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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 139

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 139

He Ruilin obviously boozed as her face looked ruddy while alcohol could be smelled on her breaths.

When she noticed that the person who ran into her was Lin Xinyan, she startled for a few seconds and said laughingly, “Wow, what’s a small world.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t want to have any argument with her. She wanted to walk sideways to avoid her, yet she didn’t let her go and said, “Lin Xinyan, are you satisfied now? My brother went to jail. A man who has waited for you for 10 years went to jail.”

Lin Xinyan looked rather calm. She didn’t want to dig into it to find out who’s really at fault.

Chickens always come home to roost.

If He Ruize didn’t do those things to Lin Xichen and her, he won’t end up like what he is now.

She didn’t feel the satisfaction of revenge but was disconsolate instead.

“Are you delighted now?” Leaned against the door, He Ruilin squinted while looking at the flashes of white lights in the ceiling and said, “What is heartless to you?”

“Excuse me. We don’t really know each other.” Lin Xinyan walked sideways and entered the ladies’ room.

He Ruilin didn’t block her way this time. After Lin Xinyan washed and dried her hands, He Ruilin was still standing over there. She pretended that she didn’t notice her and walked out of the ladies’ room.

“I was… raped.” He Ruilin looked at her from behind and said it when Lin Xinyan had just walked out of it.

Lin Xinyan didn’t stop walking.

“Zong Jinghao instructed someone to do it.” She laughed and said, “I was with him for so long, and he really did care and love me in the past. But when he becomes heartless, he won’t have mercy on a woman even if he loved her before.”

She knew that Lin Xinyan heard her.

She quirked her lips and continued, “Do you think he treats you well?”

Lin Xinyan suddenly stopped and clenched her hands. Indeed, he treats her well now.

“Don’t be fooled by him. He is actually a heartless man who has been pretending to be nice. If you trust him fully, you will be me in future. And surely, other women will replace you, just like how you replaced me.”

“Do you think I’ll trust you? You are just trying to drive a wedge between us deliberately when you can’t have him.” Lin Xinyan didn’t trust her.

“Why would my brother take full responsibility for everything? Because of me.” He Ruilin’s heart wrenched as He Ruize was the only one who really cared for her. Xia Zhenyu treated her well too, yet she favored her son more than her.

“Zong Jinghao filmed it when I was being raped. If my brother doesn’t go to jail, he will leak the video to ruin my life.” He Ruilin said it to Lin Xinyan on purpose.

Lin Xinyan recalled the day when He Ruize rushed towards the front of the car and looked resolute. He wanted to bear the responsibility for everything because he did it for He Ruilin.

She trusted it after she recalled that He Ruize cared about He Ruilin very much.

She felt sick about it yet didn’t show it before He Ruilin.

“This is none of my business.”

She was disoriented even though she looked calm physically. She had never thought that Zong Jinghao would do such things.

For better or worse, she had been with He Ruilin before. How could he do that to him?

She felt distressed.

Zong Jinghao’s cruelty is far beyond her imagination.

How could he ruin a woman’s dignity?

How is he different from He Ruize?

His actions were even more abominable.

He Ruilin never thought that she would be so composed, and said, “Alright. I’ll just wait and see what would happen to you.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t stop for long and continued walking.

“Do you still remember that you asked my brother to investigate a matter in Country A six years ago?”

Lin Xinyan surely knew about it. She did suspect at that time that the person was Zong Jinghao, but it turned out that it wasn’t him.

She would totally give up if he proposed to divorce her again.

“My brother lied to you. The man who appeared that night wasn’t from Country A.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t stop. It’s obvious that she mentioned this to her on purpose.

As for her motive…

She isn’t sure about it, yet the only thing that she’s confident about is that He Ruilin would never be so kind-hearted to tell her the truth.

Perhaps everything that she said since the beginning was a lie to lure her into her trap.

Turned around slowly, she looked at He Ruilin and said, “Don’t waste your time. I will neither fall into it nor trust you at all.”

He Ruilin wasn’t irritated by Lin Xinyan but laughed joyously instead. She then said, “I’ve been silly and failed many times. But I won’t keep failing. One day I will succeed.”

Lin Xinyan sneered, “God is watching us. Any evil and unscrupulous scheme will not work. Why do you hate me so much?”

