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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 143

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 143

Bang, bang…

Zong Qifeng didn’t even look up when someone knocked on the door. He just calmly gave his permission to come in while focusing entirely on his brush writing.

Mr. Feng pushed the door and said, “Aunt Yu is here.”

Aunt Yu? Zong Qifeng forgot about this person.

Mr. Feng reminded him and said, “The maid brought along by the late Madam when she’s married into the family.”

Zong Qifeng suddenly recalled about her and asked calmly, “Why is she here?”

“I’m not sure, but I saw a little boy with her.” Mr. Feng recalled the little boy’s face and said rather solemnly, “That boy might be young master’s child.”

Since he had served the Zong family for many years and saw Zong Jinghao when he was still young, he thought that the boy looked exactly the same as Zong Jinghao when he was a boy.

“What?” Zong Qifeng looked confusedly at Mr. Feng and asked, “He has children now?”

Why doesn’t he know?

He put down his writing brush, walked out of the study and said, “Let’s go and take a look.”

As if a thought flashed through his mind, he said, “Go upstairs to ask her to come along.”

Yuxiu was taking a rest upstairs as she wasn’t feeling well these two days.

“Alright.” Mr. Feng turned around and went upstairs.

Zong Qifeng went to the living room first and saw Aunt Yu and Lin Xichen sitting on the couch. After noticing a little head from the back of the couch, he hesitated for a while and quickly came up to them.

He wanted to see Lin Xichen’ face as soon as he could.

When Zong Qifeng was coming up to them, Aunt Yu stood up.

“You’re here.” Zong Qifeng looked calm.

Aunt Yu nodded and said, “It’s been a long time.”

Although their villas were not far from each other’s, they rarely had the chance to meet. The last time they met was when Zong Jinghao got married, Zong Qifeng asked her to come here and questioned her.

Zong Qifeng sighed deeply. Indeed, time flies and they are all old now.

“This kid?” He looked at Lin Xichen who had fair skin and a pair of sparkling eyes that looked as clear as a fresh spring. This little face, these eyes…

Lin Xichen was staring at him too. He had a face with clear-cut features as well as a pair of eyes with wrinkles on their sides and was standing straight in his Chinese tunic suit.

Lin Xichen blinked his eyes while nervously trying to grab his own sleeves with his little hands. Is this his grandfather?

Is he dreaming? It felt like a fantasy to him.

Aunt Yu hesitated for quite some time as she didn’t know what to say to them. Finally, she said, “Young master was married once…”

It’s rather abrupt to mention about his marriage as it was short-lived and happened long ago.

“Um.” Zong Qifeng understood it.

But what he was puzzled about was that, if this kid was really Zong Jinghao’s child, why was she bringing him here now only after he’s grown up?

“Young master divorced Ms. Lin in the past, am I correct? They were born only after they were divorced.” Aunt Yu looked down at Lin Xichen’s head, caressed him gently and said, “Ms. Lin might have felt disgruntled after they were divorced, and so she didn’t tell young master that the children were his. Therefore, I’m here to…”

Since Lin Xichen was here, she couldn’t say explicitly that she hoped the children could do paternity testing with Zong Jinghao.

That would hurt their feelings a lot.

“Two?” Zong Qifeng didn’t really get it.

Would it be that he has another child?

Aunt Yu explained smilingly, “Xichen had another sister, and they are twins.”

“What twins?” Yuxiu was coming downstairs. She put on extra clothes and looked pale, as if she was seriously ill.

“We will talk in the study.” Noticing that Aunt Yu was having some reservations, Zong Qifeng ordered his maid to take care of Lin Xichen in the living room and said, “Make some food for him.”

“I’m not hungry.” Lin Xichen said.

Zong Qifeng replied, “Fine. Let the maid bring you to walk around.”

“Sure. Thank you.” Lin Xichen really wanted to take a look at this place. Is this where his father used to live when he was young?

He followed the maid expectantly.

Yuxiu who looked pale came downstairs and asked, “What are you discussing?”

Zong Qifeng held Yuxiu’s arm and asked caringly, “Do you feel better?”

Yuxiu smiled gently and said, “I feel a lot better now. Since it’s not some serious illness, don’t worry about me.”

“Do you think you are still young?” Zong Qifeng glanced at her and said, “We’re all old.”

Yuxiu was slightly downhearted and said, “I think that I’m still young, and meeting you for the first time just seems like yesterday.”

