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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 173

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 173

Lin Yuhan opened her eyes wide as she glared at He Ruilin. She looked as if she would rush forward to stab her if she had a knife in her hands.

“Let go of her.” Zong Jinghao would not believe that Lin Yuhan did not know about Lin Xinyan’s whereabouts just because He Ruilin had said so.

They were only cooperating for their own benefits. The trust between them was weak and it was easy to make them go against each other.

It was also not difficult for him to get information from them.

“Bitch! How would you know if I don’t know?” Lin Yuhan roared. If it was not for someone holding her back, she would have swallowed He Ruilin whole.

It was just like what Zong Jinghao had thought. Their cooperation was formed purely for their benefits. Now that they were going against each other, they would not think for each other. If anything, they would want each other to die.

“Your brother had taken her away and I had followed him secretly. You’re dumb to think that I don’t know where she is. Did you think you’re the only one who has a backup plan? I do too!” Shen Xiuqing had died in this plan. Her only family had left her and now she was alone in this big world. How could she not become more cunning and prepare a backup plan for herself?”

Shen Peichuan and Su Zhan exchanged a look.

These two women had their own secret plans. Zong Jinghao’s plan to make them go against each other worked perfectly here.

Zong Jinghao bent his fingers but did not clench his hands tight. He said, “The one who tells me Lin Xinyan’s whereabouts will be the one who lives.”


“I’ll tell you!”

The two said at the same time then looked at each other, hoping that the other person would be the one to die.

“He Ruize brought Lin Xinyan to Shunbei Village. It’s not far from B City…”

Lin Yuhan’s words came out immediately as she tried to be faster than He Ruilin.

They had no trust in the face of danger. The relationship between them that was built on individual benefits collapsed instantly.

Zong Jinghao was already walking out when Lin Yuhan had yet to finish her sentence.

Su Zhan hurried to follow him. Shen Peichuan looked at the two men at the corner and instructed them, “Let go of her.”

“Won’t they fight?” It was obvious that the two could not be in the same space right now.

Shen Peichuan’s lips turned upwards. “It’s not up to me to decide who will live and who will die. Get some men and follow me.”

The two men understood Shen Peichuan’s words and let go of Lin Yuhan. They followed Shen Peichuan out of the interrogation room and locked the door behind them.

The moment Lin Yuhan had gotten free, she pounced on He Ruilin. “Bitch! Go to hell! Go to hell! How dare you betray me!”

He Ruilin was even more furious than her. “You idiot! Zong Jinghao was intentionally doing these to us! If you and I kept our mouth shut, we could have had a chance to survive! Do you think that you can live after you said it?”

Lin Yuhan was stunned for a moment but anger overtook her senses. She clamped her hands around He Ruilin’s neck. “If you had not betrayed me, I could have still been by his side! It was because you, traitor! You’re the one who betrayed me first, how dare you call me one?”

When a person was enraged, they had unlimited potential. The present was a good example. He Ruilin was severely injured and she could barely take a breath, yet she managed to overpower and pushed Lin Yuhan, who had been riding on her, off. While Lin Yuhan was down, He Ruilin sat on top of her, grabbed her hair, and shouted in her face, “I never betrayed you! He had always known that you were never Lin Xinyan!”

Lin Yuhan felt like her scalp was going to be torn off and she bared her teeth in pain. She shouted back, “Do you think I’ll believe what you said? If you didn’t tell him, how could he have known? It’s not like he’s a telepath that reads my mind!”

He Ruilin was stunned for a second. That’s right, she could not even differentiate this face from Lin Xinyan’s. How did Zong Jinghao realize it so quickly?

How much did he know about Lin Xinyan?

While she was spacing out, Lin Yuhan managed to gain the upper hand again. “Even if you didn’t tell him earlier, but you had betrayed me just now and I heard it with my own ears.”

Lin Yuhan grabbed onto her hair and smashed her head towards the floor. “Grab my hair again! Grab it! Hope you die from this, bitch!”

He Ruilin felt herself getting dazed from the knocking. The intense pain had turned and she felt like her brain was going to flow out of her head. She knocked hard on the floor to try to get someone to save her.

Unfortunately, there would be no one entering this place nor saving her today.

She wanted to defend herself, but she did not have the strength to.

“Bitch, go to hell!” Lin Yuhan was caught up in her anger; she did not care about whether He Ruilin would actually die or not. She only wanted revenge for her betrayal.

“Lin… Yuhan. If I die, don’t think you can live…”

“Didn’t you want to kill me? Didn’t you want my life? If anyone’s going to die, it’ll be you!” Lin Yuhan smiled ferociously.

He Ruilin’s vision was spinning and the figure in front of her was getting blurrier every second. She did not know if she was dying; she was barely holding on. Suddenly, she grabbed onto Lin Yuhan’s hair and pulled her downwards with all her remaining strength. Lin Yuhan screamed in pain and He Ruilin took the opportunity to pull out her dress strap and wrap it around her neck. She pulled it tight.

This face was the same as Lin Xinyan, and so she placed all her hatred of Lin Xinyan on her.

Her eyes were bloodshot as she continued to tighten the pull.


Lin Yuhan’s eyes rolled up and her tongue was extended out of her mouth. She opened her mouth to try to get help, but she could only force out some choking noises.

