he was faking a sleep or he was really asleep.

Lin Xinyan slowly walked over to the front of the desk, and quietly asked, “Mr. Zong?”

Zong Jinghao gradually lifted his eyelids and stared at the woman in front of him. This was the first time anyone had called him by Mr. Zong. He had always gotten “Chairman Zong” and “Young Master Zong”.

Lin Xinyan clasped her clammy hands, and asked, “You said, you would give me the land at Repulse Bay?”

With half-lidded eyes, he gave her a calculating smile. “I’m a businessman, I don’t do anything for free.”

Lin Xinyan’s heart dropped.

That’s right. She should have known that.

How could this man help her without expecting any gains in return?

She had nothing on her that she could use to exchange for this land.

“I’m sure this land is important for you.” Zong Jinghao could sense her backing down.

Lin Guoan had sent her mother and herself to that country. It was not an easy life there, and her younger brother was now dead. To Lin Guoan, she must have felt hatred.

He once thought Lin Xinyan had wanted the land for Lin Guoan. It seemed like he had thought this wrong.

“There is nothing of mine that I can exchange with you.” Indeed, Lin Xinyan wanted the land.

Zong Jinghao looked at her, his gaze had a hint of matured masculinity.

“You do.”



It took Lin Xinyan a while before she responded. “Me?”

Zong Jinghao stood up and walked towards Lin Xinyan. He was too close, and Lin Xinyan instinctively backed up. Zong Jinghao grabbed her shoulder and asked, “What are you backing up for? I don’t bite.”

Lin Xinyan did not know why she was afraid of him. She just felt that he was not as calm as he was showing outwardly.

The corner of lips turned upwards into an odd smile. “Did you do something wrong? That’s why you’re feeling guilty now.”

What did she do wrong?

Lin Xinyan raised her head, and said, “What do I have to feel guilty for?”

She had raised her chin high, and he could feel her hot breath at the tip of his nose. This feeling was familiar.

His expression froze for a second, before he grabbed her face. His tone was dangerous as he said, “You’re a married woman. You’re being too close with other men. You’re not being faithful to me.”

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