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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 125

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 125

Zong Jinghao frowned and looked at the video. Lin Xinyan was on a black couch, and He Ruize was slowly unbuttoning her clothes…

To reveal her skin and her perky breasts.

“Mommy, milk.” Lin Ruixi did not understand what was going on. She repeated when she saw mommy and her milk.

Zong Jinghao quickly snatched the phone away from her small hands. When her hand was emptied, Lin Ruixi was stunned for a moment. She blinked and quickly it was covered with a layer of tears. She looked pitiful and innocent like a doe. “Dad, do you not like me?”

Why did he have to snatch it away?

Zong Jinghao’s expression was at its grimmest. It was as dark as the void. It was obvious that this video was filmed when He Ruize was about to assault Lin Xinyan.

The veins on his neck and temple were tensed and it was twitching.

Although Lin Ruixi was naive, she could read expressions. It was obvious that dad was not happy.

Was it because he did not like her?

She lowered her head and fidgeted her fingers. Her tears started to fall on the back of her hand.

Her soft voice had a hoarse tone. “I didn’t mean to make dad angry.”

Lin Ruixi’s shoulders were shaking as she sobbed quietly.

The girl looked pitiful as she cried, as if she was abandoned.

Zong Jinghao took a deep breath and reached out to wipe her tears away with his thumb. “Don’t cry, I’m not angry with you.”

Instantly, Lin Ruixi raised her head up to look at him with hopeful eyes. “Really?”

Zong Jinghao patiently said, “Really.”

He had never coaxed a child as patiently as now. This was his first time.

Lin Ruixi was so happy that she had not wiped the snot from her nose before she hugged Zong Jinghao’s neck and kissed him.

The girl was so quick that Zong Jinghao did not react in time before her lips were on his face. It was a wet sloppy kiss.

He frowned.

When Lin Ruixi moved away, there was a clear line sticking between her nose and his face.

It was Lin Ruixi’s snot.

Although Zong Jinghao was not a germaphobe, he still could not take it when her snot was on his face.

He felt goosebumps form on his arm.

The wetness on his face seemed warm.

Lin Ruixi realized that dad did not seem happy and she hurriedly reached out to wipe it. “I’ll wipe it clean for dad.”

It was better if she had not wiped it; she wiped it all over his face instead.

After putting her things into place, Lin Xinyan had walked in to find her daughter rubbing her hands all over Zong Jinghao’s face. Zong Jinghao did not look happy as he stared at Lin Ruixi.

Lin Xinyan was worried that Zong Jinghao was angry, and she quickly moved over to carry her daughter away.

However, Lin Ruixi did not want to leave. She reached out her hands for Zong Jinghao to hug her again. “I want dad.”

It was so difficult for her to have a dad. She could not leave. What if dad was gone again?”

“Ruixi, be a good girl.” Lin Xinyan tried to coax her.

“No, no, I want dad.” Lin Ruixi kept waving her hands in the air trying to grab onto Zong Jinghao. “I want dad.”

Lin Xinyan frowned harder. What was going on with this child?

Zhuang Zijin put down the soup in her hands and wiped her hands. She walked over to carry Lin Ruixi. “There’s yummy food today.”

Even yummy food could not appease to the little glutton. She just wanted her dad.

She stared at Zong Jinghao as her tears fell. “Dad, do you not like Ruixi?”

Zong Jinghao felt pressured.

He had never felt this pressured in his life.

In Lin Ruixi’s eyes, his silence was an agreement to her words. Her tears fell faster and she sobbed loudly. She hugged Lin Xinyan, feeling disappointed and upset. “Mommy, dad doesn’t like Ruixi. What am I going to do? Is it because I’m not a good girl and I’m ugly, that’s why he doesn’t like me?

“No.” Lin Xinyan caressed her hair as she soothed her. “No, no. Ruixi is the cutest and the best girl—”

Before her coaxing words were finished, she was suddenly shrouded by a shadow. She did not know when Zong Jinghao had stood up. He reached out for the crying girl. “Hand her to me.”

Lin Xinyan was stunned for a moment before she rejected him. “It’s alright, she just needs a little soothing.”

“I want dad.” Lin Ruixi, who was still crying, turned her head immediately when she heard Zong Jinghao’s voice. She reached out for him to carry her.

Lin Xinyan said nothing.

Zong Jinghao carried her in his arms. “Don’t cry.”

He had probably used up all his patience on this girl.

Lin Ruixi instantly stopped. Now she had the occasional hiccup. Her face was filled with tear tracks and snot.

“Ruixi, be a good girl, don’t cry.” Lin Ruixi sobbed. Her eyelashes had tears on it.

Zong Jinghao sighed. “Let’s go have a wash.”

He was going mad. He felt extremely uncomfortable with the snot on his face.

Lin Xinyan froze in her spot. She felt anxious; Lin Ruixi had never been so clingy to someone.

Zhuang Zijin also felt anxious. “These two children never had a father, so it’s normal for them to want a dad, but—”

This man was not their father. How long could he patiently coax her? How long would they be able to keep this up?

“How do we tell her that this was not her dad? How disappointed and upset would she be?” Zhuang Zijin’s eyes turned red as she said.

It was a regret to never have a father in their life.

They would want it; they would wish they had it.

Lin Xinyan was worried about this as well. Lin Ruixi had never called any other men as dad.

She had never thought she would cling onto Zong Jinghao, whom she had only seen once.

“I’ll go take a look at them.” Lin Xinyan walked towards the bathroom.

In the bathroom when Zong Jinghao was washing his face, Lin Ruixi had grabbed onto his hand and said, “I’ll help dad wash.”

She tiptoed and reached for the water. She was not tall enough to reach the tap, so she had to tiptoe for it.

Zong Jinghao suddenly laughed, feeling helpless. “Your mother is a woman sent to bewitch me, and you’re the little girl sent to torture me.”

He carried the little girl to sit on the sink. Lin Ruixi smiled happily, revealing her white teeth and crescent eyes. She looked adorable.

She wet her hands and wiped on Zong Jinghao’s face. She looked at her dad carefully. He had deep-set eyes, a high nose, sharp face, and sexy lips. He looked handsome with his outstanding facial features.

“Dad is good looking.”

Lin Ruixi was successful in making Zong Jinghao laugh. He looked at himself in the mirror and her serious face. His tense expression gradually relaxed. He reached out to squeeze her cheeks.

“Who said your mommy has a tough life?” She must have been a saint in her previous life to have such a cute kid.

Lin Ruixi did not understand what he meant. She took the towel to wipe his face. And that was the scene that Lin Xinyan saw when she walked over.

She slowly walked over and stood by the door of the bathroom as she looked at Zong Jinghao. “I’m sorry, Ruixi—”

“It’s okay.” Zong Jinghao was leaning down, seemingly enjoying the girl’s “service”. He joked, “I’m fine. I’m getting a free daughter. I’m suddenly a ‘dad’.”

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