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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 122

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 122

Lin Xinyan thought there was someone, so she kept silent.

But she found there was no one around here.

It was very quiet instead.

“What are you doing?” Lin Xinyan asked.

Zong Jinghao lowered his eyes and his eyelashes quivered slightly. Lin Xinyan followed his gaze and looked down, and she discovered that the buttons in front of her chest were unbuttoned. Her lacy bra was exposed and her cleavage could be seen vaguely.

She was sitting on his lap in a riding position at the moment.

The posture was extremely intimate.

Her face blushed immediately, and even her neck became as red as a cooked shrimp.


Lin Xin stretched out her hand to cover her exposed bra, but Zong Jinghao grabbed her wrists, and she could not move as a result.

Zong Jinghao’s Adam’s apple moved. His black pupils revealed a touch of brightness like water and fog, filled with desire.

He grinned in a hoarse voice, “If you’re going to kill me, you can’t let me die with regret, can you?”

Lin Xinyan’s mind was blank.

At this moment, she forgot how to react and lost the ability to think.

“When can you accept me?” His lips approached slowly and pressed on her collarbone. The moment their skin touched; Lin Xinyan trembled. There seemed to be an electric current flowing from his lips, piercing into her flesh, and spreading to every part of her body.

Her eyes were veiled with a layer of mist which is thin and light.

“I don’t know.”

“But I can’t wait anymore.” His passionate gaze was like the scorching sun in a tropical desert, grilling her and making her speechless for a long time.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll consider it a silent consent.” His lips outlined her neck, collarbone and all the way down.

The other hand stroked down her back, her waist, her thighs and calves, and reached under her skirt-

A dazzling light was reflected from the rearview mirror and hit Lin Xinyan’s eyes. She became sober immediately and pushed the man away, “No, I’m not ready yet. You agreed that you’ll get my consent first.”

“You just gave me your silent consent.”

Lin Xinyan, “…”

“I didn’t.” She denied.

“There seems to be someone.” Lin Xinyan looked through the rear glass and saw a black car stop behind their car.

Zong Jinghao thought she was merely making excuses, and bit on his lips, “Don’t lie to me.”

Lin Xinyan’s expression became serious, “I didn’t lie to you. There’s a black car with the license plate number ZQ6668.”

Zong Jinghao’s movements paused and he looked back.

Sure enough, there was a black car parked behind theirs.

His expression darkened slightly, and the initial passionate atmosphere became colder.

“Do you know whose car is that?” Lin Xinyan saw the change on Zong Jinghao’s face.

He said yes faintly.

It was his father’s car so how could he not know it?

Why was he here at this time?

He buttoned up Lin Xinyan’s clothes and instructed, “Stay in the car and don’t move.”

Lin Xinyan nodded.

He got Lin Xinyan tidied up, opened the door and got down from his car. Then he walked towards the car behind.

“It’s really Jinghao.” Yuxiu said to her husband.

Zong Qifeng said calmly, “What is he doing here at this time?”

Why was he becoming less steady in his behavior?

Originally, Zong Qifeng planned to come and look for Zong Jinghao alone, but Yuxiu was worried that they would quarrel, so she came along.

Uncle Feng got out of the car and said to Zong Jinghao respectfully, “Young Master.”

Zong Jinghao did not pay attention as he looked at the people in the car.

“Are you free?” Zong Qifeng asked.

Zong Jinghao’s response was neither cold nor warm. He casually said, “Did something happen?”

“Nothing happened. Can’t I come to see you?” Zong Qifeng wanted to talk to him calmly and peacefully, but he always looked cold towards him.

As such, Zong Qifeng began to get angry when he saw him like this.

Yuxiu grabbed his hand and comforted him silently to keep him from getting angry.

Zong Jinghao laughed, “Do you have the time?”

When he was 20 years old, Zong Qifeng stepped down from his position and left the company in his hands.

Since then, he had not asked anything about the company. All he did was spend romantic time with this woman at home.

Zong Jinghao often thought if he had a child with this woman, he would definitely leave the company to their child, wouldn’t he?

He did not care about all these. However, he could not accept Zong Qifeng’s unfaithfulness.

He married this woman in just less than a month after Zong Jinghao’s mother died.

Obviously, they were together before his mother died.

“What kind of attitude is this?” Zong Qifeng frowned.

Facing such an upfront sarcasm, it was hard for him not to get angry.

Yuxiu glanced at her husband and sighed helplessly. Both father and son always faced each other with such animosity.

She pushed open the door and got out of the car. She kept her attitude very humble, “He Wenhuai went to look for your dad because of the news.”

Zong Jinghao said abruptly, “I don’t need the both of you to care about my business.”

Then he walked away right after he spoke.

“We’re just concerned about you.” Yuxiu looked at his tall back, and her eyes felt slightly warm, “Although the He family is in a low ebb now, they still have reputation and connections. If things really get ugly, I’m afraid that it may be disadvantageous for you.”

Zong Jinghao did not seem to hear her, and his footsteps did not stop at all.

“Stop!” Zong Qifeng said sternly and then he sighed, “Which woman are you with now?”

Zong Jinghao’s footsteps stopped. After standing for a moment, he turned around slowly and looked at the man whose sideburns had turned grey, “Have I ever asked you which woman you are with?”

Zong Qifeng was so angry that he trembled, “You should let it go after so many years!”

“I leave you alone and you should let me be.” Zong Jinghao did not come on too strongly this time, but his tone was cold and without any feelings, as if he was talking to a stranger.

After speaking, he turned around again and paused after taking two steps. Without turning around to face Zong Qifeng, he said, “I know what to do about the news.”

Zong Qifeng was furious, “Let’s go home.”

Yuxiu stood on the side of the road and did not move. She just watched that tall figure moving farther and farther away.

“Let’s go.” Zong Qifeng went to hold Yuxiu’s hand.

He believed in Zong Jinghao’s ability and trusted that he could handle the matter.

He took over Wanyue Group at 20 years old. His growth from a fresh university graduate to what he was now, and his achievements made Zong Qifeng proud.

“I just want to see him.” Yuxiu wiped the corner of her eyes.

Zong Qifeng stood beside her while holding her hand, and looked at the departing figure as well, “You should be happy.”

Yuxiu was slightly melancholy. Indeed, she should be happy.

Zong Jinghao returned to his car and drove away silently.

Lin Xinyan could tell that he was in a bad mood, so she did not ask anything and sat quietly on the side.

He did not have a sense of direction and he just drove randomly in the city. Lin Xinyan reached out to hold the back of his hand.

She understood how he felt.

She had heard a bit about his discord with Zong Qifeng from Aunt Yu in the past.

Among the people who got off from the car just now, she knew Yuxiu since she came to look for her before.

She did not have a bad impression of Yuxiu. She seemed different from the mistress that Lin Xinyan imagined.

But it was the mistress who prevailed after all.

“My dad abandoned my mom, so I know how you feel.”

Zong Jinghao stared at the hand that she was holding, turned the steering wheel and stopped the car on the side of the road. He stretched out his arms to hug her. When he embraced her warm and soft body, he felt that his heart was less empty.

He buried his head in her neck, covered by her hair, and whispered, “Let me hold you for a while, just for a while.”

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