When they reached the study, Zong Qifeng helped Yuxiu sit on the chair. He then looked at Aunt Yu and said, “You can now tell us.”

“Wait, tell me about the twins first.” Yuxiu interrupted them.

Zong Qifeng repeated the whole thing.

“What?” Yuxiu shivered with excitement. Zong Jinghao has children now?

“You are still ill. Don’t be too emotional.” Zong Qifeng comforted her.

Even though a usually composed person like her couldn’t stay calm when she heard that Zong Jinghao had children.

“What’s going on?” Yu Xiu held Zong Qifeng’s arms tightly.

She didn’t even notice that she was poking him in his skin with her fingernails.

Aunt Yu explained, “I think Ms. Lin didn’t want to tell the truth about the children to young master because she was still mad at him. So, I was thinking if we can do a paternity test like in the tv shows for two reasons: Firstly, Ms. Lin won’t be able to deny the fact; Secondly, confirming the identity of the lineal descendants of the Zong family is very important to the family.”

Zong Qifeng was contemplating what Aunt Yu said.

On the other hand, Yuxiu couldn’t sit still anymore and asked, “Where is the child? I want to see him by myself.”

“Don’t be impatient.” Zong Qifeng held Yuxiu’s shoulder.

“How can I be patient? He’s over thirty and finally has children. How can I not be excited?” Yuxiu forgot that she was just his stepmother.

Considering her forbearance and bitterness for all of those years, Zong Qifeng asked Aunt Yu to bring Lin Xichen in.

As the stairs were located at the back of the living room, she merely heard them mentioning something about twins when she came downstairs just now but didn’t notice that there was a kid in the living room.

Aunt Yu took Lin Xichen in her arms and brought him into the study soon.

Yuxiu got up from the chair wobbly, yet her gaze was fixated at the little boy in Aunt Yu’s arms.

With a little straight nose, plump forehead and a pair of sparkling big eyes, he looked exactly like Zong Jinghao when he was young.

Aunt Yu came up to Aunt Yu wobbly and touched Lin Xichen’s face with her shaky hands. She wanted to say something, yet she felt that her heart and body were being torn apart.

“What’s your name?” She sounded hoarse.

“Lin Xichen.”

“Lin Xichen?” Yuxiu turned around and looked at Zong Qifeng. What’s going on?

Why is his surname Lin?

“This kid has been living together with Ms. Lin. Since Ms. Lin was divorced from young master, this kid would have taken her surname instead.” Aunt Yu explained.

Yuxiu understood it.

But it’s unnecessary to do any paternal test. Look at his face and eyes, and she is certain that he is Zong Jinghao’s child.

“Ask him to come here.” Holding back her emotions, Yuxiu reached out her hands to pick Lin Xichen up and said, “Let me pick him up.”

Lin Xichen blinked his eyes and asked, “Are you my grandma?”

Yuxiu was shivering, as if her heart was being torn by a blunt knife.

“Yes, she’s your grandma.” Zong Qifeng answered him on her behalf.

He came over to support Yuxiu’s wobbly body and said firmly, “You are his grandma.”

Yuxiu fell into his arms and whimpered.

Perhaps due to her illness, her willpower became weaker.

“Ask him to come back.” Yuxiu was downhearted and said softly in his arms.

Considering the current situation, Zong Qifeng thought that Aunt Yu had a point. Since Lin Xinyan is disgruntled with Zong Jinghao, what can they do if she insists that the children are not his?

Therefore, it’s better to get the evidence first so that she could not refute them.

“Don’t rush into it. Even he might be kept in the dark now.”

“What should we do then?” Yuxiu was panicked.

This kid was obviously Zong Jinghao’s son and the descendant of the Zong family.

Zong Qifeng heaved a sigh, patted her on her back, and said, “I have an idea. Don’t worry.”

Yuxiu slightly recollected herself and said, “Then Xichen should stay.”

“She can’t.” Aunt Yu opened her mouth before Zong Qifeng could say anything. Since she used an excuse to bring the kid out and kept it from the rest, she couldn’t let the kid stay here without having a piece of substantive evidence.

“Aunt Yu, you can go home for now. I will ask Mr. Feng to go to the villa later.” Zong Qifeng had an idea.

They will take the hair of Zong Jinghao and the kid or the toothbrushes that they used from the villa to do paternity testing.

Once they have the evidence, no one can ever deny it.

“Sure.” Aunt Yu nodded.

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