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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 137

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 137

Zong Jinghao glanced inside, and he knew that Lin Xinyan was probably here too.

But Su Zhan’s heart was burning with the urge to gossip. Did Zong Jinghao lend his car to someone else?

“Is that a male or a female?” Su Zhan walked over and blinked at Zong Jinghao, “Aren’t you wooing your ex-wife? Why are you changing your taste in women again?”

“Get off my way!” Zong Jinghao gave him a sideways glance.

Shen Peichuan smiled, “You deserve it. You’ll be so childish even when you reach eighty years old.”

“You’re the one that’s childish.” Su Zhan stepped forward, threw himself on Shen Peichuan’s back, and put his arms around his neck, “Hey, have you seen his ex-wife?”

Shen Peichuan nodded honestly, “I have.”

Zong Jinghao got married six years ago. It was actually a secret marriage, and it was not the marriage that Zong Jinghao wanted. Hence, Zong Jinghao did not introduce Lin Xinyan to him. At that time, he was also very busy as he was newly promoted. Then Zong Jinghao got divorced shortly, so there was no chance for him to see her.

If Guan Jing did not ask him for help, he would not have the chance to meet her.

He heard from Guan Jing that Zong Jinghao seemed to care about this ex-wife again, but he also understood why.

It was probably because of the child.

He saw Lin Xichen who was five or six years old that day, and the timing also matched.

Entering Juxian Villa, there were pavilions surrounding the place. The winding corridor was decorated with red lanterns that spread out all the way to the lobby.

They were greeted by the receptionist once they entered.

“Are you Mr. Su?”

“Yeah.” Since Su Zhan was the one who made the reservation, it was natural that his name was recorded.

“Please follow me.” The receptionist walked ahead and led them to the private room.

The room was very spacious, and the tables and chairs were made of high-quality sandalwood and were meticulously carved with different patterns. Every part of the room exuded an atmosphere of traditional beauty.

The private rooms here were different from those outside. They were not single private rooms, but were like long corridors, separated by screens. Also, each screen had a different pattern.

The receptionist brought the menus to them and Su Zhan volunteered, “I’ll order the dishes since I’m expert at eating.”

Shen Peichuan laughed.

Su Zhan squinted at him, “What the hell are you laughing at?”

“You’re highly educated and you’re a lawyer. Why can’t you speak in a more civilized way?”

“I put on a serious front all the time at work. Yet, I’m not allowed to relax in my private space? Which of you feel more tired than me?”

“Get out of here.” Shen Peichuan did not bother to talk to him. Su Zhan set up a law firm, and all the cases were assigned to the lawyers in the firm. How long had he not been in court in person?

How could he still have the face to say that he was tired?

Su Zhan cleared his throat, “Please speak in a more civilized way. Can’t you see that there’s someone here?”

He deliberately winked at Shen Peichuan to bring his attention to the receptionist.

“Crazy.” Shen Peichuan did not bother about it.

Zong Jinghao seemed very quiet. He was sitting between the two of them, but it was like they did not exist. He was holding the phone in his hand, rubbing his fingers back and forth on the screen. He wanted to call Lin Xinyan and ask her if she was also here for dinner. However, he changed his mind after seeing the two men sitting on both sides.

After ordering the dishes, Su Zhan handed the menu to the receptionist and instructed, “Hurry up.”


Here, the food was served quickly. All the food was served after thirty minutes.

Su Zhan opened a bottle of wine and poured the wine into the glasses, “It’s so boring that every gathering is just the three of us.”

“Who else do you want to invite? Fei?”

“Don’t speak of something that shouldn’t be mentioned.” Su Zhan stared immediately.

Shen Peichuan smiled, “Haven’t you let it go?”

Liu Feifei was Su Zhan’s first love, and they dated during their university days. Su Zhan liked her very much, but they broke up later.

Till now, Su Zhan was still unwilling to reveal why they broke up.

They just knew this woman had become a taboo for him, and he did not allow others to talk about her. He had never been in love again. Though he had several women around him, he was never serious about them. All was just for fun.

“Which do you think comes first? Love or sex?” Su Zhan took a sip of the wine, and its spiciness made him frown, “Terrific.”

“Shouldn’t this question be directed to you? You have experienced the most.” Shen Peichuan had a drink too.

Su Zhan raised Zong Jinghao’s chin, “We should ask him. Didn’t he and Bai Zhuwei become intimate because he couldn’t control himself at that time?”

