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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 129

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 129

He had a smile on his face, but it gave out a sense of eeriness.

He Ruilin took a step back to distance herself from him.

This was the first time she wanted to stay away from him.

The doorbell rang again and a voice accompanied it. “Is there anyone in there? I’m here to send the wine.”

When she heard that it was wine, He Ruilin sighed in relief. She looked at the door and said, “My wine is already here—”

“It’s mine.” Zong Jinghao leaned in front of the cupboard. The wine glass in his hands tipped forward and the red liquid flowed down the table. He furrowed his brows in dismay, as if unhappy with the wine. He slowly raised his eyes. “I think there are better wines that suit us. What do you think?”

“W—Wine that suits us?” He Ruilin could not comprehend for a moment. Was he going to drink with her?

Was he not disgusted with her?

Did he change his mind?

Did he finally realize that she was good?

He Ruilin tried her best to hide her joy. “I’ll go and open the door.”

Her steps were quick.

The hotel server was standing by the door with two bottles of wine in his hands.

He Ruilin was stunned for a moment before she said, “Bring it in.”

“Okay.” The server brought the wine in and placed it on the table. He opened the bottle cap and poured it into the wine glass he brought it.

After pouring, the server straightened himself. “If there’s anything you need, please call me. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

The server left, closing the door behind him.

He Ruilin stood in front of the table and looked at the wine. She swallowed. “White wine is too strong. I think red wine fits the moment better.”

“I like it strong. Would you dare to accompany me for the drink?”

His face relaxed, and he looked more approachable. The corners of his eyes were raised and his dark eyes were shining. He was a man that could bewitch.

He Ruilin’s heart skipped a beat.

As if her mind was no longer hers, she nodded. “I would.”

Zong Jinghao bent over and handed her a glass of wine.

He Ruilin reached out and took it.

He tilted his head backwards and finished his glass, and so did He Ruilin.

Unlike the gentleness of red wine, white wine burned all the way from the throat into the stomach. It turned the stomach.

She covered her nose and said in an upset tone. “It’s hot.”

Zong Jinghao continued pouring into the cup.

It was said that alcohol boosts one’s courage and perhaps it was true. Alcohol did stimulate a person’s brain and made them excited.

For those with low alcohol tolerance, a glass of white wine with high alcohol content would make them pass out.

With alcohol to boost her confidence, He Ruilin leaned her face onto his chest to listen to his powerful heartbeats.

Zong Jinghao had not pushed her away and she was overjoyed. She hugged his neck and said, “Hao, I love you.”

“Is that so?” Zong Jinghao handed her a glass. “Prove it to me.”

He Ruilin stared at the wine in front of her and took it from him. Instead of drinking, she spilled it on the floor. The room was instantly filled with the scent of wine. She pointed to her heart. “You want me to prove it to you?”

She laughed with a mocking tone. “Let me prove it to you.”

She grabbed the wine bottle from the table and stared at Zong Jinghao with hazy eyes. She seductively curled her lips and slowly undid her dress straps. The red silk dress smoothly slid down from her and revealed the black alluring lingerie underneath.

She tilted her head back and drank from the bottle.

The strong alcohol burned in her throat but she bore the pain. Zong Jinghao must have been testing her love for him. And if she could finish it…

He would definitely fall in love with her! He would for sure!

Zong Jinghao turned his head slightly away, avoiding the sight of her body.


The wine bottle fell from her hands and onto the floor.

The unfinished white wine was all over the floor with the broken glass pieces from the wine bottle.

He Ruilin’s face was red as she collapsed on the bed. “I can’t—”

She waved her hand. “I can’t finish it.”

Zong Jinghao put down his cup and closed his eyes. His hand was supporting his forehead as he rubbed between his brows.


His phone suddenly vibrated.

He slowly opened his eyes and took out his phone. On the screen was Guan Jing’s number, and he picked up the call.

Guan Jing immediately started to speak. “I’ve brought the person over.”

“Room 108.” He ended the call.

Guan Jing was at the hotel lobby. He stared at his phone after the abrupt end and frowned. He then looked at the two men beside him. “Follow me.”

Zong Jinghao did not tell him what kind he had wanted.

In case Zong Jinghao was dissatisfied, he had brought two with him.

He brought the two to Room 108.

Guan Jing was stunned when he saw the inside of the room.

The floor was a mess and the room was filled with the strong scent of alcohol. These were nothing in comparison with He Ruilin, who was not wearing any clothes on the bed. What was going on?

“This—” Guan Jing looked at Zong Jinghao carefully. “What’s going on here?”

And the man he wanted…

Suddenly, Guan Jing realized what Zong Jinghao had in mind. He widened his eyes. “Even though you don’t like her anymore, she had followed you for many years. To do this to her—”

Zong Jinghao gave him a stern look and Guan Jing instantly shut his mouth.

He Ruilin was twisting her body on the bed. She felt uncomfortable; her stomach felt like it was on fire and she wanted to vomit.

She had not realized that more people had come into the room.

The two men had their heads lowered but stole quick glances towards the bed.

Zong Jinghao lifted his head and walked out the room. When he went past Guan Jing, he said, “After filming, send a copy to the He family personally.”

Once he finished his sentence, he left the room. He never once looked back at the mess in the room and the greedy looks on the men’s faces.

Guan Jing could not maintain his calmness and he followed Zong Jinghao out. “This doesn’t seem too good.”

To destroy the woman like this?

Guan Jing could no longer understand him. It did not matter how cruel he was in business.

The business fields were like battlefields. The weak could not survive in them.

Yet to treat the woman who had been with him like that, it was too inhumane.

Zong Jinghao turned back to look at him. “Do you have anything against it?”

Guan Jing hurriedly waved his hand and explained himself, “No, I just think it doesn’t suit your style.”

Zong Jinghao sneered, “They gave up on their century-old reputation to do such shameless things. Can’t I do the same?”

Guan Jing’s mouth was wide open. “What did she do?”

Zong Jinghao did not want other men to see the video where Lin Xinyan was stripped.

“Just do your job.”

He then walked off.

Guan Jing stood still for a few moments before he chased after Zong Jinghao and asked, “We’re not going to give leeway?”

Did he want to just make a show or did he really wanted the two men to rape her?

Zong Jinghao paused for a moment so brief that it looked like he did not. He did not answer Guan Jing.

However, Guan Jing knew what he meant.

He was not going to leave her any room.

He sighed and turned back into the room to arrange the men.

Zong Jinghao entered his car but did not drive off immediately. He sat quietly on the driver’s seat.

His eyelashes fluttered. The second he thought about Lin Xinyan nearly being raped, he could not stay calm.

He never had this kind of feeling.

He did not dare to imagine what he would do if He Ruize really did succeed.

It was He Ruilin who went past his baseline first!

He started the car and drove away from the hotel.

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