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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 156

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 156

He Ruilin seemed to know why they were here. She knew that this day would come sooner or later, but she didn’t know it would come so soon.

“None of your business.” She stopped laughing.

Shen Peichuan suddenly felt that this woman was like a lunatic.

“Where’s Lin Xinyan?” A gloomy sound was heard coming from the dark.

“How would I know where she is?” He Ruilin smirked. “Why? Can’t you find her? Could it be that she runs away with that man—”

Before she finished her words, she felt a strong wind brushing past, as a hand grabbed her by the throat like iron pliers, causing her unfinished words to be stuck in her throat.

She could barely breathe, as her face flushed.

“Say it, where is she?” His eyes were bloodshot, due to his heartache from his failure to notice Lin Xinyan’s disappearance and protect her.

Seeing how Zong Jinghao got angry because of Lin Xinyan, He Ruilin wanted to laugh.

However, the laughter squeezed out of her throat was like broken bellows, as there was a harsh and unpleasant ho ho sound.

Zong Jinghao tightened his grip, almost restraining all the space where she breathed. He looked like he would choke her to death if she refused to tell him!

When Shen Peichuan saw it, he realized that he was really going to choke her to death.

So, he hurriedly persuaded, “It is important to find Ms. Lin now. He Ruilin is the key person. Where should we find her if she’s dead?”

“If she dies, we really can’t find her anymore!” Shen Peichuan continued to persuade him after seeing him refusing to let go of her.

Zong Jinghao was losing his mind, but he could also listen to Shen Peichuan’s words at this moment. It was now important to find Lin Xinyan first.

He let go of He Ruilin forcefully, causing her to fall on the steps after being thrown through the air like a parabola. Her forehead hit the corner of the steps, and after a moment of stabbing pain, she felt something warm flowing down from her forehead.

As the oxygen returned, she opened her mouth, gasping for air.

Shen Peichuan did not allow her more time to relieve the pain of suffocation, as he reached out to lift her up and threw her into the car. “Let’s see if your stubbornness or my skills will prevail.”

Shen Peichuan had interrogated all kinds of criminals. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t make this woman talk.

This time, Shen Peichuan quickly got in the car. “I’ll drive.”

He dared not to sit in the car that Zong Jinghao drove. It was too terrifying.

Zong Jinghao’s face was gloomy, as he said nothing. He just wanted to find Lin Xinyan’s whereabouts as soon as possible now.

“Chief Shen.” Just when Shen Peichuan was about to take her away, He Wenhuai walked out of the house. “Isn’t it inappropriate for you to take my daughter away like this? What law did she break? Show me the evidence.”

He was angry that He Ruilin always got into trouble but watching her being taken away like this was like a slap in the face of the He family.

He came not for the safety of He Ruilin, but because of the pride of the He family.

“Chairman He can rest assured that I will not arrest a good person by mistake, and of course I will not let a bad guy go. If she turns out to be innocent, I will come to your door to apologize.”

Then, Shen Peichuan slammed on the gas pedal, while the car passed by him like a strong wind, and quickly disappeared from his sight.

He Ruixing stood beside He Wenhuai. “Will she be alright this time?”

He wasn’t sure.

He Wenhuai was also uncertain about it. “Go and find out what is happening this time?”

He seemed to have no strength to be angry.

“Okay, I will find out as soon as possible.” Then, He Ruixing went into the house to get changed.

Meanwhile, He Ruilin was brought into the interrogation room.

There was a light bulb glowing with a white fluorescent light on the ceiling, and a table inside the small room. He Ruilin was sitting on one side of the table.

Shen Peichuan showed her a video of her visiting Shen Xiuqing. “Tell me, why did you see her?”

“The person in the video is wearing a mask. Why do you say it’s me?” He Ruilin was surprisingly calm.

Shen Peichuan sneered. “Our technician has done an analysis which shows that the person is indeed you.”

“So, what if it’s me?”

“Why did you go and see her?”

“Can’t I visit my friend?” He Ruilin asked him instead.

Shen Peichuan narrowed his eyes. She seems to come prepared.

I’m afraid I can’t get anything out from her if this continues.

He nodded his head. “Fine.” He gave He Ruilin a thumbs up. “I didn’t know you have such a sharp tongue.”

She was with Zong Jinghao previously, so Shen Peichuan knew her as well. He used to think she was pretty good, but somehow, she had changed into a loathsome person.

Everything in the interrogation room was presented on a display screen in the monitoring room.

Zong Jinghao sat in front of the screen, so he clearly saw everything that happened in the interrogation room earlier.

Obviously, He Ruilin was well prepared, otherwise, she would not be so calm, and be able to answer Shen Peichuan’s interrogation fluently.

“What should we do?” Shen Peichuan stood at the door of the monitoring room.

He was actually sounding out Zong Jinghao’s attitude.

Since the gentle way wasn’t working, he had to resort to force. It was just that He Ruilin used to be with Zong Jinghao, he wasn’t sure if Zong Jinghao was fine with him doing it the hard way.

“Don’t need to sound me out.” Then, his voice was overflowed with a dangerous tone. “Don’t tell me that you can’t even get anything out of a woman’s mouth.”

Shen Peichuan was relieved. With Zong Jinghao’s words, he would go to all lengths without scruples.

Shen Peichuan returned to the interrogation room. “Do you know what I was doing just now?”

Before He Ruilin could answer, he said, “I went to see Zong Jinghao. I asked him if he still cherishes his past relationship with you. If he does, I will show mercy to you; if he doesn’t…”

Although he didn’t finish his sentence, everyone knew it well.

He Ruilin knew that Zong Jinghao didn’t like her and was only cruel to her.

But after hearing what Shen Peichuan said, she was still hopeful.

She clenched her hands unconsciously, while her voice trembled. “What did he say?”

Shen Peichuan smiled. “I just think you are very pathetic.”

“Obviously you were with Jinghao first, why you ended up like this?”

Yes, I obviously knew Zong Jinghao first, so why would I come to this point?

“Have you ever heard a saying?” Shen Peichuan asked.

“What is it?”

“What is done by night appears by day. You could’ve kept him, but you keep getting up to little tricks. He can tolerate you once, twice, or three times, but there’s a limit to his patience. When you’ve crossed the line, he will leave you without hesitation.”

“What the hell are you trying to say?” He Ruilin’s face changed.

“I want to tell you to be kind. No matter how beautiful you look, no one would appreciate your outer beauty if you’re black-hearted.”

He Ruilin laughed wildly. “Knock it off, Shen Peichuan. You’re beating around the bushes just to get Lin Xinyan’s whereabouts out of my mouth, aren’t you?”

Then, she looked up at the CCTV installed on the wall. She knew that Zong Jinghao must be monitoring the room, and that he must be able to hear her.

She stared at the monitor and said clearly, “I don’t know where she is. Even if I know, I won’t say it. I hate her and can’t wait for her to die. Maybe, she is dead now.”

Shen Peichuan frowned. “Force me to get tough with you, huh?”

He Ruilin smiled. “You have no evidence. If you dare to hurt me, I will sue you!”

“He Ruilin, you don’t know what I can do.” Shen Peichuan’s face clouded over.


The door of the interrogation room was suddenly kicked open!

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