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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 169

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 169

Wanyue Group.

“Wanyue Group” — on the wall behind the front desk were these big, gold-inlaid words. It was hard to ignore them as they looked simply magnificent.

“I’m sorry, you need an appointment to meet the President,” the receptionist said matter-of-factly.

Qin Ya stood anxiously at the front desk and begged, “I really need to see the President. I need to ask him something and it’s very urgent.”

Lin Xinyan hadn’t been to the shop for two days and was uncontactable. She had moved to Zong Jinghao’s villa, but Qin Ya didn’t know where the villa was and was a little worried. She wanted to ask Zong Jinghao why Lin Xinyan hadn’t been coming to the shop.

They had just opened for business, and many customers came especially for her. Her absence might be seen as a lack of sincerity.

Furthermore, Lin Xinyan was serious and enthusiastic about her work. She wouldn’t skip work without any notice.

If she had got in touch and said that she couldn’t make it to the store because she had something on, at least Qin Ya wouldn’t be so worried. The problem was, she couldn’t be contacted at all.

How could she not worry?

“I’m very sorry. I can’t let you pass without an appointment. If he were to waste his time meeting everyone who comes to him without an appointment, he wouldn’t need to work anymore.” The receptionist kept her grace, but her attitude was no longer gentle. She was annoyed by Qin Ya’s pestering.

“Can’t you bend the rules this once? Or, could you connect me to your President through the phone? I’ll just pass him a message, that’ll do.”

“No. You can wait at the lobby by all means and approach him when he comes down. If he’s willing to listen to you, you can talk to him all you want.

“Why are you so inflexible?”

“Sorry, it’s my job.”

Qin Ya drooped her head. The people in this big company were so unreasonable. All she wanted was to see Zong Jinghao.

“Hey, Ms. Qin.” Su Zhan came in idly through the door, twirling the car key in his hand.

Qin Ya couldn’t be bothered by him and turned and walked away.

“Hey.” He grabbed Qin Ya’s arm as she passed by. “I’m not a monster. There’s no need to shun me. We’re friends after all, so it doesn’t hurt to say ‘hello’. Aren’t you being a little rude now?”

Qin Ya frowned and shook him off. “It depends on who I’m dealing with. You’re all handsy the moment we met. People might mistake you for a pervert.”

Su Zhan raised his eyebrows and dusted his clean suit. He threw a sidelong glance at Qin Ya and said, “Watch your words. I can sue you for libel.”

Qin Ya’s expression darkened, and rebuked, “That’s crazy. You’re the one who approached me, and now you’re pointing the finger at me? What an eye-opener.”

Su Zhan didn’t mean what he said. He was just teasing her. Seeing how riled up she was, a wry smile appeared on his face.

“Looking for Jinghao?” He overheard her conversation with the receptionist as he stepped in.

Before Qin Ya could reply, he continued, “Fell in love with Jinghao?”

“What nonsense is that?” Qin Ya was flushed with anger. Zong Jinghao was indeed good-looking, mature and charming, but she knew very well he belonged to Lin Xinyan.

That thought never crossed her mind, and he actually teased her for that?

He’s a beast!

“Angry?” Su Zhan craned his neck to look at her.

Qin Ya barely resisted the urge to slap him. She glared angrily at him and hurried off.

Su Zhan curled his lips. He stood there with a know-it-all expression on his face. “You’re here to ask Jinghao about Ms. Lin?”

Su Zhan was at Shen Peichuan’s to discuss the matter of suing He Ruilin. He learnt from Shen Peichuan that Lin Xinyan had been uncontactable. He heard that Zong Jinghao was troubled over this matter, so he stopped by to visit his good friend.

Qin Ya stopped in her tracks. He knows about Lin Xinyan.

However, put off by his impudence, Qin Ya did not respond at once.

“As a friend, aren’t you concerned that Ms. Lin’s in trouble?” Su Zhan turned to look at Qin Ya, who was obviously hesitant.

Lin Xinyan’s in trouble? How can it be?

Qin Ya did not believe his words. If it came from someone else, she wouldn’t have doubted it. She did not have a good impression of this man.

“Don’t try to fool me. Everything’s well with Ms. Lin. What grudge do you have against her to curse her like that?”

