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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 134

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 134

Zong Jinghao stepped on the brakes in time and did not hit the person who appeared suddenly.

He Ruize stood at the front of the car and stared at Lin Xinyan for a moment. Sure enough, she and Zong Jinghao were together now.

Even if he concealed the truth that he found out in the past, he still failed to prevent her and Zong Jinghao from getting together.

He looked sad, “I want to talk to you.”

He appeared too suddenly and Lin Xinyan was not prepared at all.

Up till now, Lin Xinyan had been avoiding this matter consciously, and she did not think or ask about it.

His appearance was telling her all that had happened was reality, and the big brother in her heart had changed.

He had become someone that she did not recognize.

And even feared.

“Get out of the way.” Zong Jinghao’s eyes were gloomy and his tone was cold. His attitude was so tough and sharp, as if he could shatter a piece of glass.

He Ruize did not back down. He stared at Lin Xinyan, “Yan, how many years have we known each other? I admit it’s my fault this time. I am sorry that I did you wrong, but in all fairness, did I treat you well in the past?”

“When I first knew you, you were just a teenage girl. For the sake of your brother and mother, you were brave and strong, and so sensible that one would feel sorry for you. Do you still remember?”

Lin Xinyan clasped her hands tightly, held her breath, and did not move. Regarding the past, there was only sadness and pain. The death of her younger brother was a wound that could never heal.

“Later, you returned to China to get married. Do you know why I came back too? It was because of you.” He smiled bitterly. “Then you divorced and got into a car accident. I took you away from here. Do you remember those dark days? During the painful time when you tried to keep your two children, who was by your side? Who helped to take care of you and your mother?”

He recounted every bit that they shared during the time spent with her. He gave all these to her sincerely and he truly liked her.

Love that was not reciprocated would become hate eventually.

“Do you only have hatred for me, and there is no affection at all?”

“Stop talking.” Lin Xinyan closed her eyes, and she could not deny what He Ruize said.

He did hurt her before. However, she could not deny that he gave sincerely and he was good to her in the past.

She trembled uncontrollably, “Just say what you want to say.”

Now that they had come to this point, there was no retreat and they could not return to the past.

He said all these as he wanted her to return the favor.

The favor of him being kind to her in the past.

He Ruize smiled. He knew that once Lin Xinyan agreed to his request, everything between them would disappear into thin air.

But he had no other choice. There was no other way.

“Let the He family off.”

Lin Xinyan frowned, what was this about?

“What do you mean?” Lin Xinyan was puzzled.

He Ruize looked at Zong Jinghao and sneered, “You don’t know about this, but he knows.”

Zong Jinghao’s thoughts were submerged in He Ruize’s words. Thinking about it carefully, although he was destined to be with Lin Xinyan, he had only heard of her past and had never taken part in it.

He always rejected learning about her past, what she had been through, and what kind of man she was once with.

But at this moment, he had the urge to know.

He leaned back and put his arm on the car window casually. He felt very disdainful of what He Ruize did, “He doesn’t dare to take responsibility for what he did, and he wants to use this method to survive now?”

“I’m willing to take all the responsibilities. Let Lin and He family off. After all, Lin was intimate with you in the past, won’t you feel ashamed treating her like this?”

He Ruize clenched his fists.

In his cognition, Zong Jinghao was not a good person. Even for the woman who was once in a relationship with him, he would not show any mercy.

Lin Xinyan was confused. What actually happened?

Why didn’t she know anything?

Zong Jinghao sneered and did not respond to He Ruize’s words.

His lack of mercy was because she had wiped out his affection for her again and again.

She crossed the bottom line this time.

There were some things that he could tolerate, and there were some things that he could not!

Lin Xinyan frowned and could not help asking, “What is going on?”

He Ruize showed her the headlines of City B News.

In order to clear her confusion, Lin Xinyan took out her mobile phone and browsed through the news of the past two days. All were about Lin Xichen’s kidnapping that day.

All the blames and criticisms were directed at the He family, saying that they bullied others.

Lin Xinyan understood what happened instantly.

Lin Xichen said that day that Zong Jinghao had deliberately let them take him away.

It turned out to be a trap.

The reputation of the He family was damaged now. Hence, He Ruize came to her, hoping that she would ask Zong Jinghao to let the He family off.

Seriously, she did not expect Zong Jinghao to do this.

Her heart fluctuates.


Lin Xinyan pushed the door to get out of the car. Zong Jinghao grabbed her hand and seemed to disagree with her getting out. Then Lin Xinyan smiled at him, “I’ll just talk to him for a little while.”

Zong Jinghao looked at her for two seconds, then he released her hand slowly.

Lin Xinyan got out of the car and walked to He Ruize. She looked at the familiar face that looked like it belonged to a stranger. She had known him for so long, but she did not understand his heart.

“Did you change? Or Have I never known you?” Unknowingly, her eyes flushed, “You must think I’m heartless. You treated me well and took care of me, yet I didn’t accept you. Actually, I’ve thought about being with you, but your mother came to look for me. She thinks that we’re unsuitable for each other and she doesn’t want me to be with you. Your sister is also very hostile to me. Even if I accept you, we’ll face a lot of hindrances.”

There was a thin mist in her eyes, which was disappointment towards him, “I didn’t tell you this to explain, but I don’t want you to misunderstand that I am a heartless person with no sense of justice. Although we’ll end up becoming strangers in the future, I hope that we can leave a good impression in each other’s hearts. After all, we have existed in each other’s world before.”

He Ruize frowned and his heart was confused. His mother looked for her before?

“So, it isn’t that you don’t like me, but it’s just because of my mother and sister—”

“No.” Lin Xinyan interrupted him, “I don’t like you. Without them, I’d be willing to try starting a relationship with you, so as to repay you for being kind to me. It’s not like, let alone love.”

She did not like him and she knew this very well.

With the expectation lost, and He Ruize felt sad.

“I promise you.” Lin Xinyan made a decision.

After speaking, she turned around.

“Wait—” He Ruize called to her, “Do you still remember—”

“Stop talking.” Lin Xinyan interrupted him because he was about to talk about the past again.

She did not want to listen to it anymore. Everything ended here and they would go their separate ways.

Initially, He Ruize wanted to tell her the truth out of impulse, but he calmed down after being interrupted. His eyes turned to Zong Jinghao, and the corners of his lips curled up, as if he was mocking and being sarcastic.

“Zong Jinghao, you don’t end up any better than me.” His own flesh and blood were right in front of him, but he didn’t know at all. Wasn’t it tragic?

Zong Jinghao could not be bothered with that and started the car.

When the car drove over there, He Ruize turned his body sideways, and when the car window passed by him, he said, “Don’t give in your heart stupidly. Don’t be blinded by what seems good now.”

Lin Xinyan turned to look at him.

What did he mean?

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