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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 157

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 157

Shen Peichuan and He Ruilin looked at the door almost at the same time.

Zong Jinghao stood at the door, the light shining on him and shadowing most of his expression. His bony fingers were picking the buttons on the cuffs, which were then rolled up to reveal half of his strong forearms.

The expression on his face was so calm that it sent a chill down He Ruilin’s spine. She knew very well what Zong Jinghao would do.

Her heart was racing fiercely. “If you kill me, you will never know her whereabouts.”

Zong Jinghao curled his lips. “Peichuan, you should excuse yourself.”

Shen Peichuan didn’t dare to move. If he killed her recklessly, it would be troublesome.


“Get out!”

“I want to see my lawyer!” He Ruilin panicked.

She wanted to escape, but her hands were handcuffed, and she was fixed on the chair, unable to move.

“You have no proof that I’ve abducted Lin Xinyan. If you hit me, you’re breaking the law!” He Ruilin yelled in panic, “Shen Peichuan, hurry up and take him away!”

Shen Peichuan threw his hands up. “I’m sorry. I can’t do anything.”

Then, he left the interrogation room. Obviously, it was hard to make her speak if they didn’t use any means.

Shen Peichuan walked out of the interrogation room and closed the door behind.

“Jinghao, relax.” He Ruilin was very flustered.

She was afraid that he would really kill her.

Standing condescendingly in front of her, Zong Jinghao reached out to lift her chin, and looked carefully at her face, the look in his eyes growing colder. “You said it was you that night.”

He Ruilin panicked. “W-What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

I-It is impossible for him to know the truth of that night. Everyone who knew was dead, while those alive would keep a secret for me.

He won’t know it. He will never know it!

“Do you?” Zong Jinghao sneered. “Let me tell you, I never touched you.”

Considering that she rescued him, he believed her at the time and did not investigate the incident that night.

But because of this, he missed Lin Xinyan.

He had missed her for six years.

Zong Jinghao’s grip was so powerful that He Ruilin couldn’t hold it, as her whole body trembled in pain.

He looked at her fiercely, while tightening his grip. He Ruilin shouted his name in a sobbing tone, and before she could finish, the force exerted by his fingertips forcibly shut her moving jaw in an instant.

“Who are you impersonating?”

He Ruilin’s eyes widened in horror. Does he know?

How did he know?

Why would he know?

Tears rolled down from He Ruilin’s eyes, as she laughed crazily. “Since you know, I won’t hide it from you. You’re right, it was not me that night, it was a woman I found.”

She looked at Zong Jinghao resentfully. “I met you first and saved you when I was a kid. Later, you kept me by your side, but never gave me an official status. You know, I am a normal woman, and I need someone to love me, and spoil me, but you never showed me any affection.”

“Later, when you were poisoned, I knew that my opportunity had come, but at that time, I had lost my virginity, so I spent a sum of money to find a local virgin woman and sent her to that room. When she came out, I went in, creating a false impression that it was me, and deliberately making you think that you took my virginity, so that you would be responsible for me.”

She smiled. “It turns out that I was right. You felt guilty and took responsibility toward me. You were very good to me, and even promised to marry me.”

She looked sad. “However, I didn’t expect that the woman is not someone from Country A, but a Chinese woman. What was even more surprising to me was that she is actually the woman you had a marriage contract with. So I panicked. I was afraid that you would discover her identity. Therefore, I deliberately said that I was pregnant, and then faked a car accident, so that I had a miscarriage. The ultimate goal was to get you to divorce her.”

She looked at the man and smiled obsessively. “You know what? In order to make her disappear from your world completely, I also arranged a car accident for her. She needed to have a taste of the pain I’d suffered. I wanted her to die in that car accident, but she was lucky to escape alive. However—”

She smiled viciously. “This time, she won’t be so lucky.”


All of a sudden, a slap landed on her cheek at a lightning speed, causing her face to swell up almost instantly.

He Ruilin tilted her head, feeling the pain burning like an electric shock on her face. The surrounding sound was muted temporarily. Instead, there was a buzzing sound in the depths of her mind, while the smell of blood filled her mouth. Obviously, Zong Jinghao wasn’t holding back at all.

Zong Jinghao grabbed her chin again, almost dislocating her jaw. “Say it, where is she?!”

“I don’t know!” He Ruilin gritted her teeth. “She can never get what I can’t get!”

She grinned; her teeth full of blood. “You could whistle for her too.”

Then, she burst out laughing so crazily that others couldn’t do anything about her.

At this time, the door of the interrogation room was pushed open, and Shen Peichuan walked in quickly. “We’ve got a lead.”

“My subordinates tracked her near Soulmate Bar and found Ms. Lin’s phone.”

Zong Jinghao let go of He Ruilin. Shen Peichuan then handed him a piece of tissue as there was blood on his hand.

Zong Jinghao wiped his fingers, while staring at He Ruilin gloomily. “If something happens to her, you won’t live long either.”

Then, he turned to leave.

Shen Peichuan glanced at He Ruilin and sighed. “Why do you have to do all these?”

How can she be so twisted?

He Ruilin cried and swallowed a mouthful of blood. “He let me down first.”

Shen Peichuan didn’t know how to tell her clearly.

Zong Jinghao kept her by his side only because she saved him before, so he felt that he should give her a good job in return.

How could she see it as love?


Shen Peichuan sighed and asked his subordinates to lock her up first. He then quickly followed Zong Jinghao outside and got in the car.

Seeing how insane He Ruilin was, Shen Peichuan planned for the worst in his heart. For several times, he wanted to speak, but lacked courage.

“We just found a lead, not her.” Shen Peichuan prepared him better in advance.

The gaze that Zong Jinghao cast over was as sharp as a knife.

“Ms. Lin will definitely be fine. She is a lucky person. We will definitely find her in one piece.

Shen Peichuan immediately rephrased his sentence.

Obviously, Lin Xinyan was an untouchable taboo for him.

He dared not to say something ominous in front of him.

Shen Peichuan had seen his subordinates from afar. Having parked the car, he opened the door, and got off.

Seeing them walking over, the head of his subordinates scurried over. “Mr. Zong, Chief Shen, this is the phone we found in the corner.”

As he said, he handed it over, and turned the computer screen in his hand to face them. “This is footage from a surveillance camera nearby. Only this camera captured the footage.”

The man pointed at the surveillance camera in the corner. “It shows that she got in a van. It is a bit difficult to trace the van. The scope is too wide, and…”

“We need to trace it no matter what. Hurry up,” Shen Peichuan interrupted his subordinates.

The man was helpless as well. “Okay, I will go look into that now, and continue to send more people to find her.”

The day was breaking.

No trace of Lin Xinyan was found after a long night.

Leaning against the car, Zong Jinghao lowered his head, and looked at the phone in his hand. This was indeed Lin Xinyan’s phone.

He swiped the screen lightly, and the screen lit up. She didn’t set a password, so Zong Jinghao easily unlocked her phone.

He checked her WeChat, MIS, and QQ, finding nothing suspicious, until he viewed her text messages…

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