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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 114

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 114

Lin Xichen’s right face was swollen, as if puffing up with anger, forming a sharp contrast with the left side.

He couldn’t think too much now, and just wanted his grandma to escape with his sister first.

It was better for him alone to be controlled than for the whole family to be controlled by him.

At this moment, Zhuang Zijin had already run far.

He Ruilin called again to rush him. “What’s the matter with you? It’s been too long. What happened just now?”

He Ruize couldn’t explain clearly on the phone. After saying I’ll be there soon, he hung up.

He didn’t plan to chase after Zhuang Zijin, as it was too long a delay, and having one of them was enough to threaten Lin Xinyan.

He was worried that Lin Xichen might cause more trouble, so he grabbed his hair and hit his head on the car door. Lin Xichen felt very pain.

A warm liquid ran down his forehead.

Everything went black, while he gradually lost his consciousness, and passed out.

He Ruize threw him in the back seat, got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

Not long after He Ruize left; another car drove over. Guan Jing gave Zong Jinghao the result of the investigation, which found that there was a village near Ding Bridge, so he targeted this village.

Apart from that, there was no place to hide.

Guan Jing led men to follow.

“Don’t worry too much. Your son is so smart, so he’ll be fine.”

When Guan Jing called, Lin Xinyan put him on speaker and learned that He Ruize was going to kidnap Zhuang Zijin and her two kids.

Since then, she had been in a tense state, and said nothing to Zong Jinghao.

“Smart?” Lin Xinyan’s eyes were reddened. “He is just a five-year-old child. How can he deal with an adult?”

She knew she was taking out her anger on him, but she couldn’t help it.

What if something happens?

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t be away from home. I shouldn’t leave them at home and not care about them. That’s why this happened.” She blamed herself.

She never thought that He Ruize would suddenly become like this.

She had known He Ruize for ten years.

How could he kidnap my children?

Can the human really be so fickle?

Her heart hurt so much that it was as if someone tore her heart with a saw.

Knowing that she was worried, Zong Jinghao reached out to squeeze her hand, clasping her hand in his palm tightly.

He did not use words to comfort her, as she might be deaf to comforting words now.

Zhuang Zijin didn’t keep running. Instead, she hid with Lin Ruixi.

Seeing a car passing by, she ran out and flag down the car.

Guan Jing was driving the car when he saw someone from a distance. After getting close, he could see who was standing on the roadside. So, he accelerated and then stopped the car beside Zhuang Zijin.

“Please do me a favor. I’ve met a bad guy, can you—” Zhuang Zijin saw who he was before she finished speaking.

Although she only saw him a few times, Zhuang Zijin knew him. He was the guy around the young master of the Zong family.

Guan Jing got off the car and opened the rear car door. “Get in quickly.”

“Thank you.” Zhuang Zijin got into the car with Lin Ruixi in her arms.

She was as good as gold. Zhuang Zijin told her that there was a bad guy who wanted to catch them, and could not talk, so when they hid, she kept her mouth pursed and didn’t say anything, very well behaved.

“Xichen was taken away, can you call the police for me?” Zhuang Zijin asked Guan Jing after she was sure that she was safe.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already brought the police with me.”

Guan Jing motioned her to look back. She was too nervous and didn’t pay attention to the back. At this moment, several cars and even police cars were parked behind the car.

Zhuang Zijin couldn’t bother to think about how Guan Jing knew they would be in danger, and just wanted him to save Lin Xichen quickly.

He was a five-year-old child, and still very young.

Although he was clever sometimes, he was still just a child in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zong and Ms. Lin are already there and will definitely rescue Xichen. I will send you to a safe place first.” Guan Jing turned the car around and drove to stop next to Chief Shen’s car. Winding down the window, Guan Jing said to Chief Shen who was sitting in the passenger seat of another car and was looking at the map, “You guys go ahead. I have something else to do.”

Chief Shen glanced at him. “Alright. I’ll take care of this.”

He had known the location.

“Okay.” Guan Jin continued driving and gave Zong Jinghao another call, with the purpose of telling Lin Xinyan that her mother and daughter were safe, so that she felt better and wouldn’t worry so much.

“What about Xichen?” They escaped, but what about Xichen?

“He’s been taken away by He Ruize. Your mother probably discovered He Ruize’s intentions, and might not be able to take the two kids with her at the time.” This was Guan Jin’s guess. After all, the two five-year-old children couldn’t run fast, while He Ruize was a young and strong man, so he could easily catch them.

He already found the fact that Zhuang Zijin was able to escape incredible.

Although Zhuang Zijin was not exactly elderly, her physical fitness was definitely not as good as He Ruize’s, not to mention that she had to carry a kid in her arms.

It was not easy for her to escape.

“Please help me to take good care of them.” Holding the phone, Lin Xinyan didn’t feel relaxed at all.

“Send them to the villa,” said Zong Jinghao.

The place where she lived was too unsafe.

No one dared to trespass in his villa.

Moreover, the security system and the anti-theft system were all top-notch, and he could arrange for people to protect them in the villa.

Lin Xinyan thought for a while. Now that she had had a falling out with He Ruize, and the He family was no ordinary people, she was worried if they went back to her place.

“Send them to the villa,” Lin Xinyan said.

“Okay,” Guan Jing answered.

At this time, their car had already entered the village. Lin Xinyan hung up the phone, but did not put it down, and just held it tightly in her hand.

It seemed that she would not feel so nervous if she was holding something in her hand.

Zong Jinghao drove the car through the village with road that was very uneven and bumpy.

Suddenly Lin Xinyan saw a familiar car, and she said excitedly, “That’s He Ruize’s car.”

She urged, “Hurry up.”

“Okay.” Zong Jinghao was particularly patient.

Knowing that she was anxious, he responded in acknowledgement, despite already driving at full speed.

He Ruize’s car was parked in a courtyard.

The black brick wall in front of the bungalow was very low and looked worn out because it hadn’t been taken care of all year round.

In the courtyard.

He Ruize brought only one person, so He Ruilin was very angry. “Isn’t your relationship with them very good? Why do you bring one only?”

“They found out.”

“Why would they find out?” He Ruilin yelled, “I don’t allow accidents, but you missed it again and again. If you succeeded last time, do we still need to do this?”

She was on the verge of breaking down. “Ruize, did you really make a mistake, or you just don’t have the heart to do it?”

He Ruilin now seriously doubted that he was lacking in will.

“I did my best!” He Ruize raised his voice at his sister for the first time. “Because of this, I’m done with Yan entirely.”

Even if he used her child to threaten her to marry him, she wouldn’t treat him as before.

Although she didn’t love him previously, at least she was close to him and treated him like a family.

Yet now, they had become enemies.

“Don’t ever think that you’ve made sacrifices. You’re selfish underneath. Don’t forget, you concealed the truth you found from her before you found out that I am your sister!” He Ruilin could see through that, in fact, He Ruize was the same kind of person as she was.

He was just good at camouflaging.

Now, he just showed his true colors.

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