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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 113

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 113

With his feet on the ground, Lin Xichen immediately took off his pants.

He Ruize turned around instinctively.

Lin Xichen secretly took out He Ruize’s phone and tried to dial Zong Jinghao’s number while observing his movements.

He had a good memory, and was especially sensitive toward things like numbers, so he remembered Zong Jinghao’s number after seeing it.

Just as he keyed in two numbers, He Ruize suddenly said, “Hurry up.”

“Okay.” Lin Xichen quickly keyed in the rest of the phone number.

Suddenly He Ruize turned around. Fortunately, Lin Xichen moved fast and put the phone away. He continued to cover his belly pretending to be in pain.


“Yeah—” Lin Xichen groaned in pain while covering his stomach.

“Are you okay with me marrying your mommy?” He Ruize asked tentatively.

No way!

He didn’t want him to marry Mommy. He would rather Mummy be together with the heartless man than with him.

But he couldn’t say that, so he replied, blinking his eyes, “Y-Yeah I guess.”

Lin Xichen felt sick when he said something against his will.

“Really?” He Ruize still hoped to be recognized by him and Lin Ruixi.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was left with no choice, he didn’t want to use such a despicable means.

He never thought of hurting them. He just wanted to hide them and threaten Lin Xinyan to marry him.

After they got married, he would take them back safely.

“Yes.” Lin Xichen felt nauseous, as he was put off by He Ruize, who even asked him whether it was true.

Not possible to be true!

“What’s wrong?” He Ruize walked over, and Lin Xichen quickly waved his hand. “Don’t come over. I just can’t get it out and feel very uncomfortable.”

“Your stomach hurts probably not because you want to poop.” He Ruize still came over. “Let’s go back. I’ll find a place to examine you.”

“W-What place?” Lin Xichen swallowed hard.

Obviously, he was not going to let him go back.

Instead of saying go back to the city, he said ‘find a place’?

Lin Xichen’s heart began to race. He hadn’t had a chance to call for help.

What should I do?

What should I do?

What should I do if grandma and Ruixi are really in danger?

He was so anxious that beads of sweat stood out on his forehead, looking a little like the cold sweat formed due to the pain.

“N-Nothing,” He Ruize explained stammeringly, “When we get back to the city, I will have you examined at the hospital.”

“Let’s go.” He Ruize reached out to hold him.

Lin Xichen quickly refused. “I-I will pull my pants up. Don’t look at me.”

He pretended to be shy.

He Ruize smiled. “I am also a man, and it’s not like I haven’t seen it before. When you were young, I even changed your diapers.”

“But I’m grown up now.” Lin Xichen wrapped his hands around his legs tightly, while the phone was still hidden in his arms. If He Ruize got too close, he would definitely find out.

“Well, hurry up.” He Ruize did not continue to approach him, as he turned around.

Lin Xichen took out the phone and was about to make a call, when suddenly, the phone rang. He wanted to hang up in a panic, and the phone fell to the ground. His heart was beating so fast that as if it would jump out of his chest.

It was too late for him to pick it up.

He Ruize turned and stared at the phone on the ground, his eyes narrowed. Why would he have my phone?

“I-I…” Lin Xichen wanted to explain but couldn’t find a reason. The fact that the phone fell out of his hand was irrefutable.

He couldn’t explain it.

“You have been lying to me. Your stomach doesn’t hurt at all. You hugged me, not because you have a good relationship with me, but because you deliberately wanted to steal my phone.” He Ruize slowly approached him.

Lin Xichen had never seen He Ruize looking so vicious before, so he could not help but back away while grabbing his pants with both hands.

“D-Don’t come over.”

He Ruize bent over to pick up the phone, whereas Lin Xichen took advantage of this and ran away.

There was no way to run in the woods here.

He didn’t run far before he was caught by He Ruize who held him by the waist. “I’m so good to you and your mommy. Why do you have to fail me? I trust you so much, and yet you lie to me?!”