He Ruilin sneered, “Why would I not hate you when you took my man away from me?”

Lin Xinyan was speechless. Her relationship with Zong Jinghao was merely based on an engagement made when they were both young.

Even after she was married to Zong Jinghao, she had never thought about ruining their relationship.

Instead, she framed and harmed her again and again.

“You did this to yourself. If you had faith in your relationship with him, why would you be worried about my presence?”

Lin Xinyan had touched a sore spot with He Ruilin. How would trust even exist when they didn’t even love each other in the first place?

Zong Jinghao acknowledged her merely because he slept with her that night.

And the woman he slept with that night was her!

“Lin Xinyan, just wait and see. I’ll always give you a hard time as long as I’m alive!” Ruilin finally couldn’t laugh.

She looked particularly ferocious.

Lin Xinyan just laughed it off.

Such a thought didn’t just flash through He Ruilin’s mind. She had always wanted her dead ever since Zong Jinghao married her.

When she returned to the private room, she saw two empty bottles on the table. It appeared that the three of them drank a lot when she went to the ladies’ room.

“Ma’am, come here. I’ll toast you.” Su Zhan held his glass and stood up when he was Lin Xinyan entering the room.

He might not have an Asian glow, yet alcohol could be easily smelled when he talked.

“You’re drunk.” Lin Xinyan took a seat, yet she didn’t sit beside Zong Jinghao.

When they arrived, she could only sit beside Zong Jinghao as her hand was grabbed by him.

But she was indeed shocked after listening to what He Ruilin said.

He Ruilin had been with him before. No matter what she did in the past, how could he go after her with such a cruel means?

Dignity is crucial to a woman.

He treats her very well, yet how long would it sustain?

What if he’s bored of her and doesn’t find her attractive anymore?

Will he treat her like that too?

Lin Xinyan didn’t want to think about it further as she felt a chill of apprehension.

Why would everyone be so cruel?

Su Zhan was stunned. He felt that something changed as soon as Lin Xinyan walked into the room.

He soon found out what went wrong. Even though Lin Xinyan was reluctant to be here, she was still close to Zong Jinghao when they arrived.

But everything changed once Lin Xinyan went out for a while. With a darkened face, she didn’t sit beside Zong Jinghao.

What really happened?

Su Zhan was lost.

Eyes lowered, Zong Jinghao surely felt that Lin Xinyan wanted to distance herself from him.

It was so depressing that Su Zhan didn’t dare say anything.

He quietly sat back. Initially, he wanted to ask Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan to drink wedlock wine. Now, he dared not utter a word but merely hide behind Shen Peichuan.

Zong Jinghao looked graceful as he took the glass and drank his beer slowly. After a while, he said to all of them, “Dismiss now.”

After putting his glass back on the desk, he stood up and came up to Lin Xinyan. He reached his hand out to her and said, “We should go home.”

Lin Xinyan stood up but didn’t put her hand on his.

Su Zhan gave a thumbs up to Lin Xinyan from behind. Lin Xinyan was awesome as she wasn’t afraid to disrespect Zong Jinghao!

He must compliment the woman who dared to defy Zong Jinghao!

Zong Jinghao turned around and glanced at Su Zhan who was gloating at him.

Su Zhan was shocked and immediately explained, “I didn’t see anything. I’m blind.”

He closed his eyes.

It’s better not to look at Zong Jinghao’s embarrassing moment.

Su Zhan only put his hands down after Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan left.

“Pussy.” Shen Peichuan gulped down whis beer, stood up and said, “We can go home now.”

Su Zhan immediately nodded and asked, “Did they quarrel? Weren’t they looking fine just now? Why would everything suddenly change?”

“Who knows?” Shen Peichuan wasn’t sure about it either.


“Since you had some beer, I’ll drive.” Lin Xinyan said.

Zong Jinghao didn’t give her the car key but got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

Lin Xinyan stood beside the car but didn’t get in.

He turned over to look at Lin Xinyan and said, “What’s wrong? Are you worried that I can’t drive safely?”


“Then, why don’t you get in?”

Lin Xinyan hesitated for a while before she opened the door and got into the car.

Zong Jinghao sped off.

He was driving rather fast, and the car wasn’t heading to their villa. Lin Xinyan frowned and asked, “Where are you bringing me to?”

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