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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 133

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 133

Aunt Yu was wearing an apron and about to prepare breakfast when she realized that Lin Xinyan had already started preparing. She was also mumbling to herself.

“No— No, it’s nothing.” Lin Xinyan looked away. She did not dare to look into Aunt Yu’s eyes. “Where are the eggs?”

“In the fridge.” Aunt Yu pulled open the fridge to find that the eggs were not there. She then realized they were beside the sink. “Isn’t it under your hands?”

“Huh?” When Lin Xinyan turned to look at the eggs, she suddenly recalled that she had taken them out. She had wanted to change the topic, but she had done so while looking like a fool. She gave an awkward smile. “I forgot about it.”

Aunt Yu returned her smile. She seemed to know what she was trying to hide, but she did not mention anything.

She walked over. “Let me help you. Tell me what the children like to eat, and I’ll make it for them.”

“They’re not picky.” Lin Xinyan was cracking the eggs. She was preparing to make steam egg custard. She had once stayed here for a few days so she knew what Aunt Yu tended to cook and that her dishes were generally well-balanced in nutrition.

She did not need to do extra preparations.

“It’s good that they’re not picky.” Aunt Yu said.

Picky children tended to be malnutrition in some ways.

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan answered with a smile.

The two prepared breakfast together. Perhaps it was because they knew each other, they cooperated well.

When it was seven, the quiet villa came alive.

Lin Xichen’s face was not as swollen as before. It was likely that he had been too bored cooped up in the room. After Zhuang Zijin had changed his clothes and washed his face, he ran to look for his sister in the living room.

He had fallen into a deep sleep last night and did not know when mommy and Ruixi had left him alone in the room.

He woke up with absolute disappointment.

He had also felt upset. He was still injured, why did mommy not bring him along when she left?

There was a look of unhappiness on his face as he sat angrily on the living room couch.

In comparison with Lin Xichen’s unhappiness, Lin Ruixi was overjoyed.

This was the first time she had slept in her dad’s arm. She had been too excited to sleep through the night. It was only when the sun was about to rise that she fell asleep. She was still asleep now, her face sunken into the pillow. Only half of her face was visible, and she had saliva drooling out of her slack mouth.

Zong Jinghao sat at the bedside and looked at her. He frowned in disgust. “She’s drooling.”

The little girl had no idea that her actions were frowned upon.

She was smiling, as if she was having a sweet dream. She opened her mouth and mumbled sweetly, “Dad.”

Zong Jinghao’s expression froze. He reached out to squeeze her cheeks. Perhaps it was ticklish, the little girl turned her head and he kept his hand. If only you really were my daughter, he thought.

However, this did not seem like a good topic to think further on. He stood up and went into the bathroom. He had returned home too late last night, then he was disrupted by this little girl. He did not manage to shower before he slept, and now his clothes were sticking onto his skin.

Soon, there were sounds of water in the bathroom. Not long after, he came out with a towel around his waist.

The little girl on the bed continued to sleep peacefully.

He glanced at her then walked into his walk-in closet.

It was spacious. His clothes were all neatly arranged. There were no fancy colors, the colors were all dark.

The sound of the sliding door had woken up the little girl on the bed. She rubbed her eyes and realized that her dad was not with her. Her mouth turned downwards and she felt like crying.

She looked over to see the walk-in closet door was opened. She quietly climbed down the bed and ran over barefooted. She found her dad inside.

How lucky, dad did not leave her.

She leaned on the door frame and secretly watched him.

Zong Jinghao was standing in front of the mirror bucking his belt.

His suit pants wrapped around his slender legs.

His upper body was naked and his honey-colored muscles were coated with crystal-like water droplets. From her angle and with the dangling lights from above, Zong Jinghao’s slender body made him look like an unruly noble.

He pulled the towel from aside to dry his hair and upper body, and it blocked the little girl’s gaze.

Lin Ruixi blinked and sighed. Dad was handsome.

His body was amazing too.

When she thought about sleeping in his arms last night, her face turned red and her smile revealed her pearly white teeth.

She quietly turned around to climb back on the bed and continued sleeping.

So sleepy.

This was dad’s bed. There was his smell on the bed. She wanted to lie on the bed for a little longer.

She buried her face into the blanket and inhaled the remnants of her dad’s scent. She closed her eyes, thinking of her dad’s warm arms, and went back into the dreamlands.