Su Zhan was at a loss for words.

She actually doubted his words?

“Am I really that lousy?”

“When are you not?” Qin Ya stared at him coldly. She wasn’t going to waste any more breath on him.

Seeing that Qin Ya was angry, Su Zhan assumed a serious stance and explained, “Ms. Lin has been missing for two days without a trace. Nobody knows if she’s still in B City. Believe me or not.” That said, Su Zhan walked towards the front desk. He stood there and rested his hands on the reflective desk, and said to the receptionist, “In future, take the hint.”

Su Zhan was not a frequent visitor, but his relationship with Zong Jinghao was well-known in the company. The receptionist had long taken notice of his interaction with Qin Ya.

Su Zhan knows her.

She must have had a reason to see Mr. Zong.

But she had never seen this woman before. Who is she?

Out of curiosity, she couldn’t help but ask, “Who is she?”

Su Zhan raised his brows, “It’s none of your business. Don’t be a nosy parker and do your job.”

The receptionist pursed her lips and replied dryly, “Got it. I won’t ask.”

“Way to go.” Su Zhan smiled at her and shot her a flirtatious look.

The receptionist swallowed. Although Su Zhan wasn’t as charming as Zong Jinghao, he was still above average.

More importantly, he had winked at her.

The receptionist swooned over Su Zhan, not realizing she was about to drool all over the place.

Su Zhan clicked his tongue in disdain.

Lin Xinyan’s missing? Is that true?

Qin Ya’s mind was in a whirl as she looked at Su Zhan. She was really worried about Lin Xinyan, so much that she was willing to overlook how much she loathed Su Zhan.

After all, she hadn’t been able to get in touch with Lin Xinyan the last two days.

Su Zhan looked at her as if he was looking at a fool. “This isn’t a joking matter. Why would I lie to you?”

“What do we do now?” Qin Ya was on the verge of tears. “What will happen to Xichen and Ruixi?”

Su Zhan was confused, “Who’s Xichen and Ruixi?”

“Ms. Lin’s children.”

“Wait…” Su Zhan walked over and pulled her to a side. Lin Xinyan and Zong Jinghao were married for a short period of time, but they had the wedding in secret. Not many people were in the know; only a few close relations of Zong Jinghao knew about it.

And here, someone was telling him that Lin Xinyan had become a mother.

Who’s the father of the children? Zong Jinghao?


After all, they had been separated for years. It might not be Zong Jinghao’s.

Also, does Zong Jinghao know that Lin Xinyan had given birth?

“How old are the kids?”

“They’re five this year, six by traditional age. They’re a pair of twins. Why?” Qin Ya had her guard up seeing the wary look in Su Zhan’s eyes. Why is he asking about that?

“Do you know Ms. Lin was once married?” Su Zhan asked.


Lin Xinyan hadn’t told anyone about herself. She had not told Qin Ya about her short-lived marriage either. It was purely Qin Ya’s own guess.

Lin Xinyan was not a promiscuous woman. She had been by her side for years and knew very well the kind of person Lin Xinyan was. She wouldn’t have given birth to the kids if she wasn’t married.

And from what she had observed, her ex-husband was Zong Jinghao. She had no idea why they were divorced, but she could tell that Zong Jinghao still had feelings for Lin Xinyan.

Su Zhan clicked his tongue, “So you know about it. Looks like you’re pretty close with Ms. Lin. Do you know who their Daddy…”

“What are you trying to say?” Qin Ya gave a cold snort. She could tell that he was having doubts about Zong Jinghao being the father of the two kids.

“Ms. Lin is not a promiscuous woman. Don’t be oversensitive and think the worst of others.” Qin Ya was riled up by Su Zhan once again for doubting Lin Xinyan and the kids.

Lin Xinyan had raised the kids all by herself. Not once had Zong Jinghao done his duty as their father. And now, even his friend was doubting whether the kids were Zong Jinghao’s. How could she not be angry?

Su Zhan looked at her. “You’re angry again.”

“I have nothing to say to you.” Qin Ya did not want to deal with him at all. Out of courtesy, she still thanked him, “Thanks for letting me know about Ms. Lin.”

She turned and walked away. Su Zhan caught up to her, “Wait.”

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