“You’re still a long way from killing me!”

He Ruilin was like a mad woman. “Go to hell! Lin Xinyan, Lin Yuhan, you should all just die! You can’t defeat me like this! Haha…”

Gradually, Lin Yuhan stopped struggling.

He Ruilin’s remaining willpower and strength left her body and she collapsed.

On the other side, Zong Jinghao had reached Shunbei Village, and following him were Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan with their men.

When they reached the village, Shen Peichuan instructed the men to surround the village. Shunbei Village was not a large place; there were only two rows of houses. Furthermore, the village was located in a remote area. Many villagers had left the place to seek a better life in the city. The village seemed empty, and there was barely anyone around.

“Search every house. There are so little houses around, I won’t believe that He Ruize could hide from us.” Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan were furious. They felt disgusted at He Ruilin and He Ruize’s actions.

Zong Jinghao did not bother with instructing the men. Instead, he walked on the muddy path as he searched each house personally. He only wanted to find and see her soon.

He wanted to be the one who found her.

He wanted her to see him first.

They searched for half the village, but there were no signs of her.

They stepped into a house made of bricks. Zong Jinghao and his men were making a commotion in the village. The owner of the house seemed to know that they were here to look for someone; the neighbors had told them why they were here.

The head of the village rushed over.

“Are you looking for a woman?” The one who spoke was a middle-aged woman. Her husband had gone out for work and she stayed in the village to take care of the elderly and the young. Her daily routine was farming, so her skin was tanned dark. Villagers tend to not take care of the appearances, so it was obvious that this woman was a villager. “I saw a beautiful woman at Aunt Hua’s balcony, but I’ve never seen her coming out into the village.”

“Where?” Zong Jinghao was certain that the beautiful woman this villager was talking about was Lin Xinyan.

“Bring me over. I’ll give you a hundred thousand if it’s the right person.” Su Zhan was tempted.

The woman swallowed as she looked at the men. They were wearing suits and she had only seen the cars that they drove on television. It looked expensive and they just offered her a hundred thousand.”

She was tempted.

Her husband was the only breadwinner of the family and she only did some farming at home. The expenses at home were dependent on this meager pay. Furthermore, her family was the poorest in the village. Even Aunt Hua, a widow, was richer than her.

The woman became enthusiastic about the money. “Follow me, it’s just right there. It’s not far.”

Shen Peichuan instructed the men to guard the exit then followed the woman to the end of the village.

A white double-story house soon appeared. Zong Jinghao looked up at the second floor balcony that the woman had mentioned. The wind was gently blowing at the curtains, but he did not see the figure that he missed.

The closer he got to the house, the more anxious he became.

Knock knock.

“Aunt Hua.” The woman was hitting on the steel gate. “Aunt Hua, are you home? If you’re home, open the door…”

Before the woman could finish her sentence, Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan had kicked the door open.

The woman was stunned. Were they gangsters?

They were violent.

“If you knock and shout like that, it’ll scare the people inside away.” Su Zhan glanced at the woman, seemingly dissatisfied with her knocking.

“She can’t, she can’t. This house has anti-theft windows. They can’t run away if they’re at home.” The woman hurriedly explained. She did not want to cross them.

They seemed like trouble people.

Zong Jinghao was the first to step into the house. The house was not big, and the place was clean. Like what the woman had said, the place was sealed off well. Other than the balcony at the second floor and the windows on the first floor, there were no other entrances. And if there were no entrances, there were no exits. Someone on the inside would have to exit through the door.

His fingers were slightly trembling. Was Lin Xinyan kept here?

The living room was simplistic and neat. The entire house was quiet. It was as if no one was there, or someone was hiding so well that they could hide their breathing sounds.

Shen Peichuan saw bloodstains on the couch and he frowned. Instead of telling anyone, he tried to block Zong Jinghao’s line of vision.

Su Zhan pushed him. “What are you trying to block?”

Shen Peichuan glared at him. “Who’s blocking?”

Internally, he was cursing at Su Zhan. This idiot had no idea how to read a situation. Why was he watching him instead of looking for her?

The commotion between the two managed to get Zong Jinghao’s attention. He glanced over and saw the dried bloodstains on the couch. His gaze darkened and it seemed like his eyes were now just a void.

Shen Peichuan was afraid that he would overthink. “This might be He Ruize’s, or Aunt Hua’s. It shouldn’t be Ms. Lin’s.”

Zong Jinghao did not have the patience to listen to his nonsense. He went straight up to the second floor. On his way up, he had seen another bloodstain on the stairs. It was just a small dot, yet he felt like his heart had fallen into the abyss. His footsteps turned quicker. There were only two rooms on the second floor. One was closed and the other was opened.

He Ruize had left in a hurry and did not close the door. The inside was still messy, he did not have the time to tidy up, he carried Lin Xinyan and left.

The bedsheet was torn and the bed was messy. The interior was simple and he realized that there were faint bloodstains on the wall. The dress on the chair was the one she was wearing before she went missing.

She had lived here.

Whose bloodstains were these?

What had happened here?

He did not dare to think any further.

Knock knock.

Su Zhan had ran up. “We caught that Aunt Hua…”

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