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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 150

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 150

He raised the corner of his lips, but he was neither joyous nor angry. “It’s hot.”

Lin Xinyan followed his gaze down and realized that the knot she had made earlier to drive easier had not been released.

She was about to explain but Zong Jinghao opened the door and cut her off. He took out his suit jacket from the car and draped it over her. “Get in.”

She did not know when he had taken his jacket off, but his warmth and scent still lingered on it. She felt comfortable in it.

Lin Xinyan went into the car. Recalling Yu Doudou’s question, she asked, “I heard from Yu Doudou that you’re still not planning to work on the case?”

Zong Jinghao looked at her. “He came to look for you?”

Lin Xinyan nodded in honesty. “Yes.”

“It’s not appropriate.” After all, He Ruize had just entered prison. If he exposed that He Ruilin had committed a murder now, there would be enmity between his family and the He family.

It was not that he was afraid of the He family, but that there were rules between the families.

However, He Wenhuai seemed to be unhappy with him based on his earlier actions. He did not know what He Wenhuai was going to do next.

“Don’t worry. It’s in good hands. It’s just not the right time yet.”

Lin Xinyan felt her anxiety disappear. Although she was involved with this case, it was not as important to her as it was important to Yu Doudou. After all, his brother had died because of it. Although his brother had his own faults, he did not deserve to die.

Zong Jinghao held her hand in his.

As if his large hands had the magic to comfort her, Lin Xinyan felt herself calm down.

“You won’t even need to appear in court.” Zong Jinghao had planned it out. He was only going to let Yu Doudou appear in public.

The He family already had a son in prison. It would be a public embarrassment if their daughter was jailed too.

They would not take the embarrassment quietly. Whoever that appeared in public would be the He family’s target for revenge.

He would not put Lin Xinyan in danger.

“Okay.” Lin Xinyan did not think it was as complicated as he did. The enmity between her and He Ruilin was long formed.

She felt tired, and she leaned against the chair with closed eyes.

The interior of the car became quiet. The two no longer kept up the conversation as they contemplated with their affairs.

As if thinking of something, Lin Xinyan suddenly turned to look at Zong Jinghao. “What happened to Shen Xiuqing? Did you find out anything? Why did she appear today? Is there someone behind the scenes?”

Zong Jinghao’s eyes slightly turned away from her gaze. He said quietly, “I’m still checking it.”

He did not mention Shen Xiuqing’s death, just in case she started overthinking.

He was going to find out the reason for her death and who was behind the scenes.

Lin Xinyan nodded and leaned back on the chair. She was about to close her eyes again when her phone vibrated. She jumped as if she had gotten an electric shock. She lowered her head and unlocked her phone. It was another photo and in the photo was her taking the money from the woman.

A text message followed after the photo: You took the money and sold yourself. You were pregnant but you don’t want to know who the father of your babies is?”

Her hand started shaking uncontrollably and anxiety rushed into her head. She quickly typed out a text message. Who are you? What are you aiming for? How did you know about this?

Without hesitation, she pressed the send button.

“What’s wrong?” Zong Jinghao realized that she seemed uncomfortable.

Lin Xinyan could not control her rapid breaths, so she lied, “Ya just asked me some questions about work.”

Zong Jinghao did not suspect her. His gaze swept across her face. “Tell me if there’s anything.”

“Okay.” Lin Xinyan lowered her head.

How could she tell him about this?

Was she going to tell him that she had sold herself?

That she had sold her body?

She did not know how many more evidence was in the other party’s hands. She was afraid that her past would come into light.

She was especially afraid that he would find out about it.

To be honest, she still could not fully trust Zong Jinghao.

There was a large valley that distanced her from Zong Jinghao.

Did he really not mind that she was no longer a virgin?

Did he really not mind that she has had children?

He just avoided it.

It was not that he did not mind.

He just closed his eyes and pretended not to see them.

Soon, another message came in again.

Lin Xinyan clicked on it.

A witness.

It was just two words, but it was as if it was a bolt of lightning that struck her.

A witness?

The man from that night?

Lin Xinyan was in a panic.

At this moment, He Ruilin was in a bar and there was an unfinished glass of wine on her table.

Her lips were turned upwards as she sent another message. You can contact me any time you want to see me. I’ve heard that you have a shop opening today. Congratulations.

The anxious feeling she had worsened and it enveloped her entire body. She knew nothing about the other party, but that person seemed to know everything about her.

She felt like she was being watched and it felt terrible.

There was a person who could come out any time to disrupt her life.

While she had spaced out, the car had stopped at the villa.

On one side was a car that neither belonged to Zong Jinghao nor Lin Xinyan.

Zong Jinghao came down from the car and he frowned when he looked at the car beside his. His expression darkened.

“Young master.” Mr. Feng did not enter the house and was standing by the door, as if he was waiting for them to return.

When he saw them, he immediately went over to greet them.

“Is there a reason for why they are here?” There was a hint of coldness in his tone.

They were rarely here and Zong Jinghao was unhappy with their sudden appearance.

Mr. Feng smiled. “Of course, there is.”

He turned his gaze to Lin Xinyan. “This must be Young Mistress.”

Lin Xinyan kept silent.

She did not know how to react to the title.

“Let’s enter quickly. They’ve been waiting for the two of you.” Mr. Feng smiled as he went to open the door.

Lin Xinyan stood on one side and looked at Zong Jinghao. “Your parents are here?”

Zong Jinghao did not answer her. It was obvious that they were here.

“They’re rarely here.” His tone was dark, and there was a hint of rejection in it that was barely detectable.

Lin Xinyan felt an inexplicable panic. Although she had seen Yuxiu, she had not officially met with Zong Jinghao’s father.

She felt nervous meeting with his parents.

Seeing her hesitation, Zong Jinghao reached out to hold her hand. “I’m here for you. What are you afraid of?”

“Who’s afraid.” Lin Xinyan pretended to be firm.

Although, she was panicking internally.

She did not know why they were here.

At the bar.

He Ruilin took a sip of her wine. She felt bored and so she took out her phone and sent two more photos to Lin Xinyan. This time, it was not her photo, but Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi’s.

And it was a recent photo.

This time, she was well prepared.

She knew that Lin Xinyan cared deeply for her children.

Now that the children were living in Zong Jinghao’s villa and the children were always supervised, she had no chance to do anything. However, she could still secretly take photos of them.

She finished the wine in her glass and typed a sentence to her.

Your children are cute. They look like you and their dad.”

Lin Xinyan’s phone vibrated again. She clicked on the messages and panicked when she read the new message.

How did he have Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi’s photos?

Was he watching her?

Her entire life was exposed to a stranger and she felt terrified.

She could not calm down especially when her two children might be in danger.

“What’s wrong?”

Zong Jinghao looked back at her when Lin Xinyan suddenly stopped walking.

She looked at Zong Jinghao and was silent a second. “I left something at the store. I need to go back and take it.”

She took her hand from Zong Jinghao’s hand.

“Is it that important?” Zong Jinghao looked suspiciously at the phone she was gripping tight.

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