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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 116

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 116

When they arrived at the hospital, Lin Xichen was sent to the examination room.

Due to Lin Xinyan’s unstable mood, the doctor did not let her in.

She was leaning against the wall of the corridor. Without the support of the wall, she might not be able to stand.

Whereas Zong Jinghao sat on a bench nearby and did not persuade or comfort her.

After she saw the blood on Lin Xichen’s face, she was already on the verge of collapse, and now any trivial matter might make her completely collapse.

Suddenly the door of the examination room opened and the doctor walked out. He took off his mask and asked, “Who is his family member?”

“I am.”

Lin Xinyan walked over quickly and asked anxiously, “Is he okay?”

“Minor injury. The bleeding was caused by the wound on his head. It has cleaned up now. Apply some ice on the face at home. I’ve prescribed some medicine, and you can take it when you go to the first floor. He is inside. You can take him now.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” Lin Xinyan repeatedly said thank you. Thank you, doctor, and thank God that Xichen is fine. She ran into the examination room, and saw that Lin Xichen was still lying on the bed in the room. The blood on his still-swollen face was cleaned, while fingerprints were visible on his face, and there was also gauze on his forehead. He was awake.

Seeing Lin Xinyan, he shouted, “Mommy.”

“Xichen.” Lin Xinyan rushed up to him and held his hand. Fortunately, he is fine.

With tears in her eyes, she reached out and gently stroked his face, and rubbed his cheek with her thumb, distressed. “Fortunately, you are fine.”

“I will be fine.” Lin Xichen reached out to wipe the tears on Lin Xinyan’s face. “Mommy, don’t cry. I’m fine.”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head, and buried her face in his arms, her shoulders heaving lightly.

She cried in muffled sobs.

Zong Jinghao stood at the door of the examination room, looking at them.

He had never seen Lin Xinyan cry like this, where she could only choke back her tears, and dared not cry out loud, for fear of affecting Lin Xichen.

It suddenly struck a chord with him.

His eyes that were watching them darkened.

Smiling, Lin Xichen made an OK gesture at Zong Jinghao who was standing at the door.

Zong Jinghao also smiled and gave him an OK gesture.

He then walked in. “We can go back now.”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and wiped her face, before she picked up Lin Xichen. “I will take you home now.”

Lin Xichen wrapped his arms around her neck. Mommy’s embrace is so warm.

When they arrived on the first floor, Zong Jinghao went to fetch the medicine. Suddenly the phone in his pocket rang. It was a message from Shen Peichuan.

He clicked to view the text message; [Look at the news. 】

Then there was a news link.

He tapped on the link.

The big eye-catching picture was a scene of rescuing Lin Xichen in that village, with a title on it that read, Siblings of the He family, jewelry tycoon in B City, bullied and ganged up on a five-year-old kid!

In the era of developed internet, any news that was posted on the Internet would soon be spread, especially news about the rich and powerful bullying the common people.

This kind of news would easily attract attention. Moreover, the one being bullied was a five-year-old child.

Coupled with those people arranged by Guan Jing, the public opinions were now one-sided.

The He family actually bullied a child. What a shame.

In the current society, the rich and powerful act like a boss.

They bullied a kid just because they’re rich. Why don’t they die? This kind of person should be hit by a car when they’re out.

They must be severely punished. They cannot be dealt with lightly just because they have money. Two adults should be executed by shooting for bullying a child. There were many other comments that were intense.

Someone deliberately guided the public, causing them to ignore the reason why the He family would bully a child, and only saw them bullying the child.

Children were weak, and people were naturally biased towards the weak.

He raised the corners of his lips slightly. The He family must have seen it now.

He family.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Except for the sound of things being smashed, no other sound could be heard in the living room.

Everyone in the living room said nothing.

He Wenhuai smashed everything in the living room, leaving the floor in a mess.

He Ruize and He Ruilin stood trembling at the door.

They had never seen He Wenhuai so angry.

His whole body trembled in anger, while he pointed at the pair standing by the door with his finger. “Look at what the both of you did. Not only are you unable to help the family, but also cause us trouble!”

He Ruixing was preventing Xia Zhenyu from going up to He Wenhuai, who was obviously furious now. Whoever talked to him first would be slanged at.

He was also disappointed with both He Ruize and He Ruilin.

They could not share any burden in the family and would only cause trouble.

They were ruining the reputation of the He family this time.

That was why He Wenhuai was so angry.

“You two, get out of here! Our family doesn’t have people so incompetent like the two of you!” He Wenhuai was so angry that his chest was heaving rapidly.

“We are also doing it for the sake of our fami—”


He Wenhuai grabbed the phone on the table and threw at He Ruilin who was talking.

“Shut up!”

“For the sake of the family?” He Wenhuai trembled with anger. “Initially, we could form an alliance with the Zong family through marriage, but due to your incompetence, they called off the engagement. And now, because of the two of you, the He family is scolded by everyone. Yet, you actually have the audacity to say that you are doing it for the sake of our family?!”

He Ruilin did not dodge, so the phone hit her arm. She covered her right arm in pain. “We are indeed doing it for the sake of the family.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell me about it.”

He was tired after a big fire.

“We kidnapped that child because the child’s mother was a woman Zong Jinghao liked. If we hold that child hostage and threaten that woman to marry Ruize, then I can still be with Zong Jinghao and we will get married. This is not for us but for our family?”

“Good?” He Ruixing said. His face was flushed, while his voice was like the weather in December, with a chilling mockery. “Who do you think Zong Jinghao is? Will he come back to marry you just because this woman is married to someone else?”

He really wanted to open up her brain to see what was in her mind.

“Can’t you see it? Even if all women in this world are dead, he won’t marry you. Didn’t you see his determination to withdraw from the engagement here that day? He actually stabbed his heart with a knife. If he does like you even just a little bit, he won’t be so resolute.”

“No, no—” He Ruilin refused to admit it. “As long as that woman marries someone else, Zong Jinghao will definitely be willing to be engaged to me.”

“Please wake up already. Stop dreaming. Can’t you see it? You angered him.” He Ruixing was in the business circle and was somewhat familiar with Zong Jinghao.

He wasn’t a man to be trifled with.

Hurting the people around him was like seeking for own demise!

“You mean this news is his doing?” He Ruize, who had not spoken, seemed to understand what He Ruixing meant.

Back in the village, Shen Peichuan released them easily.

It turned out that something was up his sleeve.

He Ruixing snorted coldly, “Of course. Otherwise, why would there be such an overwhelming amount of one-sided public opinion in just a few hours? Do you think that things will get to this point if there’s no one behind this?”

He pointed at the headline of the news. “Look, every word here refers to the He family.”

He Wenhuai had calmed down at this moment. He had known that this was done by someone, otherwise, the news would not spread so quickly.

Now he had to visit the Zongs.

Seeing the reckless pair, he became angry. “I don’t know why I have you as my kids. If you are as good as one-tenth of Ruixing, I won’t have to spend time worrying. Now, you keep causing me trouble!”

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