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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 131

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 131

When He Ruilin woke up, she was completely undressed on the messy, spacious bed.

There was no one in sight.

She sat up and covered her naked body with the blanket. She recalled that she had gotten Zong Jinghao to come over with Lin Xinyan’s video. She had actually wanted to use the video in exchange for him to let the He family go. However, before she could discuss this with him, they had started drinking.

Then she got drunk.

She remembered she was the one who took her clothes off.

There were only the two of them in the room at that time.

Did they sleep together last night?

She was not a naive child. She could feel what had happened to her.

A red blush crawled to her face.

Did Zong Jinghao really change his mind?

She nearly jumped in excitement.

She should not be wrong. Zong Jinghao must have made love to her last night.

She knew Zong Jinghao. She knew that he was nice to her because she was the woman of that night.

If only he had never known about her fake pregnancy and the accident, then he would never have hated her.

Now he made love to her. That meant that he was willing to be with her again.

She pulled the blankets away excitedly and wore some clothes.

She had to tell He Wenhuai that Zong Jinghao was willing to be with her again. It meant that he would let the news go.

After changing into her clothes, she hurriedly left the hotel.

Her car stopped outside the He family estate. When she came down to her car, she saw Guan Jing’s car nearby.

Guan Jing was here?

Guan Jing was one of Zong Jinghao’s men.

It was someone Zong Jinghao trusted.

Was he here to tell her family that she was going to be with Zong Jinghao now?

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Her footsteps quickened.

She pushed open the door to find everyone from He family in the living room. He Wenhuai was sitting with a livid look on his face. He Ruixing and He Ruize did not have happy expressions either. Xia Zhenyu was sitting at a side, sobbing silently.

He Ruilin did not sense that the heavy atmosphere was because of her.

She took a look at Guan Jing and smiled. “Did Hao ask you to come?”

Guan Jing looked away from her and said, “Yes.”

He was once colleagues with He Ruilin, and he had a good impression of her. After she became a part of He family, she changed.

He did not know what she had done but he knew Zong Jinghao. She must have done something terrible for Zong Jinghao to leave her no room to maneuver for this matter.

As expected! He Ruilin nearly laughed in joy.

She walked in front of He Wenhuai. “Dad…”


The force of the smack made He Ruilin fall onto the ground. She sat on the ground in disbelief. She could not understand why He Ruilin would hit out of the blue.

She held onto her numbed face. “Dad, why did you hit me?”

“Why?” He Wenhuai did not have time to breathe in between the incidents that kept happening. The news had yet to be resolved and now there was another incident that he had to deal with. He felt like he was going to get a heart attack from his continuous anger.

And she dared to ask him why he had hit her?

He trembled as he pointed to her. “How dare you ask why?”

“You need to have a reason to hit me! I’ll never forgive you otherwise!” He Ruilin’s tears streamed down as she looked at Xia Zhenyu.

Xia Zhenyu did not dare to say anything on her behalf.

Her gaze turned to He Ruize, whose eyes were red, but he had not said anything too.

In the He family, only Xia Zhenyu and He Ruize was nice to her.

Now that neither of them was saying anything on her behalf, she felt that something serious was going on.


Every word from He Wenhuai got deeper and deeper. “I’m regretting that I did not strangle you to death when you were born. You? Not forgiving me?”

His vision was red. “Do I look like I need your forgiveness?”

He Ruilin shrunk inwards. This was the first time she saw He Wenhuai as ferocious as now.

She pounced towards Guan Jing and grabbed onto his arm. “Quick, tell me dad what you’re here for.”

Guan Jing’s expression did not change. “I’ve told him.”

“How could my dad be so angry if he knew that I’m with Zong Jinghao now?”

“When were you with Mr. Zong?” Guan Jing said in an indifferent tone.

Perhaps the He family did not know why He Ruilin was being like this, but he knew.

She had called out Zong Jinghao’s name constantly last night.

She had thought that the two men were Zong Jinghao.

“I was with Hao last night. He— He—”

“I think you’ve made a mistake.” Guan Jing interrupted her and threw a wet blanket over her thoughts. “Mr. Zong was not with you last night?”

“You’re lying! You’re lying!” He Ruilin’s tone was sharp. She stood up from the floor and pointed at Guan Jing. “What do you know?”

She recalled the moment when she leaned into Zong Jinghao’s arms and he did not push her away. She seemed to have forgotten the pain on her face as she smiled. “He loved me. We have been together since last night.”

“Enough!” He Ruize could not continue to listen to her lie to herself.

He walked over to grab onto her shoulders. He shouted at her, “Wake up! You’ve been set up!”

She looked at He Ruize, who was on the verge of a breakdown, with wide eyes. “How have I been set up? By who?”

“Why did I have a daughter as stupid as you?” He Wenhuai had never felt a regret as strong as now. Why did he take her back in back then?”

If he had known that she would bring such disasters to the family, he would rather have her die outside than to enter the He family.

Guan Jing’s appearance was proof of Zong Jinghao’s attitude.

He Wenhuai knew that the combination of the two incidents would be a disaster for the He family.

If they were not resolved well, the He family was going to come to an end.

He stood up, and said humbly, “Tell Zong Jinghao that I will give him a satisfying answer.”

Guan Jing nodded. “Of course. I will give him your words.”

He Wenhuai walked him out of the door. Guan Jing waved. “You don’t need to send me all the way, Mr. He.”

Guan Jing left the He family estate.

After a moment, He Ruilin seemed to realize something. “It wasn’t Zong Jinghao who was with me last night?”

She was dumbfounded.

“He set me up?”

He Ruize momentarily closed his eyes. “What have you done to make him hate you this much? To ruin you like this?”

“I— I—” She started crying. “It was that night when we set Lin Xinyan up. I secretly installed video surveillance in the room and recorded—”

“No wonder Zong Jinghao had sent a video record of you over.”

“What video?” As if He Ruilin’s mind had exploded, her mind was filled with buzzing.

What video?

Was it the one from last night—

“What video?” He Ruixing pointed at the flash drive on the table. “Watch it yourself. Dad has grounded you at home to contemplate your actions. It would’ve been fine if you just didn’t contemplate, but you snuck out. It would’ve been fine if you just snuck out but you went to cross Zong Jinghao.”

His smile was mocking. “If he could be easily blackmailed or taken down by a video, he would not have survived until today.”

He Ruilin’s face was ghostly pale.

He Wenhuai had lost his words in his anger.

It was obvious that He Ruilin had tried to threaten Zong Jinghao, but it failed and she was one-upped by him.

Who was to blame?

She only had herself to blame.

“The both of you come with me to meet him tomorrow.” If the news incident had some room to maneuver earlier, it was now at the end of its road.

His eyes were cloudy as he sat on the chair. “Ruize, Ruilin. You’ve caused trouble for the family. The He family can’t give up their reputation just for you. Don’t blame me. Blame yourselves for not doing better.”

“Dad, what do you mean? Are you giving up on us?” He Ruilin was in disbelief.

“It’s not dad who wants to give the two of you up. The two of you had wanted to dig your own graves.” He Ruixing followed up. “The two of you had never done anything for the family and yet you enjoy the honor and comfort that the family had brought to you. Now, you have to do something for the family. After all, both of you were the ones that started this.”

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