His face was terrifying.

Lin Xichen struggled hard. “Let go of me. Hurry up and let go of me.”

At this moment, the phone in He Ruize’s pocket rang again.

He took out his phone and saw the word Ruilin flashing on the screen.

He answered the phone.

He Ruilin’s voice was immediately heard, urging, “Why are you not here yet? It’s getting late. Also, why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

“Something happened on my side—Ah—”

Lin Xichen bit He Ruize’s arm, causing him to groan in pain.

“Let’s go!” He Ruize angrily scolded.

With strength born of desperation, Lin Xichen bit hard, wishing to bite the piece of meat off his arm.

He Ruize was in great pain, so he slapped Lin Xichen on the face, and his face turned red in an instant, with five obvious fingerprints on his small fair face, that looked like it was about to swell up.

He Ruize glared at Lin Xichen, clutching his collar. “How dare you bite me?”

“You bullied my mommy; I wish I can bite you to death!” Lin Xichen also glared at him.

He was obviously so weak and small in front of He Ruize, but he was extremely unyielding.

He Ruize’s hand that was holding his collar made noise due to overexertion. “Your mommy told you?”

“None of your business!” Lin Xi screamed at him while glaring at him.

“Okay, okay. Lin Xichen, I underestimated you.” He Ruize grabbed his collar and dragged him on the ground to the side of the road.

Lin Xichen pursed his lips stubbornly, not wanting to utter a single sound, despite the fact that it hurt to have ankles being dragged along the ground.

Zhuang Zijin was sitting in the car when she saw this scene and felt her heart ache so much that as if it had been stabbed, making her unable to breathe.

She got out of the car with Lin Ruixi in her arms, and scolded, “What are you doing, Doctor He?”

He Ruize raised his head and saw Zhuang Zijin standing by the car, her eyes wide open and blazing with anger.

“Grandma, run with Ruixi. Don’t bother about me. He wants to kidnap us and threaten Mommy to marry him,” Lin Xichen shouted at Zhuang Zijin.


It all happened too quickly, and Zhuang Zijin couldn’t react for a while. “W-What did you say?”

Lin Xichen had no time to explain to her. “Quick! Run!”

“Auntie, don’t listen to his nonsense. It is a misunderstanding—”


With bloodshot eyes, Zhuang Zijin was shivering. “You abused Xichen. I saw it with my own eyes. How could it be a misunderstanding?”

Suddenly, her bloodshot eyes were popping out with terror and anger.

She found He Ruize strange, and sure enough, he had changed.

“Run!” Lin Xichen was extremely anxious.

With Lin Ruixi in her arms, Zhuang Zijin didn’t move. She couldn’t leave Lin Xichen behind.

“Doctor He, calm down.” Unable to stop her body from shaking, she was extremely panicked.

“There’s no turning back.” Since Lin Xinyan discovered his intention that night, he had no way out and could only go down this path.

For the happiness of his sister, the benefits of the family, and himself, he could only go on.

There was no way out!

“Don’t bother about me. Do you want him to catch us all to threaten Mommy?!” Lin Xichen roared.

Zhuang Zijin’s tears rolled down her cheeks.

How could I leave a child behind?

Lin Ruixi didn’t know what was going on, as she blinked her eyes and asked, “Grandma, what’s wrong with Xichen?”

Zhuang Zijin looked at Lin Ruixi in her arms, thinking that they couldn’t all be caught by him.

She must at least make sure one was safe, and then come to rescue the other.

Holding Lin Ruixi, she ran away.

He Ruize threw Lin Xichen into the car and wanted to chase Zhuang Zijin, but Lin Xichen held his arm.

“Let me go!”

Lin Xichen was determined not to let go.

After the darkest side of him was seen, He Ruize completely lost his usual geniality. He grabbed Lin Xichen’s hair and said, “Even if they run away, I still have you, and your mommy will still be willing to give herself in exchange for you!”

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