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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 118

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 118

The door of the study was opened, and Mr. Feng stood at the door. “I have made them wait in the living room.”

Zong Qifeng nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, the matter has been resolved. He can’t say anything,” Zong Qifeng comforted after noticing Yuxiu’s worried look.

Yuxiu looked down. “I’m not worried.”

“So stubborn.” Zong Qifeng held her hand. “Let’s go.”

In the living room, He Wenhuai was sitting on the mahogany sofa with the served tea placing in front of him, whereas He Ruixing was standing behind him.

Seeing Zong Qifeng coming over, He Wenhuai stood up. “Zong, I have to beg you this time.”

“Beg me?” Zong Qifeng laughed loudly. “Don’t joke with me. Why would you beg me?”

He Wenhuai heaved a sigh. “It’s the trouble caused my two useless kids.”

“What is it?” Together with Yuxiu, Zong Qifeng sat on the sofa across from him.

The servant served two more glasses of water.

“You didn’t watch the news today, did you?” He Wenhuai asked.


After Zong Qifeng stepped down, he didn’t like to watch the news. He spent his days practicing calligraphy, going for a walk with Yuxiu and playing chess.

“You should take a look first.” He Wenhuai motioned his son to show the news to Zong Qifeng.

He Ruixing handed the phone to him. “Uncle Zong.”

After taking a look, Zong Qifeng was a little surprised, not because how outrageous the news was, but because of the fact that they came to him after something like this happened to their family.

It shouldn’t be difficult to cover this matter up with the connections the He family had.

“He, don’t tell me.” Zong Qifeng raised his head and looked at He Wenhuai across from him. “That this matter has something to do with me?”

Otherwise, why would he come to me?

He Wenhuai again heaved a sigh. “I am not as lucky as you. You have a good son, so you get to retire early, and enjoy your life. I’m about to be irritated to death by those reckless kids of mine.”

“He, what makes you say so?”

“Well.” He Wenhuai pointed at the child whose face was full of blood in the news. “I heard that this child was born by a woman Jinghao likes. Lin felt that that woman sabotaged the engagement between her and Jinghao, that’s why she— alas, what an embarrassing thing to say. Ruize loves his sister, and so, he kidnapped her child on impulse, wanting to use the child to threaten that woman to leave Jinghao.”

He Wenhuai evaded the serious matters.

He didn’t say that He Ruilin wanted to marry into the Zong family, so that an alliance could be formed between the two families, nor that He Ruize wanted to marry that woman.

Those things hurt his pride.

Zong Qifeng and Yuxiu looked at each other.

Who is this woman?

What’s the matter with the child?

Wasn’t it because of Lin Xinyan that Zong Jinghao called off the engagement last time?

There was no picture of Lin Xinyan on the news, so they didn’t know that this woman was Lin Xinyan.

Zong Jinghao ordered that Lin Xinyan was not allowed in the photo.

He didn’t want to involve her in such news.

“This matter may have angered Jinghao, that’s why I came to you.” He Wenhuai sighed again. Even at this age, he had to beg someone his age because of his children’s doing, so he felt upset.

“We are all distinguished and well-known people with status in society. I’ll be so humiliated once it’s spread out. I don’t need to come to you, but a conflict between our families will only hurt both sides, don’t you think so?”

He Wenhuai knew how to negotiate. He was not here to beg for mercy now. He just didn’t want the two families to fight with each other and hurt their relationship.

“You also understand my son. If I can control him, the engagement will not be called off.” Zong Qifeng was not an idiot either. He couldn’t just listen to his words and simply agree or promise him something.

He Wenhuai was about to lose his cool. Is he staying out of it?

“Zong, although we can’t become in-laws, but we have known each other for a long time, do you really want to watch the bond between our families get severed because of such a trivial incident?”

“Jinghao is not an unreasonable person. After all, someone provoked him first. Of course, we won’t stay out of it either. You know, the two of them have been at odds over the years, but we will try our best. We’ll ask him to come over tonight to ask him about this matter, and persuade him,” Yuxiu spoke, using both the hard and the soft way. She accused them of provoking Zong Jinghao first, so the fault was with them. The latter sentences also indicated that they wouldn’t stay out of it, but it was an entirely different matter whether they could change Zong Jinghao’s mind.

He Wenhuai was rendered speechless by her words.

“It’s good then. It’s best if it doesn’t hurt our relationship.” He Wenhuai rose to his feet.

“Of course, we don’t want to hurt our relationship too,” Yuxiu replied.

He Wenhuai forced a smile. “I have to go now.”

“You should stay for dinner.” Yuxiu smiled modestly and decently.

“No, thanks. They’re waiting for us at home.” He Wenhuai declined.

“Mr. Feng, see them out please.” Yuxiu didn’t see them out personally. Regardless of what happened afterward, they must now stand on Zong Jinghao’s side.

Obviously, they were at fault first.

She handled it well enough to let He Wenhuai know that if Zong Jinghao didn’t let this matter pass, it was also their fault, as they were the cause of it.

It also served them right if their relationship was damaged.

“Here will do,” He Ruixing said to Mr. Feng when they reached the gate of the Zong family.

Smiling, Mr. Feng still opened the car door for He Wenhuai. “Madam asked me to see you out. How dare I ignore it? Master He, please.”

He Wenhuai glanced at him and got into the car.

He Ruixing took the driving seat.

The car soon left.

He Wenhuai looked at the villa that was getting smaller in the rearview mirror, and lamented, “There’s a reason for Zong Jinghao’s intelligence. His parents have high intelligence, so how could he be stupid?”

He had known Zong Qifeng’s means and intelligence.

Yuxiu’s earlier responses surprised him.

“Dad, what are you talking about? Zong Jinghao’s biological mother is Zong Qifeng’s ex-wife.”

“Oh ya. Look at me. I am really getting on in years.” He Wenhuai touched his forehead.

“Dad, what if Zong Qifeng can’t persuade Zong Jinghao?” He Ruixing asked, feeling worried.

He Wenhuai thought for a long time. After much considerations, and distinguishing the pros and cons, he still felt that he couldn’t have a falling-out with the Zong family.

After all, the Zong family was wealthy and powerful. So it was undeniably not a family to be trifled with.

If they really had to have a face-off, they were at the losing side.

“Whoever caused the trouble will be held responsible.” He Wenhuai slowly closed his eyes.

It was not that he was ruthless. It was just that he couldn’t care too much about his family under this circumstance.

If Zong Jinghao wasn’t willing to let it slide, then this matter was bound to continue to develop.

Then, the reputation of He family went bad, and it would affect the company. They were running a jewelry business. If they were boycotted, he could not afford to bear the consequences.

In the living room of the Zong’s villa, Zong Qifeng was leaning against the cushion on the sofa, and holding Yuxiu’s hand in his hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand, while half-squinting his eyes, as if thinking about something.

“Are you thinking about the identity of that woman? And what’s the matter with that child?” Yuxiu asked.

In fact, she found it strange as well. Previously, she thought Zong Jinghao liked Lin Xinyan, but now another woman with a child suddenly appeared.

This made her worried.

Zong Qifeng reached out to place a strand of hair behind her ear, and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will go to the villa to see him.”

And also talk to him about this incident.

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