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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 152

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 152

Lin Xichen held his sister’s hands. “Let’s go and look for mommy. This is not our house and he’s not our daddy.”

Lin Ruixi was unwilling to go. She did not understand why her brother was suddenly angry. “This is daddy…”

“No!” Lin Xichen had never been as aggressive as now towards his sister. This time, he was really angry. Could she not see that he did not want to acknowledge them?

Why did they have to continue staying here?

Lin Ruixi started crying from her brother’s harsh words. Her eyes were red and there was water. Her shoulders were shaking as she cried.

However, she did not dare to make a sound. Xichen seemed angry.

She carefully reached out to touch Lin Xichen’s hand. “Xichen—”

“Don’t call me. Go and call for your heartless daddy. Don’t look for me and don’t look for mommy!”

Lin Ruixi wailed.

Her tears fell as she sobbed. She rushed to hold her brother’s hand, afraid that he would not want her anymore.

Although she wanted daddy, it was her brother that she was closer to.

After all, they came from the same womb and she had lived with him for six years. Their relationship went deeper than blood.

It was not comparable with the daddy that she had just met for a few days.

“Xichen, Ruixi knows she’s wrong. Ruixi doesn’t want daddy anymore, please don’t leave Ruixi alone.”

“What are you crying for? You still have a mommy that loves you!” Lin Xichen wiped his sister’s tears away. His eyes were also red and watery. His tears remained stubbornly in his eyes and never fell.

He held onto his sister’s hand. “Let’s go. Let’s look for mommy.”

“Where are you two going at this time of the day?” Zhuang Zijin rushed over to stop them.

When Yuxiu and Zong Qifeng came here, they had spoken to her personally. She knew the reason for why they were here.

She was not clear on what had happened in between and why these two children were Zong Jinghao.

However, the results from the DNA test were not fake. Furthermore, Zong Qifeng was not a fool, he would not take in children that were not blood-related to him as his grandchildren.

The Zongs was a rich family with good status. They would not have taken these kinds of things as a joke.

For them, blood relation was important.

Lin Xichen looked up at Zhuang Zijin with wide eyes. “I want to look for mommy.”

He widened his eyes and tried his best not to let his tears fall.

He did not want to cry in front of the heartless man.

He did not want him to see him as a weak boy.

Zhuang Zijin tried to console Lin Xichen. “I’ll give a call to your mommy, okay? We won’t know where she is without asking her. Wait for me here and I’ll get my phone, okay?”

“No. I want to look for mommy now.” Lin Xichen could not wait a second longer.


Aunt Yu had also tried to convince him.

When she saw the two children like that, she could not help but feel upset.

Yuxiu’s head was turned away as she secretly wiped her tears away. The two children made her heart break.

No one could console Lin Xichen; he was determined to leave the house.

“There’s no need to console me. And don’t need to cry thinking that my sister and I are pitiful. We’re not. We have a mommy and she loves us a lot. She bathes for us, she accompanies us to sleep, she reads stories to us, she teaches us to read. She teaches how to be good people. We only need mommy. We’re not pitiful.”

When he finished, Lin Xichen pulled his sister and started leaving.

“I’ll go with you.” Zhuang Zijin hurriedly followed them.

However, there was someone faster than her and a dark figure rushed beside her. Zong Jinghao, who had not said anything until now, stopped in front of Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi. His voice was low and rough as he said, “It’s dark outside. Where are you two going?”

“Please move aside. We’re going to look for our mommy.” Lin Xichen kept his head tilted upwards. He was already crying, but he still tried to stay strong.

When he looked at Lin Xichen’s stubborn expression, he felt his chest went numb and it felt like the air was thin. He bent his back, and only then he felt like he could take another breath.

He kneeled on one knee in front of them and looked at their faces. He looked at every spot on their faces. His hand trembled as he reached out, wanting to touch their faces. Yet midway, he stopped.

He did not dare to.

He had never been so flustered in his life.

This “truth” was too much of a shock for him.

He suddenly had a son and a daughter.

And it was the woman he loves that had given birth to them.

How could he not feel agitated?

He had never done his responsibility for these two children; how could he not feel guilty?

How could he feel relieved with the fact that they had been living with their mother for six years and he had never known about their existence?

“Please move aside. We’re going to look for our mommy.” Lin Xichen wanted to push away the mountain of a figure in front of him.

“I’ll bring you to look for her, okay?” His voice was trembling.

And he said his words so carefully.

“No need.” Lin Xichen rejected him.

“I’ll call mommy and tell her to pick us up.” He unlocked his smartwatch to dial Lin Xinyan’s number.

However, he only could hear a female voice answering him, “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please call again later.”

Lin Xichen did not give up and he dialed her number again. Once again, he had gotten the same reply. “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please call again later.”

Lin Xichen frowned. Mommy would never let her number be unable to call through. She would not lose contact with grandma and him.

What was going on?

“I know where she is. I’ll bring you there.” Zong Jinghao had never tried to please anyone in his life. Today was the first time, and he did it willingly.

Lin Xichen still did not agree with him.

In his eyes, Zong Jinghao’s silence was his denial to acknowledge him. He was upset and disappointed with him.

Lin Ruixi did not dare to say yes to him despite wanting to. She quietly pulled on her brother’s hand. “Let daddy bring us to find mommy.”

“He’s not daddy!” Lin Xichen, who had calmed down, turned angry again.

Lin Ruixi shrunk from his volume. She did not dare to say anything else. She could only hold back her tears. “I… I’ll stop calling him that. I won’t…” She choked back a sob. “I won’t make Xichen angry anymore.”

Lin Xichen knew that he was being angry at the wrong person. He hugged his sister. “I’m sorry, Ruixi. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s okay, Xichen. I know Xichen and mommy love Ruixi.” Lin Ruixi hugged her brother. “Xichen, I miss mommy.”

Lin Xichen looked at Zong Jinghao and contemplated before finally asking, “Do you really know where my mommy is?”

Zong Jinghao nodded. “Yes, of course.”

Lin Xichen thought for a little longer. “Okay, thank you.”

It sounded polite, as if they were strangers.

It was as if their closeness were gone.

Zong Jinghao’s expression froze but it returned to normal quickly. He knew that Lin Xichen was angry at him.

He reached out to carry Lin Ruixi. After all, the girl was clingy to him.

For the first time, Lin Ruixi took a step back and looked at her brother carefully. She wanted her daddy to hug her, but she was afraid of her brother getting angry.

Lin Xichen shook his sister’s hand. “I’ll hold your hand. We’ll see mommy soon.”

Zong Jinghao kept his hand that was hanging in midair. He suppressed the turmoil in him and forced his voice to sound calm. “Let’s go.”

His footsteps were slow as he waited for the two children to catch up.

Lin Xichen was good with taking care of his sister. He opened the car door and let her enter the car first. He climbed in after her and helped her buckle her safety belt then his. He did not need Zong Jinghao’s help at all.

Zong Jinghao watched from through the rearview mirror. They had soft and cute faces. He had not thought about it before, but now he felt like they looked a lot like him.

He tightened his hand and gripped onto the steering wheel. The vein on his hand popped. The waves in his heart surged again and again along with the turmoil in his heart.

He managed to calm himself a while after and started his car. Lin Xinyan had said that she was returning to the shop to get her things, so he was driving towards LEO.

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