After changing, Zong Jinghao walked out to find the little girl still asleep on the bed. The only thing changed was that the blanket that was covering her was now under her.

He carried the little girl up and tucked her into the blanket. After making sure that she was not waking up yet, he went downstairs.

Aunt Yu was standing by the stairs and was about to call him for breakfast. When she saw him come down, she said to Lin Xinyan who was in the kitchen, “Let’s eat.”

Lin Xinyan replied and served breakfast onto the table.

Lin Xichen stared at the man who was coming down the stairs.

This heartless man was stealing his mommy.

He was angry! He was furious!

Zong Jinghao gave him a side-eye for having a terrible expression early in the morning.

“Does your face still hurt?”

“No!” Lin Xichen gave a cold snort. He climbed down the couch to follow Lin Xinyan to the dining table. He had to watch mommy today, he won’t let her fall into Zong Jinghao’s hands!

Lin Xinyan looked at her son who had been tailing her. “Sit here, we’re having breakfast soon.”

“You have to sit with me.” Lin Xichen informed her.

“Alright.” Lin Xinyan smiled at her son, realizing he was not happy. “Does your head still hurt?”

Lin Xichen wanted to say that it did not, but he saw Zong Jinghao walking over. He pounced into Lin Xinyan’s arms and said, “It hurts, my head hurts.”

Lin Xinyan carried him up. “Let me see.”

“No need, just hug me.” Lin Xichen hugged her neck tightly.

When Zong Jinghao saw it, he was speechless.

In the night it was Lin Ruixi, and in the day it was Lin Xichen. How could he live like this?

While eating, Lin Xichen sat in Lin Xinyan’s lap. He wanted Lin Xinyan to feed him.

He used to scoff at this.

Only Lin Ruixi liked someone to feed her.

However, he enjoyed it now. Mommy was the best.

“Hasn’t Ruixi woke up yet?” Zhuang Zijin asked.

“She slept late last night.” Lin Xinyan said.

Zhuang Zijin nodded. She knew that Lin Ruixi was crying to look for Zong Jinghao last night.

Lin Xinyan’s phone on the table suddenly rang. It was Qin Ya, who had called to tell her that the shop was being renovating and that Mrs. William would be there by afternoon.

“I’ve booked the hotel. You can pick her up. She has the nine o’clock flight.”

“I understand.” Lin Xinyan ended the call

“I want to go to the bathroom.” Lin Xichen wanted to go to the bathroom.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“No need, no need.” Lin Xichen waved his hands in a panic. He wanted to poop. He did not want his mommy to come with him.

He knew how to wipe his butt.

After Lin Xichen left, Lin Xinyan lowered her head and continued eating her porridge.

“You’re going out today?” Zong Jinghao said to her. He sensed that she seemed to be avoiding him. Since her waking up in the morning, she had not initiated any talks with him.

She quietly hummed in response.

“Where to? I’ll send you.”

“No need, you can go straight to your company. I have a car.” Lin Xinyan rejected.

When she thought about her initiating the kiss yesterday, embarrassment flooded her senses.

She did not even dare to face him alone now.

The corner of Zong Jinghao’s eyes twitched. Was her car not the one that he gave her?

It felt like he had dug his own grave.

It was him trying to be nice to her. Why did it seem like it became an obstacle for him instead?

After breakfast, Lin Xinyan deliberately went out later than Zong Jinghao. She did not want to go out at the same time as him.

However, she realized that Zong Jinghao had not left when she went out the door. He had been leaning by the car and waiting for her.

She steeled herself and walked over. “Why haven’t you left?”

Zong Jinghao did not answer her. “Are you avoiding me?”

Lin Xinyan denied, “No.”

He looked at her for a second. “If it’s a no, then come in the car.”

She lowered her head and said quietly, “I don’t think we’re going the same direction.”

Zong Jinghao realized her eyes were bright red. Was she shy?

What was she shy for?

Why was she feeling embarrassed?

Suddenly, he remembered the fact that she had initiated the kiss last night.

Zong Jinghao pulled her over with his arm around her waist and leaned to her. “The more you kiss, the less embarrassed you’ll get.”

Lin Xinyan could not find her words.

This man—

“Let’s hurry and go.” Lin Xinyan was regretful. She should have just gone into the car without saying anything. At least he would not have teased her.

Zong Jinghao smiled and let go of her, then he sat into the car.

When the car was at the junction, a black shadow suddenly rushed out in front of the car.

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