Because of what happened that night, he had to be responsible and be in a romantic relationship with her. Then he broke up with her after being deceived once.

Was this sentimental? Or was it ruthless?

Zong Jinghao glanced at him, “Don’t you have something better to do?”

“There aren’t any outsiders here. Moreover, what I said is a fact. You took her virginity and then abandoned her. Don’t you think that you’re quite bad?” Su Zhan had drank two glasses of wine and was talking rather loudly.

Behind the screen on the right, a few women were sitting there, and they were all taken aback when they heard the voices.

Ellen reacted very strongly, “Sure enough, men are all bad eggs.”

This place was chosen by Qin Ya who said that its ratings on the Internet were very good. In addition, the environment and food were also good. However, they did not expect that the so-called private rooms were separated by a screen only and they were not soundproof at all.

Lin Xinyan felt that the voice was a bit familiar. She moved back gently to see the people over the other side through the gap of the screen.

She only saw Su Zhan’s arm resting on Zong Jinghao’s shoulder, “Seriously, have you ever liked Bai Zhuwei, or is it because you felt responsible after having sex with her?”

Lin Xinyan held her breath. Inexplicably, she wanted to know the answer too.

Her fingers pressed hard on the carved pattern of the chair.

Zong Jinghao took a sip of the wine, “A little bit.”

He was never in love with Bai Zhuwei. It was true that he was in a relationship with her because he felt responsible after what happened that night. Although he was in a daze that night, he still could not forget the happiness and pleasure it brought to him.

He said he didn’t love her, yet he could not forget that night.

Hence, he said that he loved her a bit.

Su Zhan slapped his mouth, “That’s to say, when sex comes first, it can evoke more feelings?”

After all, before Zong Jinghao slept with Bai Zhuwei, he did not like her. However, after having sex with her once, he liked her a little. Sex did improve affection and relationship, didn’t it?

“The lawyer’s logic is awesome.” Shen Peichuan gave Su Zhan a thumbs up.

Su Zhan squinted at him, “Do you think everyone is like you who still remains a virgin even though you’re already in your thirties?”

Shen Peichuan, “…”

He wanted to curse and swear!

On the screen’s side, Lin Xinyan could not taste her food, and she did not know what was wrong with herself.

She just lost her appetite.

“Is it because the food here doesn’t suit your taste?” Qin Ya asked.

Lin Xinyan stuffed a bite of the food in her mouth and said no, “The food here is delicious.”

“It’s the first time for me to eat such authentic Chinese food.” Mrs. William was very satisfied with this dinner, “The environment is also very good and it has the style of Country Z. I like it.”

“It’s great that you are satisfied. This trip to Country Z definitely won’t disappoint you.” Qin Ya poured a glass of wine for Mrs. William.

“I’ll stop drinking and I’m full already. It’s time to go back.” Although Mrs. William maintained good health, she was already old and had limited energy.

“We shall leave together.” Ellen also felt tired. After getting off the plane, she went straight to the store without any rest, so she felt tired now and needed to rest.

“I’ll send the both of you to the hotel.” Lin Xinyan stood up and said.

“No, no.” Ellen waved to her, “You have been busy in the store for the whole day, so it’s time to go back and see your kids.”

“Then I’ll pass my car to you.” Qin Ya gave Ellen her car key.

Ellen took the car key, supported Mrs. William, and left. The private room.

Lin Xinyan rubbed her face, “I’ll go and pay the bill.”

Qin Ya followed her, “Ms. Lin, it seems that you’re in a bad mood.”

Lin Xinyan denied, “Am I?”

“Yes, you were very happy all day, but I saw your expression changed during dinner.”

“I’m happy.” Lin Xinyan chuckled. Now that the store was about to open, she was very happy.

Qin Ya smiled.

Lin Xinyan’s face fell, “Did my expression really show that I’m unhappy?”

Qin Ya nodded seriously.

Thinking about it carefully, why did I get upset suddenly?

Was it because she found out that Zong Jinghao had sex with He Ruilin, or was it because Zong Jinghao liked He Ruilin before?

She did not know, but she just felt unhappy.

Lin Xinyan took a deep breath to cheer herself up and walked to the front desk to pay.

“Private room, and total cost is 5800.”

Lin Xinyan took out her credit card and handed it to the front desk. Suddenly she was enveloped by a long black shadow. Someone handed his card first, “Swipe this card instead.”

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